Bleed for Me

Disclaimer; I don't own Naruto

warning: yaoi (boy on boy)

chapter 1

first cut

'' the first cut hurts the worst, the pain eventually fades along with everything else''


He sat there staring at nothing, thinking of all the what ifs that crossed his mind. Every last one leading to one person and the words that now echoed through his head the words 'I hate you' it didn't matter,tomorrow he would be the new student he would never see her again. Sighing the young blonde headed to his room careful not to disturb the sleeping figure of his guardian, he walked in closing the door behind him. He sat on his bed and pulled a razor from his night-stand it glinted slightly from the moon that filtered in through the windows "I heard" he whispered "the first cut hurts the worst" he ran the thin blade across his arm hissing from the pain. A small line started bleeding, he cut again starting to feel the relief of it, he cut again. He laid his head down on the pillow tears fell from his eyes, he soon fell asleep arms un-bandaged and bleeding.

The next day he awoke realizing he was going to be late and hurriedly ran to the shower washed then dressed, he grabbed his bag and ran out the door. At least he bandaged his arm...this time. The school gates were packed when he arrived but he wasn't as late as he thought he was and for that all he could was sigh 'my arms hurt' he thought bitterly 'at least I feel a little better'. He pushed his way through the mob of people making his way to the office and knocked on the door hearing a muffled ' come in' he entered. The office looked small but comfortable there were two desks and a row of chairs lined the wall, Shizune, Tsunade's secretary and adviser sat facing smiling.

"welcome I'm guessing you're here for your-" she was cut off by Tsunade walking in and slaming the door "that pervert he can't live one day without me" she stopped looking at the blonde male sitting in the small office "here you go. All set" Shizune quickly hand the small blonde the papers and pushed him out the door. he slowly looked at the paper in his hands it read:

Name: Uzumaki Naruto, Student I.D Number: 224336646,Sex:male,Grade:10,Age:16

world History- room A15

chemistry- room D7

algbra 3- room A4

art- room Ar1


English studies- room D15

P.E- room Gym2

photography- room Ar3

Not only was he new to the school but now he had no one to show him around he'll just have to make do on his own for now.

He sighed walking forward to attempt to find any of the classes assigned to him walking he finally found were the door numbers had A's in front of them. As he passed he marked them off in his head 'A10, A11, A12, A13, A14' he stopped in front off the door marked A15. Slowly opening the door all eyes turned to him. He gulped that wasn't good.

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