P.S. I Think She Likes You



Disclaimer: Don't own Bleach.

AN: Side story in the PS series, set during the time in which Wonderwice is staying with Aizen.

There was a knock at the door. Aizen took off his apron and answered it. Halibel stood there with a large stack of notes in her hands.

"Halibel," Aizen moved aside to let her in. "What a surprise! Would you like some tea? Wonderwice and I were just baking cookies."

"Please, Miss Halibel!" Wonderwice smiled up at her.

"Aizen-sama, I'm actually just here to deliver these notes and then—"

"Nonsense," Aizen ignored her, sitting her down at the kitchen table. "Wonderwice wants you to stay." Aizen gave her a pointed look. "Now, would you like some tea?"

"Yes, Aizen-sama," Halibel nodded. "I would be delighted."

Wonderwice climbed into the seat next to her and began to poke through the stack of correspondence she brought. "Oh, Aizen-oji, look! This one's from Gin-oji and one from Stark-san!" He waved the letters at Aizen.

"That's very nice, Wonderwice," Aizen said, pouring tea into a white cup. "Would you like sugar in yours?"

"Yes, please," Wonderwice continued pawing through the mail. "And one's from Tou-nii! Can I open it?"

"Now, now," Aizen set a tea cup in front of Halibel. "Where are your manners, Wonderwice?"

"Can I open it, please?" Wonderwice pouted.

"Where is Tousen-sama?" Halibel wondered, thanking Aizen for her tea.

"He's staying with Gin for a few days, because of that ghost issue."

"Oh, I see," Halibel nodded, having heard stories about it.

"I think the ghost is really nice," Wonderwice offered, looking at Halibel carefully. "I met him!"

"Nonsense," Aizen sat down across from Halibel and Wonderwice. "I don't want you listening to Gin's stories; ghosts don't exist." He sighed, pointing at the paper. "What does it say?"

"Uh," Wonderwice squinted at the paper. "Tou-nii wants to know if he can take Gin-oji to the Seireitei to prove his liiieeeuuutent—" he looked questioningly up at Aizen.

"Lieutenant," Aizen motioned for him to continue.

"His lieutenant isn't haunting him," Wonderwice finished.

"Very well," Aizen sighed, "Halibel, since you seem to be in charge of deliveries today, could you stay a few minutes longer so I can put my answer in writing?"

"Of course, Aizen-sama," Halibel nodded.

A bell dinged. Aizen smiled.

"Ah, the cookies are done."

"Hali-chan!" Gin grinned, allowing her entrance. "How nice to see you again! You never stop by, you know."

"I have a note for Tousen-sama."

"Always the responsible one," Gin let out a little sigh. "Kaname-kun, for you."

"I have a note for you from Aizen-sama," Halibel said.

"Ah, it must be his reply," Tousen nodded. "Thank you, Halibel-san."

She held it out to him, and Gin noticed that when he brushed her hand as he took it from her, she blushed a little. He could have been mistaken. Her collar did hide her face.

"Ah, may I be excused, Tousen-sama? Ichimaru-sama?"

It sounded a little hurried to Gin.

"Of course, Hali-chan."

"Wait," Tousen held out the note. "Could you read this for me?"

"Oh, forgive me, Sir. I can."

"I could have, ya know," Gin pouted.

"I don't trust anything you say," Tousen frowned. "Halibel-san, if you would?"

"Aizen-sama wishes to let you know you have his permission since he feels that Ichimaru-sama's fear of ghosts is childish and not very becoming for an ex-shinigami."

"He said what?" Gin pouted, "Kira's ghost is real!"

Tousen just chuckled slightly. "Thank you, Halibel-san. You are dismissed."

Halibel bowed and quickly exited the room.

"That was interestin'," Gin said, looking carefully at Tousen.

"What's that, Gin?"

"Oh, just that her reiatsu was fluctuating all over the place…" Gin scratched his ear. "I thought it was kind of funny."

"Why do you think that, Gin?" Tousen frowned, "It's obvious that she needs training on how to rein in her spiritual pressure."

"No, silly," Gin chuckled, patting Tousen's shoulder. Kaname pushed his hand off. Gin chuckled again.

"I think she likes you."

"You must be imagining things, Ichimaru."

"Nah," Gin giggled. "She was fine until you touched her hand, ya know."

"Perhaps my reiatsu was too much for her."

"She blushed."

Gin waited for his explanation. There wasn't one.

"Ah, well, young love."

"Be quiet, Gin." Tousen frowned. "This is a very serious matter."

"Obviously," Gin agreed. "You have a girlfriend!"

Tousen sighed.

"Miss Halibel!" Wonderwice caught up to her, just as she was leaving the hallway where Gin's room was.

"Wonderwice? What is it?"

"Um," Wonderwice frowned, looking down at the floor.


"Well, do you, uh…" Wonderwice looked thoughtful. "Do you like Tou-nii?"

"Of course, Tousen-sama is a good leader and a respectable man."

"No…" Wonderwice stared up at her. "Uh…"

"He wants to know if you have romantic feelings for Tousen-sama," Grimmjow said, coming up next to them. He patted the small boy's head.

"Oh," Halibel frowned.

"You do, don't you?"

"She does!" Wonderwice grinned. "Tou-nii will be so happy!"

"He will?" Halibel caught herself. "Why's that, Wonderwice?"

"Tou-nii misses his friends from the Seireitei," Wonderwice explained. "If he had you, he won't miss them so much!"

"So what are ya going to do about it?" Gin asked, watching Grimmjow carefully write on a piece of paper.

"We're setting them up," the espada held up one envelope addressed to Halibel. "One to her, one to him. Easy."

"So…setting them up for what?"

"I'm going to have a mommy!" Wonderwice grinned.

"A date," Grimmjow explained. "We leave them both notes telling them show up at the meeting room."

"Must you plan this in my quarters?"

They all looked at Aizen.

"Well," Gin started. "Wonderwice wanted to help and you said he couldn't leave, so here we are."

"And we figured if we delivered it from your room no one would ask questions," Grimmjow explained, sealing an envelope.

A knock sounded at the door.

"Ah, Stark's here ta get these." Grimmjow opened the door.

"Just the two?" Stark asked, taking them from Grimmjow.

"That's it," Grimmjow shut the door behind him. "So now all we got to do is make sure dinner's planned."

"And who's in charge of that?" Gin asked.

"Aizen-oji can cook!" Wonderwice cheered.

"Now, Wonderwice, I—"

"Please?" Wonderwice begged.

"Well, I—" Aizen couldn't ignore the puppy dog look he was giving. "I guess if it means that much to you, I could perhaps come up with something…"

"Thank you, Aizen-oji!" Wonderwice hugged him.

They both came. The meeting room was elaborately decorated. Dinner was already served and waiting for them at the table.

Tousen spoke first.

"You didn't plan this, did you?"


"I see," he was quiet a moment. "If you received a note it wasn't from me."

"I know," Halibel nodded. "You came?"

"So did you."

"Ichimaru-sama's doing?"

"If it is, then I wouldn't eat dessert if I were you." Tousen pulled out a chair for her. "Have a seat, Halibel-san."

"It looks like they're staying," Grimmjow commented, "Didn't expect that."

"You didn't expect Stark to serve them either, did ya?" Gin giggled.

"He has to," Aizen said. "He's still the messenger for today."

"Glad it wasn't me," Grimmjow chuckled.

"It's your turn tomorrow, Grimmjow-san," Wonderwice smiled at him.