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------------Everything went black. Sasuke Watched As Sakura's Knees fell and hit The floor.

"Wait, i've changed my mind, i dont want it to be like this,"he said.

"Foolish boy," Orochimaru laughed, "Dont you know if you want to become stronger you must remove her from the picture."

"But it's not fair," Sasuke was beginning to cry, "Why are you doing this?" He looked at Sakura, Who had a kunai sticking out of her side. He knelt down beside her, and called her name hoping for an answer. But he did not receive one.

"If this not what you want than why did you join my group," Orochimaru Yelled, "i have givin you more power than you could ever imagine, and you are still not satisfied. I don't know what to do with you." he turned and began to walk away, but then he paused. "Except maybe this," he pulled out another kunai and threw it into Sasuke's left Shoulder. " i hope you have learned your lesson young Sasuke, "he said, "do not betray me."

Sasuke's vision began to blur. As he Watched orochimmaru leave he fell on top of Sakura's cold body.

Later he awoke, laying in a hospital bed. 'what happened' he thought to himself 'where am I'. He heard voices beside him.

"There's no use",one was saying, "she's as good as dead. "

"There must be something you can do," The other said, Sasuke identified this voice as Naruto.

"No, there is nothing, " the first voice continued.

"Yes, there is, "Naruto yelled, "you cant just let her die like that please, Tsunade-sama, give her one more chance!"

'Tsunade is that the fifth hokage' sasuke thought.

"Very Well, "Tsunade said," one week, if she is not healed by then...well...you know" Sasuke heard her leave.

Naruto walked over to the bed beside Sasuke's, "Saukra, "he spoke softly, " Please get better, "

"Sakura?" Sasuke quickly Sat up.

"o...oh, Sasuke, you're awake, " Naruto stuttered. He looked sad, almost like he was going to cry. In fact, he did."Sasuke, she's dying. " Tears rolled down his face. he wept loudly.

Sasuke felt his heart jump to racing speed 'Sakura's dying' he thought. He looked at her, her face was covered with blood. She looked so pale, so lifeless.Sasuke remembered what she said, just before Orochimaru stuck the kunai in her side...

... "Sasuke, "she said in his memory, " I love you, and i dont care what you do to me i will always feel that way." He was speachless. She hugged him, "please, "she begged, tell me how you feel." He remembered smiling. He about to tell Sakura, tell her how he really felt.For the first time he felt loved. Thats was when Orochimaru Showed up...

...The one time he felt like he belonged with her, the one time he felt he loved her, Orochimaru had to go and erase her existence, he had to kill her. Naruto's head fell to Sasuke's shoulder, he was still crying. Sasuke felt like his heart was ripped in half, he felt like he soul was being torn apart.Sakura was going to die. He would never see her again, no one would. But the worst part was, it was all his fault. If he hadn't brought he there, if he hadn't followed Orochimaru's orders too bring her there in the first place, this would have never happened. Hot tears fell down his checks."Sakura!!" Sasuke yelled as lound as he could...

to be continued...