AU scene of ZKD…but Draco is still a Knight. Just an idea when I rewrite the whole fic…

You've seen Kamen Rider Ryuki: 13 Riders Special. Maybe I should write a new fic…

ZKD: 12 Zodiacs Special, featuring altered versions of my OC's, new situations and a shorter storyline

He carried the wounded girl into his apartment, barely avoiding bumping into anyone along the way. People were nosy and could get suspicious if they saw you carrying some random girl into your apartment. Those people should just mind their own business.

He gently lay the girl on his bed. He examined her more thoroughly. She had some scrapes and also bruising around her neck. At least she didn't end up as monster food.

After dispatching the creature, he had attempted to take her home but he couldn't find anything on her. She had no money and no identification. He assumed that it must've been lost during the skirmish. Oh well, no use crying over spilt milk.

He couldn't take his eyes away from her, however. She had a lithe figure but not exceptionally curvy. Her skin tone was also strange. It was a pale grey color. The most outstanding feature on her was the cotton candy pink hair on her head done up in a pair of horn-like pigtails. Strange, but they looked good on her.

He shook his head as he headed towards the bathroom where the first aid kit was. He needed to treat her wounds. He got back to the bed and opened up the kit, carefully gathering the materials he would need. She didn't seem to need any bandages but to make sure he would have to undress her.

He gulped. He may have saved her but that didn't mean he would be allowed to undress her. He wished he had female help for this but right now he was the only person in the apartment. Heaving a sigh, he began to carefully clean her wounds with a cotton swab he'd lightly soaked with iodine. He also put some ointment on the bruising around her neck. It contrasted horribly against her beautiful skin.

Wait, did he just think her skin was beautiful? He shook his head and discarded the thought. There were more pressing matters to attend to.

His hands went to the buttons on her dress. He slowly undid them but then he stopped when his hands hovered over her breasts. No…he couldn't do it. It just didn't feel right even if his intentions were noble. He then looked at her arms. He rolled up the sleeves and to his relief there were just some minor cuts and scrapes. Nothing life threatening. He dabbed the cotton swab onto he cuts before putting band-aids on them.

The night was cold and it was late already. He would need to sleep. Tomorrow he'd be going to school. However, his bed was currently occupied by his unconscious houseguest. He let out a sigh and then a yawn. He couldn't really do anything about it. She was injured so he had to give her the bed.

He pulled the blanket over her prone form to keep her warm and went to his closet to pull out an old red sleeping bag. There was an extra pillow, thankfully, but it was small compared to the one on his bed.

He gave the girl on his bed one last glance before unrolling the sleeping bag and slipping inside. He put the pillow under his head and then snapped his fingers, turning off the lights without the need to touch the switch. His eyes then closed. He looked forward to seeing the girl wake up. He hoped she would be alright by then.