Bleed For Me

Chapter 4


A girl stood in the front office her lavender hair was waist length in a ponytail.She smiled at the secretary Shizune "Hello my Name is Asuma Tsuki I'm here to visit a friend of mine" Shizune smiled "alright Tsuki-san just sign these and you're good to go" Asuma smiled back and quickly filled the required information "alright Tsuki-san who are you here for?" Shizune asked "Naruto" her smile was bitter and her voice was cold.

Naruto ran to his locker running late for his algebra class, something blew up in chemistry and he got stuck with cleaning the green slim up. Walking into algebra he noticed someone was sitting on his desk chatting with Sasuke. He suddenly wished he had more to clean up in the chemistry room for the devil sat on his desk waiting for him no doubt. A small sigh escaped his lips as he slowly walked towards his nightmare girl, hearing the sigh she turned on the desk an evil look in her already demonic eyes.

A twisted smile took form "hello Naru-koi miss me yet?" the class turned disbelief written on their faces "Tsuki, why are you here? I thought you were gone for good" his voice even and icy. She stood "now, now you can't get rid of me, I will never let you out alive" she walked over caressing his face then she brought hand back hitting him hard. Her eyes narrowed dangerously when he didn't react "why? Why?" she repeated angrily "why are you still alive?" hot tears burned her cheeks "I told you to die not move! Why wont you listen to me?" she began to weep.

Naruto quickly wrapped his arms around her in a gentle hug her clothes wrinkled in the movement " why wont you die?" her voice sound broken and distant in his ears. His clothes had tear stains on them now but she finally pulled back and whipped her eyes "feeling better Asuma?" he voice gentle now she nodded "how long are you staying?" he asked "until you go home" she stated her voice still weak.

He nodded and ushered her to his desk where she clung to him, not letting go like a broken child. At art she stayed quite and at lunch she ate very little Naruto made her eat at least a little bit of the food. English studies was another matter Sasuke was in that class and all the girls wrote love poems for him most of the guys wrote about sports, cars and girls. When Naruto was called up the class was silent wanting to hear what he wrote. "Broken" he looked around

"this thing inside me,

it only seems to brake,

every time I try to be free,

hate can only take.

This thing inside me,

wants out to cry,

against everything I'm to be,

a black dove who can no longer fly.

This thing inside me,

has finally taken its token,

I close my eyes to no longer see,

all I know is I'm Broken."

The class was silent just starring at him no one said anything Asuma turned her rosy eyes to the ground. She knew this poem was meant for her after the things she did to him, she broke him no hope was left behind.