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Chapter One

My name is KIRAM and I have to hide in the shadows because I no longer have a body. I sneak around in the darkness trying to get near her. She has the body of a angel, the voice of an siren and she's a real virgin just waiting for me to deflower her. I still haven't found a way to do that yet since he is being kept under tight guard and I can't figure out how to possess him, but I will and then Serenity will belong to me and no one can ever stop me.

I travel throughout the darkness and it gets so lonely hiding and never being able walk out in the light it really stinks being stuck in the shadows for ever. As I sneak around I find out that soon he will be coming home from where they've been hiding him and then I will be able to finally be able to walk in the daylight again.

There she is, standing there with her brother and that stuck up Kaiba. She's so beautiful with her reddish blonde hair, her amber eyes and oh those long and slender legs that I sometimes dream of then wrapped around my waist as I I thrust my erect penis in and out of her virgin body, or when she sits upon my penis and rides me like the stud that I am. Oh, to be able to touch her pert breasts and suckled on her nipples and hear her scream out my name as we reach our explosive climax's together. God, how I wish that it could really happen and not be just a damn dream.

I can hardly wait till tomorrow because that's when he gets home and then I can sneak in the shadows and then as I creep up on him and he never sees me then I will seep into his body and then I will be able finally leave this damn shadow world once and for all and when I do I will never give up this body and no one will be strong enough to send me back to that place once I finally find my way back to the living and then watch out because I'm going to finally have my sweet innocent young beauty.

The next day, as I sneak around in the shadows I start to laugh manically because I see him walking inside that fortress that he calls home but they never thought to stop the shadows from invading inside that place.

As I sneak inside the house I can actually smell his body and I begin to shake because I'm so close to actually getting out of these damn shadows once and for all. I get close to the room where he is sleeping and I start to tremble as I get closer and closer to having what I've dreamt of for so many years. If he wakes up he will know that I'm near him and he'll call out and they will come and then it will be too late and I will be stuck in these damn shadows forever.

I'm so close that I can close my eyes and think of how it'll be once again and then I'm standing there right beside his bed and as I reach out what should be my hand I close my eyes and start chanting the words that will allow me to travel from the shadows and then I leaped and I was inside his body and god it feels good to be able to breathe once again.

All of a sudden the lights come on and this body's sister comes in and she's followed by that no good bastard Shadi and as I sit up she comes over and as she touched this body I wanted to get away from her touch but he looked up at her and he whimpered and then he said "Something is in the room and it's trying to get to me, make it go away please."

She then looked at Shadi and he started chanting and all of a sudden I'm thrown out of the body and back into the shadows and I have to get out of here before he finds me and seals me back in the damn shadows again. I finally got out and now I'm so angry now that I try to shout out my anger but know words come out. I stand here in the shadows and watch the house waiting for my next try.

It was three days later and he was out with those idiot friends you know Yugi and Ryou and as they stood there talking and as he turned to leave he walked near the building where I was standing and as he walked near I started chanting and then I leaped and I was inside him again and this time I made damn sure that I was in complete control and then as we walked off in the other direction I was making plans on how I was going to use this body to get near her and then she would be mine and mine alone.

For the rest of the night we will stay here hidden and by the time the sun comes up I will know exactly what to do in order to get close enough to her and as I get her trust the I will start possessing her till she will finally be mine..

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