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Chapter Seven

After Seto sat down next to Joey, Seth stood behind Seto and Jono sat behind Joey and then Shadi started telling them "Serenity is the catalyst that is allowing KIRAM to stay here in this world and soon he will attempt to acquire her and then he will return to the shadows and with her at his side willing or not she will be made his queen and then he will begin obtaining more and more power and if we don't stop him now he will be strong enough to travel between worlds and that could spell disaster for both worlds."

Joey spoke up then and he asked "How would you go about stopping all of this from happening?"

Shadi then looked Joey straight in the eye and he said "I was told that if we stop the heart then he will perish and no longer live in either world."

Seto tried to stand up, but Seth put his hands on his shoulder and he told him "I wouldn't try that again unless you want me to take you out of this world right here and now. So sit still and let Shadi continue."

Seto then said "What in the hell do you mean stop the heart, who's heart are you talking about?"

Joey then whispered "He's talking about Serenity, aren't you?"

Shadi then said "I wish there was another way, but Malik is already dead because of this monster and if we don't stop him then many others in this world and in the shadows will perish and I will not allow that to happen."

Serenity stood up then and she said "What ever you have to do then do it. This thing can not be allowed to harm anyone else. He's already tried to take control of my mind and body and god the things he showed me that he would do once he has me alone, I won't allow that to happen."

Joey got up and went over to her and he sat down beside her and took her into his arms and softly said "I love you with all my heart and don't want to lose you, I've already lost dad and mom and I can't lose you too."

Serenity then touched his face as she said "Joey, you won't lose me as long as you remember the great times we've had together and all the love that I have for you in my heart. Just close your eyes and I'll be there with you forever." Then they held each other and tear ran down their faces as they did from the others eyes also. Then Serenity looked at Shadi and she said "Please make it happen and stop that bastard from ever trying to do what he wants."

Shadi the held out his hands and she went over to him and he kissed her forehead and whispered something to her and she smiled and then he closed his eyes and Seth and Jono walked over and joined hands and then as Shadi was chanting Serenity fell into his arms and the most tranquil look came across her face and he said "It's done."

Seto ran over to Joey and they held each other as they cried for her loss and Shadi carried her over to where they were and he said "Please allow me to give her a special burial ceremony that will be fit for the beautiful soul of your sister."

Joey then stood up and he said "May I carry her to where you want to go and can I be there for the ceremony?"

Then Shadi place her body in Joey's arms and then Seth waved his arms in the air and all of them were transported to the burial chambers under the Ishtar residence and then Shadi said "Let Yami and Bakura know that it is over and to sent that bastard back to the shadows to be judged by the shadow creatures and be forever bounded to the shadows forever."

Seth materialized where Yami and Bakura had KIRAM and he said "It is done; now send that bastard back to the shadows where he belongs."

KIRAM then felt a great emptiness inside and he knew that she had been taken from him and he started screaming and he tried to get away when Yami then shouted "Open the portal to the shadow world and take this unclean thing back into your arms and do with him as you wish." Then KIRAM was sucked into the shadow world and the portal closed and Seth then said "We have to get back, Shadi is performing the ceremony for Serenity."

Seth brought them back to the burial chamber and as they stood there, stood Isis, Ishizu, Shimon, Solomon, Rishad, and Odeon, Joey placed her body on the slab and he kissed her cheek and as his tears fell upon her face, Shadi started chanting and everyone joined in and a great bright light filled the chamber and when it was gone Serenity opened her eyes and when Joey saw this he screamed and fainted.

Seto knelt down beside him and as he looked up at the others he asked "What's this all about?"

Joey opened his eyes and as he looked up at his sister, Serenity giggled and then she said "Shadi whispered to me before he perform the ceremony, that he would make it seem that I was dead when in reality he just put me under some trance and well you know the rest." Joey stood up and went to her and gathered her into his arms and as he kissed her cheek he looked at the others and he said "What happened, I thought that she had died."

Shadi then went on to tell him that he had figured out if KIRAM was to think that she was no longer living it would be the same as really killing her. I have made it so that he will always think she's dead and I made certain that he will no longer ever be a threat to anyone ever again."

Serenity had tears in her eyes as she looked at Ishizu and she softly said "I only wish Malik could be here with us too."

Ishizu then smiled at her and she went over to where he was buried and she said "He will always be with us because he has become part of our lives and will never fade away."

Joey helped Serenity off the slab and then he said "I wish to say something to all of you. When I first learned that my sister would have to die in order to rid not only us but the shadows of KIRAM, I wanted to stop all of you any way I could, but Serenity told me that I would always have her in my life as long as I closed my eyes and remembered all the love we had for each other and I know that Malik will be with me and all of you because of the very same thing. All we have to do is close our eyes and remember him and he'll be here beside us forever."

Standing beside the crypt where he was buried, Malik smiled at all his family and friends and he said "I will be with all of you forever and you will be with me too."


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