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"Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you."

Chapter 18- The Beginning of the End

Madeline shook with barely contained rage and couldn't hold herself back any longer. She had only caught the end of the conversation between Snape and Lily Potter; however it had been enough. Madeline walked briskly up to Snape and the look on his face; the shame, guilt, regret and the silent resignation almost made her feel sorry for him…almost. She wasn't entirely sure what to say to him, in fact Madeline had even raised her hand as if she was going to slap him and Snape just stood there unflinching. As if he wanted her to hit him, wanted her to punish him but in the end Madeline just turned her back on him turning to Lily instead.

Madeline's hand clenched into a fist and before Lily knew what happened the force of the punch into her face had knocked her off her feet. Lily landed on the ground, hard, cheek throbbing in pain and tasting blood in her mouth. Madeline stood over her shaking with rage and resisting the urge to kick her while she was down there. "I can't think of a word low enough to call you," Madeline said to Lily, "so I'll have to settle for calling you a meddling, conniving, bitch and tell you that in my eyes there is nothing lower than you."

With that Madeline turned sharply away from them, making sure the trail of her gown smacked Lily sharply on the face as she did so, and walked back inside. Lily laid there on the ground stunned, shocked still; no one had ever hit her in her life. Lily had been in magical combat before, but there was something about physical violence that threw her off her balance. She didn't know how to react and as Lily stood spitting the blood from her mouth she grew angry. How dare Madeline do that to her! With nothing in mind but the pure rage bubbling up inside of her Lilly tore off after Madeline intent on getting some pay back.


Kiki shivered as she looked out across the open field she was in and tried in vain to get her thoughts to stop swirling chaotically in her head. Here she was in the middle of nowhere, naked, surrounded by other naked people, everything she once knew gone and quite possibly everyone as well. Kiki stared at the bands around her wrists and ankles again wondering what the hell was going on. It was like on big collective nightmare. All around her people were screaming, crying, shouting, and a few laughing hysterically. Some of them were wandering around asking people if it was all a dream, and a few others had passed out.

What had happened? Why were they here? Just as Kiki was starting to hyperventilate the bands around her arms grew hot and heavy. Sluggishly without her consent Kiki felt her body start to kneel down, she tried to keep holding Josefina's hand but it was too much. Her hands came together outstretched above her head. Kiki found herself staring at the ground, hands folded together above her head and sitting on her knees. Insanely she was reminded of those cheesy geisha cartoons her little sister loved so much, she felt like a naked one prostrating herself before a higher class person.

Then came the sound, it sounded like a gunshot a few feet from her and that's when she realized it had gotten dead silent. There was the sound of footsteps and Kiki tried desperately to lift her head…all she managed to do was look up a bit to see a pair of scuffed up shoes. "It works just how the letters said it would," a gruff voice said. "Are you really that surprised?" A smooth cultured voice chimed in. "No, not surprised, but it was hardly something any of us could ever dream of happening even a week ago." Said the gruff one. "Do you know how many muggles are left?" smooth asked. "A few million, split between us, the vampires and a few wizards, the muggle born were all sent to the ministries. Shame that, we could have used the magical ones, these will have to do though." Gruff replied.

"Truly a shame," the cultured one replied, "so how are they sorted again?" "The white collars mean they haven't hit puberty yet, the pink ones are just turning over, and the reds are wet and ready," the gruff one replied laughing "goes the same for boys, black is mature, blue is growing and whites are not even close". Kiki felt dread squirming around in her belly, suddenly all too aware that these voices where male, close and she was naked. "Right…so we get to go through this entire lot and pick our favorites right?" the smooth one said. "No more than two reds and you can only have one white or pink. The breeders need to be taken as soon as possible though; Alpha wants to get the pack's numbers up fast. There is a lot of open territory now that will be claimed fast, we need the extra manpower." The gruff replied.

"You wont catch me complaining," The smooth laughed and the ball of dread burst open into full-blown panic in Kiki's stomach. "So how are we gonna do this?" Smooth asked. "I'll pull the red standing then the males will get there picks by ranking, Alpha is first then, us two since we were a part of this and then it goes down the line." Gruff replied. Just then there was another pop, like a muffled shot and then there was another presence standing over her. "Alright, let's get this done fast, tonight is going to be all the time we will have for this," a strong voice said "and for moon's sake don't let any of them cry or talk that will only make this take longer!"

Kiki felt her body start to stand up and though she tried to shout her face went slack and her mouth remained shut. All too soon she was standing before three men, naked, unable to even make the effort to scream. Her hands remained docile by her sides and though she felt like she was crying at this point no tears fell from her eyes. "Can't you clean them up they smell, and are dirty" Strong said, Kiki didn't have a name but at least she could see their faces now.

Strong was a beautiful man, tall, broad shoulders, small hips, big arms; he had a shaggy mane of white hair and dark colored eyes. "Actually I think so," Gruff replied, Kiki noticed he was a hard looking man with scars on his face and a short cropped black hair reminding her of a soldier. He had a small crystal ball in his hands and Kiki saw him twist it around and touch its surface a few times. Then suddenly she felt raw, like someone had scrubbed her clean with sand and no water. Smooth whistled and said, "Pretty nifty that thing." He was a tall, lean man with short styled brown hair and blue eyes that looked around hungrily.

That's when she noticed all the other girls with bands red, pink and white were standing stone faced with her, all naked and clean looking. All the boys had remained face down in the dirt. Kiki knew she should be feeling scared, panicked, that she should be trying to fight at least. Yet she just felt like she was pulling more and more away from herself. Shock had finally settled in making her dissociate with everything.

"Let's get this over with then, I'll take my three then you may take yours. When your finished call up the rest of the pack and get all the girls sorted away." Strong said as he weaved his way through the crowd. He came back a few minutes later with three gorgeous girls, one with a white band and two with red. "Make sure every ready man does his duty Rick, we need pups." Strong said to Gruff…Rick…before he disappeared with a pop along with his chosen girls. Gruff laughed and rubbed his hands together, "You heard the man pick yours and get down to it!" Rick walked off leaving Smooth staring around gleefully before his eyes landed on her.

Kiki knew she was a pretty girl, nice clear skin, strawberry blonde hair, big blue eyes and full lips. She had known before the world had gone to hell, but even at 18 she had remained a virgin. Unlike her friends she didn't want to give that away to just anyone…as Smooth walked towards her she wished she had. "Sisters…" smooth said as he eyed at her then Josefina.


The French Minister sat staring at his desk waiting for the last reports to come in before he had to go to the I.C.W. and face this mess all over again. There were preliminary reports stating that some large groups of muggles had survived the destruction of their world and were being herded to places unknown by unidentified entities. The muggle born outside his ministry was the main focus of his right now though. Some were grown, having already been informed of their magical state and had some idea of what was going on. Needless to say they were frightened and angry; that was the least of his worries at the moment. The majority of the wizards and witches outside where children ranging from infants to teenagers. Most ignorant of the world they had just been thrust into very violently. Already there were debates about what to do with them and with the general panic going around those talks were raising the hysteria levels.


Harry felt his hands shake, the feeling of weakness washed over him as he watched Madeline follow Snape and his birth mother outside. He had used too much magic; the strain was beginning to show because even with the help of his followers reshaping the world had taken a toll on him. He saw Alucard slinking around the room new black gloves adorned his hands…it was the sign of his subservience and Harry smirked feeling satisfied. It probably hadn't been wise to enslave a master vampire while also destroying and creating a world.

The drain of magic was apparent now and Harry knew he would need to retire soon from the ball so that he could begin to recover. He got up with the intention of doing so walking sluggishly across the ballroom. He stood to wait a moment when he saw Madeline storming over to him. She had almost reached his side when Harry noticed his birth mother tearing towards them wand drawn curse barely parting from her lips.

He didn't think, just acted, pushing Madeline down to the ground he summoned a shield to deflect the fiery red curse. It was a testament to how weak he really was that the shield flickered on impact and was gone soon after leaving him in the direct line of fire. It exploded out over him and Harry felt a sharp pain shudder through him as his own blood bathed over him. All was quiet for a moment, Harry stood there stunned, to in shock to even scream and then distantly he heard Madeline scream sharply up at him from the floor.

All around chaos broke loose as his elite rushed towards him and Madeline started to firing wicked looking curses at Lily Potter who was trying to defend against them. He stood in the middle of it all in a puddle of blood as more poured down his front and it was almost ironic that a few heartbeats later Harry was hit by another stray curse. Clark had joined the fray with his mother and luckily his jinx was almost harmless. It banished only banished the top part of his clothes away and that was when Harry started shaking. In the end it wasn't the teachers that stopped the chaos building inside the ballroom…it was the sound of sharp cold laughter.

It pulled everyone's attention as they turned their eyes to Harry who stood bleeding with a star burst wound on his chest blood flowing from him steadily as he laughed. Harry laughed harshly with no humor as he raised a shaking hand to his face inspecting the blood painted on it before he fisted his hair with both hands and cackled brokenly. Blood was smeared across his face; he was covered in spatters of blood giving him a ghastly image. The cool rush of the air reminded him that now most of his worst scars were on display and made him cackle harder.

Madeline was approaching him cautiously now, like she was approaching a dangerous wounded animal and in a way she was indeed. The whites of Harry's eyes stood out and his attention shifted from Madeline to the ones that brought had brought his humiliation on. His birth mother stood by Clark and there was a strange expression on her face like she was seeing him for the first time.


Lily looked at the horror she had wrought and couldn't stop the shame that flooded her looking at that boy. The stinging pain on her cheek long forgotten and as she started to process what exactly she was seeing that she started to see certain things. The scars on his torso and arms that were highlighted by blood…the startling wound she had inflicted. When she finally managed to look at him in the face she almost stepped back to retreat away from the crazed look on his face. It was after she had gotten herself to look past that and study his features that she began to notice something that made her heart plummet to the floor. With his hands holding his hair like that it looked chaotic and shorter…familiar. Then without his normal composure Lily noticed the crazed look in his green eyes, eyes she had seen every day in the mirror.

Finally it was the blood-bathed scar on his forehead that had seemed to appear with the blood that settled the small voice of denial. Before her was her first born, her son, the one she had been dreaming of meeting again and completing her family. Tristen Winter was Harry Potter, her Harry, her baby and she had shattered him. A wave of nausea flushed over her and made her knees weak with the effort of holding her up. She took a small step forward, his names on her lips, and that's when his attention snapped from Madeline to her.


His heart was hammering in his chest from the effort of keeping him standing that when he heard his birth mother whimper out, "Harry?" that his knees gave out. He could only watched as she started to come towards him distantly he heard her say, "Harry, it is you, I know it is, Harry…baby." He wanted to scream as she came towards him like some horrible monster from his worst nightmares. Madeline had reached him putting a healing hand on his wound, stopping the flow of blood as she worked to heal it with her magic. He turned towards her then forcing his eyes away from his dawning nightmare to look at her. He reached for her without thinking about the reason why throwing his arms around her and began cackling louder.

Madeline was startled by the feel his arms circling her but she didn't pause when she felt him shake with laughs. Holding his slight fragile form tightly to her she summoned her wand to her hand while trying to shield him as best she could with her body. Looking for a threat she spotted the Bitch Potter trying to move towards them. "Stop right there Bitch unless you want me to disembowel you!" she said fiercely. Lily for her credit froze the moment that wand trained onto her but she was stubborn, "Give him to me woman! That is my son! Give me Harry!" Lily's shrill words woke something in the crowd, and it quickly became was whispering hoard.

"Give him to you?" Madeline bit out the question, "Do you see what you and your little bastard of a son have done to him!" Lily's eyes moved down to the trembling laughing form in Madeline's arms. His back was facing her now and her stomach rolled when she saw the horrific scars on his back…the word FREAK scarred in bold thick lines. She thought about the one she must have given him now on his chest and for the first time in a long while…was stunned silent.

A figure broke through the crowd, small and fast. Suzie ran right up to Harry and Madeline with a robe in her arms to quickly cover his bared back. Harry seemed to sense it was Suzie because he didn't even flinch as she touched him and gently took him from Madeline's arms. "Shh, big brother, shh," she whispered fiercely while laying him in her lap, "I'm here, I wont let them touch you." Lily's attention was brought back to Madeline when she stood up and blocked her view of Harry. He had stopped laughing suddenly…

"You deserve to suffer the worst unimaginable torments for the rest of your magic forsaken life," Madeline stated calmly as the Noctiluca gathered up around her and Harry. The ones that followed Harry, all the Noctiluca students and some from Hogwarts fell into ranks dividing the room. On one side there was Lily potter, the other Madeline and slowly the ones who didn't want to involve themselves sulk from the room. The tension was running very high as James joined the other two Potters and both sides stared each other down waiting for someone to make the first move.

A small voice broke the tension and their eyes turned to the voice even if they couldn't see her clearly.

(Run cover by Leona Lewis)

I'll sing it one last time for you
Then we really have to go
You've been the only thing that's right
In all I've done

Suzie ignored everything her focus was solely on Harry as she sang to him softly, lightly, the words he had once sang to her and she hoped desperately it would help him.

And I can barely look at you
But every single time I do
I know we'll make it anywhere
Away from here

It was very hard to look at him like this, because he had always seemed so strong…so invincible. Some part of her had believed that irrationally that Harry was perfect that he had no real weakness. He did though. He was so much more fragile than he wanted to admit to anyone even himself.

Light up, light up
As if you have a choice
Even if you cannot hear my voice
I'll be right beside you, dear

Harry really did light up a room even if he never intends to…he just had this something about him that touched people and made them strive to be better. He meant everything to Suzie, because he was the first person to make her life joyful again after her parents had passed. To protect her from all the bad things that could have happened and she loved him more than anyone.

Louder, louder
And we'll run for our lives
I can hardly speak, I understand
Why you can't raise your voice to say, run ruunn

To Harry, Suzie was the last person outside of Tom Riddle to touch his heart in any way. Before loss and betrayal had closed his heart off from the rest of the world. His Elite, his Madeline, Harry valued them for their power and their position in his army. As much as he didn't want to admit it to even himself he cared for everyone in his army, but he didn't hold them in his stone heart like Suzie…like Tom. Though if he was honest with himself Tom held most of what was left of his shriveled, broken, stone heart. But Suzie…she held whatever was left.

"Alucard," Harry said and he appeared bathed in shadow before him, hands clad in black gloves a manifestation of his new shackles. "Bring me the goblet of fire." Alucard smile was all sharp teeth as his shadow pooled beneath him and he disappeared into it. "Suzie gather everyone it is time we leave," Harry said as he stood up blood sluggishly dripping from his wound. Alucard appeared kneeling the goblet raised up to present it to him.

Harry took it feeling the magic pulse under his hands and he reached into it as the fire lit up inside it. The burn of the flames hurt but not enough to deter him. Finally he felt something give way inside it and he felt the magic of the cup begin to drain away flowing inside of him giving him a much needed boost. The Goblet began to rust and dull in his hands before it crumbled to nothing in his hands drained completely of magic.

Alucard looked at him strangely eyes intent on the rusty dust that was all that remained of a once powerfully magical artifact. "Did you think I took nothing from your blood?" Harry whispered in his ears as he stood up leaving a frightful sharp tooth smile on Alucard's face. He called Logan to his side to whisper, "Gather everyone, it is time to leave the war has started and we will need everyone who hasn't been drained from my spell." Logan nodded and quickly got everyone moving their excitement was palpable.


Voldemort's eyes glowed a menacing red as he watched his Death Eaters clear out the last of the ministry's employees. They had been given a choice, bow to him or die. Most bowed but there were a few that defied him trying to fight a lost battle. Those few died quickly and painfully. "My lord, we have secured the building but Yaxley let Weasley get away. He will no doubt inform Dumbledore we should prepare for a counter attack." Rowle said.

"Yaxley will be punished for now put him in the front lines, Dumbledore will not likely counter attack for a while yet but in case he steps out of character tighten security. Get a team sent out to Diagon Alley we need to get that secured next. Britain will be mine tonight!" Voldemort chuckled darkly. It was more then he thought had been possible, this was a complete victory no matter if there turned out to be rebels in his new world.

He hadn't thought it was possible to so utterly destroy the muggles, that this world could have been taken back so easily was a bit disconcerting. Voldemort was no fool he had thought that with their technology that the muggles were more likely to destroy them by accident with their nuclear bombs then the magical world destroying them. It was so perfect, the righteous have inherited the earth and the remaining muggles would bow on bent knee forever more.

Voldemort sent another team to Hogsmead to ensure a good launching point to take over Hogwarts when he got a message from his precious. Hogwarts was already divided, the battle lines were already drawn and they had already torn down the wards for him. Harry was leaving to recover from his earth shattering spell along with the few he had drained the most in his efforts but a rather large force was remaining. They needed reinforcements to take Hogwarts; Voldemort would lead that one along with a group of his best. Harry was going to send in more of his army but it would take time to get them to the school.


Harry called his elite to him, and they came on bent knee before him. "Flora, Fauna, get the ones too young to fight that are on our side out of here. Gabriel, open the portal, call for the gorgons and gargoyles, we will need them for the next wave. Logan contact the pack your father is aligned with in England they should be already gathered to fight. Cleo, get the trolls and the giants to create a perimeter around the school with those damnable spiders. That should keep the centaurs at bay. The rest of you if you have the energy to fight, help secure the school, if you are too drained come with me we need to get out of here with the young ones so we don't hinder them."

He felt Voldemort arrive, along with his Death Eaters and felt satisfied that they would win Hogwarts. Harry turned to greet him and saw Voldemort's eyes tighten subtly as he took in his wound from the opening in his robe. Voldemort reached out suddenly grabbing him by the back of the head to pull him in close. He whispered in his ear, "Whoever did that will play dearly, of that I can ensure you." Harry felt a shiver run down his spine, "Leave her to me, she is mine to destroy." Voldemort's mouth tightened in displeasure but he gave a slight nod.


The I.C.W. meeting was in chaos, just about everyone was shouting and nothing was getting done. Dumbledore tried to restore order when he arrived but his voice was one of many getting drowned out by other louder voices. Some were shouting that the Muggles must have destroyed themselves, other shouted about unknown terrorist groups, others were screaming about getting in order. Still others were shouting about what must be done with the muggleborn wizards and witches waiting outside the ministries.

"We must do something about them, they are magical!"

"The statue of secrecy clearly states that we have no authority over them until they turn eleven! Let them sort themselves out!"

"Fool! There is no statue now! There are no muggles left to hide from and we have a responsibility to them!"

"There have been sightings of large groups of what has to be the remaining muggles appearing all around the world! The muggles are being taken by agents unknown we must do something!"

"They are not magical why should we seek to help them? They who burned us at the stake and drove us into hiding like rats!"

"Have some humanity, these are people! I have reports of the unknown agents have some power over them already there are sightings of mass rape and torture!"

"We don't have the resources to help the muggles now! Not with the muggle born already at our door, we don't have time to save more now!"

"What about the ones who have done this? Has anyone else heard the reports of the voice that they heard as the black mist destroyed everything? How can we even hope to oppose someone strong enough to do that!"

"We aren't certain this was an act of one, we don't know what we are facing!"

"We are facing War! Merlin be damned! Whatever did this has declared war on the entire world! Mark me, they will come for us next!"

"You can't know that! Maybe it was just a radical muggle hater group!"

On and on it went. No one managed to gain any ground, the shouting just got louder as more and more people began to amplify their voices with magic. It was chaos, pure chaos and Dumbledore felt lost and every day his age. There was a loud BANG as a bloody Arthur Weasley suddenly appeared in the room causing a temporary silence.

"It's Voldemort! He has taken the Ministry! They're making a move to take the whole of England!" He shouted before collapsed into a bloody heap on the floor. The room was quiet for a heartbeat more before the shouting returned even more panicked than before as news of Voldemort's return spread. There were cracks as people began to leave frantic to secure their own ministries before Voldemort made a move towards them.

Dumbledore healed Arthur as well as he could so he could take him to Hogwarts safely. He sent out his patronus to call together the order to meet him in the hospital wing so he could rally the war effort. If he didn't act quickly there would be no one left to fight in the resistance.


James Potter ran as fast he could while keeping to the back of the group to cover them as they made their way to the hospital wing hoping to barricade themselves there. Voldemort had come sweeping in like some terrible nightmare before Lilly and him had a chance to process finding their son. They had managed to rally everyone they could to fight while trying to give the little ones a window to escape.

However, as more and more of this terrible dark army appeared they were quickly becoming overwhelmed. James felt some hope flickering in him as he and the last of the resistance made it into the hospital wing. They barricaded the door as best they could and lined up ready to defend it when Dumbledore appeared in the room. There was a bit of chaos as he was swarmed by panicked students and adults alike as they tried to draw some comfort him.

Madam Pomfrey saw Arthur's condition first and managed to get him from Dumbledore before more damage was done to the man. Dumbledore quickly silenced everyone with a quick spell moving to the doors to talk to him. "They have overrun the school, Sirius was petrified when the gorgons got here. Lilly managed to get him here but he is not much help until he gets free of that. They've spelled the school so you can get in but not out. There are trolls and Giants surrounding the school so leaving physically is out."

"The fireplaces?" Dumbledore asked.

"Redirected to send you straight to the middle of Voldemort's stronghold." James answered.

"How many able fighters do we have?" Dumbledore Asked.

"About twenty if you count the seventh years, but we can only hold this wing for so long before they break through with greater numbers. They're trained, they're dark, so they wont hesitate to use spell to kill or maim. Even with the advantage of making them fight in this tight place where their numbers are limited we wont last long." James answered.

"We have no choice then, we must abandon Hogwarts to give us a chance to win her back another day. I fear that leaving now will ensure that this war has already shifted in Voldemort's favor but if we stay there will be blood…and death." Dumbledore said.

"How will we escape, they have block off all our means to do so and leaving here forcefully is a sure fire way to lose more than half of the ones we do have!" James said.

"Simple, my dear boy we take the road less traveled. I thought you of all people would know there is more than one way to leave the hollowed grounds of this school." Dumbledore said as he moved towards Madam Pomfrey's office. There he went to her fireplace, tapped the bricks on the side of the mantelpiece while saying, "Sugared plums." There was a grinding sound as the fireplace and the bricks surrounding it folded away revealing a cobweb lined dark passage.

"I'll be damned we missed one," James said as he told Lily to begin organizing their group to go down this passage to freedom. "This passage hasn't been used in five hundred years, not since the siege of the Goblin King Ironfist. It is a sad day that it must find its use again." Dumbledore said mournfully. "Where does it let out? Sirius managed to find out that Hogsmead has already been overrun before the gorgon got him." James asked.

With a twinkle in his eye, though slightly dimmed, "Why it should be a very familiar place James. This passage was built by Godric Gryffindor as a last resort should the worst happen. Though courageous and battle hungry Godric was no fool; he knew that every general needs a plan for every possibility. Where else would it let out other than his own safe house in his hollow?" Dumbledore said.

"You have got to be kidding me, this thing goes all the way to Godric's hollow?" James exclaimed. "Yes, I'm sure my poor knees will be none to happy with me when this journey is over." Dumbledore said, "For now I must secure the doors more heavily to buy us some time, I am sure Tom will eventually get through but it should be enough. I'll go through last so I can close the passage. Now, get going my dear boy not a moment to lose!"


Harry had barely stepped onto the welcoming grounds of Avalon before one of his Dark Angels came running up to him looking distressed. "My Prince! The goblins have been calling you; they said that you must go to them right away! They refused to say why but the did say that a certain Grand Lady would tell you why." Harry didn't even bother to answer just rushed to Morgan le Fey's portrait without stopping to have his wounds healed.

He appeared quite frightful when he made it there, flushed, weak with blood loss and the magical exhaustion. "Well, aren't you a fright. I guess I was right then to suspect you were the one that finally wiped that virus of a species from this planet." Morgan said lightly. "Yes, I did. Now what do the Goblins' want? I am quite spent at the moment." Harry replied. "That is the point dear one, you have proven yourself ready to become my heir, and you are ready as you are to receive my gift. Go to the Goblins I will be waiting for you there." She said as she went.

Though he was beyond exhausted Harry knew he couldn't waste the opportunity so he made his way to the goblins resigned. When he got there the goblins were strangely quiet and polite. If Harry had been more alert he would have been more off put by it but he was too tired to be bothered at the moment. They lead him to a chamber deep within the bowels of their bank and left him there.

The chamber was strangely empty it just had a stone altar that was covered in runes, seeped in magic, a woman laid stiffly on top of it pale from death and Morgan's Portrait hung above it on the wall. "Who is that?" Harry asked. "That my dear one was the last one that showed the potential to become my heir. He was the grandson of Cassandra but he failed the final test." Morgan replied. "What test?" Harry asked.

"The test of the altar, that altar holds all my magic, all my knowledge, when you laid down upon it there are only two things can happen. If you lay down and submit to the invasion of my power you will die. Your body will be transformed into what mine was in death and I will continue the search for an heir. If you lay down and manage to keep hold of yourself you will gain everything I can give. All my magic, all my knowledge, and all my power will be yours." Morgan said solemnly.

"Why did you bring me here weak like this then?" Harry asked. "You have to be weak to lay upon this altar, accepting my magic is painful and invasive if you were at full strength our magics would fight one another. It would surely destroy you." Morgan replied. "It is your choice, I will leave it to you." She said leaving him.

Harry sighed, walking up to the altar knowing he had no choice because he couldn't back down now. As soon as he touched the altar the body of the woman crumbled to ash and he laid down slowly upon it. His chest was still exposed and bleeding. He was wearing only a open robe, pants, shoes and blood. For a moment everything was still, and then the world exploded in pain. Harry was too weak to hold it in he screamed, long and loud, he screamed into the empty chamber his cries echoing off the bare walls.


"What is taking so long?" Voldemort demanded as he came upon the doors to the Hospital wing. "They have twenty layers of barrier from at least seven different people, it going to take time to get through if we don't want to crush them by collapsing the place." Leon said stiffly. "My Prince will want to take them alive, make them suffer for what they have done, so I will do as I know he wills it! I don't answer to you!" Leon growled. Voldemort stiffened, eyes narrowed he said, "You better kiss the ground your Prince walks on for it is only the accord I have with him that still me hand from taking yours."

Just as things were getting even more heated there was a great ripping sound as the layers of protection finally got torn down. "If you boys are done barking at each other we have a war to win gentlemen." Madeline said with a wicked smirk on her face. It was quickly wiped when she noticed the room was empty. "Where the fuck did they go?" She screamed in frustration.

Voldemort stormed inside the room quickly casting an array of spells meant to reveal anyone who was hiding using magic but quickly came up empty. "There must be a secret passage in here somewhere, which means they are either in another part of the school or heading out onto the grounds. Tell them to enlarge the perimeter! They couldn't have gotten far! Tell the team in Hogsmead to start searching every building, if it lets out there we'll need to know!" Voldemort said yelling orders at his various Death Eaters.


There was a faint rumble above them making the already skittish group chatter with unease. "What was that, do you think?" Lily asked Mcgonagall. "I suspect there are giants or trolls moving above us, not a comforting thought," Mcgonagall replied accent thickened and slurring her words. Everyone was rightfully nervous; this was their only chance at escaping if this failed there would be no resisting the army awaiting them. Their fate would be sealed, Lily knew her own fate would probably not be very pleasant and James would most likely join her.

The group had 87 people, only 21 of them were capable of defending the whole group and if it came down to a fight the odds were against them. James was nervous, his youngest Clark was behind him, his wife was guarding the rear and they had no idea what was happening outside. "Why did you leave? What did the I.C.W. want?" James asked Dumbeldore trying to get some more information. "I am afraid there has been a mass strike against the Muggles, no one has claimed responsibility for it yet. At this moment it looks like most of the muggles have been wiped from the face of the earth. These are grave times, my dear boy, grave times." Dumbeldore said while putting up privacy charms so he didn't insight a panic.

"What do you mean wiped out?" James exclaimed. "Just that my dear boy, there is no lasting evidence of muggles ever being upon this earth. Every muggle city, road, invention, book, everything! It all disappeared in the span of a few hours. There are rumors of some bands of them surviving and being herded around like cattle by unknown entities. But we haven't confirmed anything, all the muggle borns were sent to the various ministries. The English ones had been sent to France I had wondered why but now I suspect that whoever has done this is in league with Tom." Dumbledore said.

"What are we gonna do? If they can do that they can do anything how are we going to fight against something like that? Is it even possible to fight something like that?" James said wearily. "I know my dear boy, the path before is long, hard and filled with heartbreak. However, we must ask ourselves, do we do what is right or what is easy? Darkness has come to swallow us whole and we must face it, we must fight it! For if we don't we shall be turning our backs on the world, and all that we hold dear to our hearts in it." Dumbeldore said.


Morgan looked down at her heir, she had known he would be the one, but it was still reassuring seeing him remain him on the altar. He would be unconscious for a while more though but it would be well worth the wait for him. She had given him everything she could now the rest was up to him on what to do with it. The amount of magic he had was ridiculous now and he had the control to make every drop worth it.

When she had created the altar it had been because she wanted to leave something behind of herself…more than just her children. In her time they were already telling legends of Merlin, always he was painted the tragic hero and his misdeeds were always glossed over. Morgan had known then that she couldn't stand the thought of living in a world were no one knew as she had how truly twisted Merlin once was. She wanted someone to understand her horror, her grief, her hate; she wanted to leave a legacy behind that was more then a story told by her children.

Morgan had started the altar was a vessel to bestow her knowledge onto someone else but she eventually discovered that such a thing was not possible. At least not without giving them something else. Memories, even those preserved in stone fade and would die; but if she died giving up her memories along with her magic the sacrifice would ensure their survival. Her first and only failure had been trying to give this gift to her grandson.

That was when she had discovered the drawback of the stone, though she had been dead by then with no way to fix it. The altar only worked if you wanted the power but did not need it. Her grandson had been a brilliant wizard but he couldn't have hoped to match her magically without gaining power from the altar. That was when she discovered how the altar would transform the one laying upon it into her replica if they failed. Harry was different, he wanted power, desired it, but did not need it to be powerful. He was powerful all on his own.


James looked around the manor; having never seen it before in his life and that was strange all things considered. He had lived in Grodic's hollow before and had never laid eyes on this sprawling place. "How has no one ever discovered this place?" James asked. "Simple my dear boy, the only way to get in is through this passage and another one that is across the way." Dumbledore said jovially. The teachers that had managed to escape with them were busy calming the students while Dumbledore decided how to go about setting up the place.

They had lost Severus in the mad scramble to the Hospital Wing, though James had been secretly glad for that. However, they had also lost Hagrid on the way, Sirius had gotten petrified, more then half the student body had not made it and only the teachers that had attended the ball had managed to come with them. Dumbeldore was concerned for his hidden Seer in the tower, but he couldn't do anything for her now. The battle lines had been drawn, a few of the order members had managed to survive the first wave and were making their way here.

Sadly Tonks had been captured but it was fortunate that happened before their location had been revealed to her. Now they needed to organize if they wanted to stand a prayer of striking back. They had no way to contact the outside for help and weren't likely to get any as it happened. Not with the chaos the destruction of the Muggle had caused, the I.C.W. was too bogged down from trying to get a handle on the new situation. The darkness seemed to be creeping in from all sides, and it made many wonder how they could have lived so ignorant of it in the light.

How could this have happened? How could this darkness settle on them as if it had been there all along? The laughter, the ease, the petty problems, the small fights, the joy, the careless freedom, that all seemed so distant in this dark. How did this happen? Many of the children were already sobbing quietly huddled in groups seeking comfort. But there was one in the group, which was quiet, that had a frown but her eyes were dry. No one paid her much notice, they never had until Tristen had taken notice and away from him no one noticed her anymore.

Her Hair was frizzing slightly, her skin didn't feel as smooth anymore, the further she had gone from him the more beauty seemed to drain away from her. Hermione frowned, eyes narrowed, thinking about the whispered rumors flying around. Hermione knew that this was war, that her parents were very likely dead, that life as she knew it was most likely gone and yet she couldn't find it in her to care. No one had known, or even asked, about her parents. If they had they would have known that her parents and her had never gotten on all that well.

They didn't understand before she had known she was a witch, getting that added on had only added to her problems with them. They were distant with each other and no one had ever moved to close that gap. So, no she didn't mourn her parents being gone. The life before this? Well, the life before this had only been filled with sneers and bad treatment for being more intelligent then others. So, no she didn't really care that the world was turning over into something completely new. In fact, she welcomed it.

What made her frown was that in the confusion she had gotten separated from the other Dark Angels and now she was in enemy territory. Hermione didn't think they would overlook her forever, so she had to plan her escape now while the chaos acted as her shield. If she managed this she knew her prince would be pleased, he would reward her for delivering to him the last of the rebellion on a platter. She bowed her head behind her hair to allow herself a moment to smile ever so slightly. Her prince would be pleased to get the chance at the ones that had hurt him before, that bitch Potter woman deserved everything coming to her.


Voldemort sat at in the throne he had erected in the great hall, the remaining students were sitting before him and everything was deathly quiet. Now if only His Harry would recover and join him everything would be perfect. Their forces combined were quickly overwhelming the entirety of England, soon it would be all theirs and then they would get the chance to take on the world! Hogsmead, Hogwarts, Diagon Alley, and the Ministry had already fallen. It was only a matter of time before they had the remaining wizarding communities beneath them.

His red eyes glowed menacingly as Bellatrix approached his throne with a beaten looking Severus Snape in tow. "My lord, lookie lookie who I found hiding with some itsy bitzy babies!" Bellatrix squealed at him throwing Severus down at his feet. Voldemort was just beginning to contemplate what to do with his rogue spy when Madeline glided up to him to whisper in his ear, which he allowed only for the sake of Harry's relationship to her. "Give him to me my Lord Voldemort, he has trespassed against I would return the favor." Madeline whispered lowly.

It made Voldemort think of what Harry had done the remaining muggles and it pleased him to think of Severus suffering the same fate. He nodded and Madeline gave him a slow smile as she took the bloody Severus roughly by the neck dragging him from the great hall. Severus didn't even fight against allowing her to do as she pleased as she made a show of painfully dragging him to an empty classroom.

"I hadn't taken you for a dunderhead Severus but I have been proven wrong before." Madeline said as she roughly pushed him down in a chair. She placed her hands on his head with more force then necessary and he flinched as she began chanting under her breath. He sighed in relief as his wounds began to heal, though he still felt bruised and stiff when she stopped. "Why are you doing this?" His voiced cracked a bit as he asked. Madeline's eyes narrowed, "Because against all reason and rational thought I have come to care for you Severus. For all your faults, stupidity, and brazen foolishness I find you hopelessly attractive."

"Now, I would have you answer me this, what could you have possibly done to that bitch Potter that you would feel so guilty for? Enough to forsake me in your ploy for forgiveness!" She hissed at him in anger fingers clenching tightly into his hair. "When I was a boy, Lily and I were friends…my only friend. She meant everything to me; my father was a hateful man and a spiteful muggle. My mother was a pure blood witch that allowed him to lay hands on us…frequently and with vehemence." Severus began slowly eyes refusing to leave the ground.

"I told Lily about her magic, before Hogwarts things between us had always been easy and simple. However, when began to attend here we were sorted into separate houses that had a known rivalry. Lily had caught the eye of that damnable Potter and he didn't like how close we were. He tormented me with his friends for year and one day he did something unforgivable. He used one of my own spells against me, a spell I had only taught to Lily." He took a moment to compose himself.

"When she came to my aid, I was so furious at her, at what she had done that I called her a mudblood. From that moment on she refused to talk to me, to forgive me, I turned to the Dark Lord and spent my life fighting so my childhood would not repeat itself. Then one day years later a overheard a prophecy, saying that the Dark Lord's equal was to be born…I didn't get a chance to hear it all. It was only after I relayed the information that I found out that Lily's child was one of the candidates." His fists clenched in his lap and his voice wavered.

"For everything we once were, for our old friendship, I went to Dumbeldore to warn him about the Dark Lord's plot in an effort to protect her. I became a spy for her, I begged the Dark Lord to spare her and he did. But the damage had been done, I had cost Lily her child, and she made sure I never forgot my debt to her." Severus said morosely. Madeline kneeled in front of him and took his clenched hands into her own. "Look at me Severus," When he refused to do so she tilted his face to make him. "I want you to understand something, you owe that bitch nothing! You have paid your debts a thousand times over and you have more then proven yourself a good man." She said passionately.

"Only a fair weather friend would abandon you over a careless insult in a heated moment. It sounds to me that Lily is not worth the pain you have suffered at her hand, she is not worthy of you Severus. It is time you let her go, she may have been a balm for you in the past but she has long since turned into a poison! Stop this foolishness you Dunderhead! It is time to move on to bigger things," Madeline said lowly, seductively, "better things." She said huskily as she captured his lips with her own. She kissed him with all her fury, her frustration, her devotion, her forgiveness, and her burning passion. He collapsed into her like a man dying of thirst in the desert and she was a pool of clear water.


Harry rubbed a hand lightly over his new horrific looking scar on his bare chest, humming a tune. He walked stiffly out into the field that was once London, the grass fluttered in a pleasant breeze and the trees swayed in a silent dance. His eyes glowed with power, he was filled with it, and he felt stretched unpleasantly at the seams as he tried to contain it inside of himself. Morgan's memories and magic were a storm inside of him raging to get out. Her hate, it was still as deep, as unquenchable as it had been thousands of years ago and it was mixing with his own dying to be unleashed.

It was as he looked out across his newly formed world her was coming to the desolate realization that there was barely anything left for him anymore. What does one do when one fulfills a lifelong ambition? For a very long time Harry had thought that if he killed them all, if he made them suffer, if he brought all that pain back onto them that his own desolation would end. That he would find a light in this endless darkness and his life would find meaning. Seeing all his ambitions realized made him have to come to copes with the fact that the gnawing emptiness inside of him wasn't filled with this.

The hate he felt swelled making him more angry than he had ever thought he could be, it made him want to lash out at the world and he pulled on the connection he felt with his elite Dark Angels. Their various runes flared to life, they hissed with pain as they were dragged forcefully to his side. They fell down on their knees before him, silent, feeling his fury as if it were their own. Lightly he plucked the ones he wanted into motion and soon instruments surrounded him. He began to sing.

(Until the End by Breaking Benjamin)

So clever, whatever, I'm done with these endeavors
Alone I'll walk the winding way here I stay
It's over, no longer, I feel it growing stronger
I live to die another day, until I fade away

Against all odds he was alive, with everything that had been thrown at him somehow he had survived. He could feel that emptiness growing stronger inside of him, threatening to consume him and he found that he didn't feel like giving in just yet. There was still things left for him to do.

Why give up? Why give in?
It's not enough, it never is
So I will go on until the end
We've become, desolate
It's not enough, it never is
But I will go on until the end

His Dark Angels were becoming a part of him now, extensions of himself; they were his most precious possession. They played for him; they joined him willingly inside this desolation and lived inside this darkness for him. Harry knew he had to see this path to the end, he still had people who needed to pay.

Surround me, it's easy, to fall apart completely
I feel you creeping up again In my Head
It's over, no longer, I feel it growing colder
I knew this day would come to end, so let this life begin

This pit of black nothingness would try to take everything from him, nibbling at him slowly so he doesn't notice it always lurking there at his edges. But Harry was looking for it, looking for that darkness because that was his home. He had been cast out of the light a long time ago and has found welcome in the shadows.

Why give up? Why give in?
It's not enough, it never is
So I will go on until the end
We've become, desolate
It's not enough, it never is
But I will go on until the end

Harry raised his hands, pushing out all that hate, all the excess magic, all those emotions he couldn't understand, he pushed it out and a whole open up above him. It was dark, consuming all the light surrounding them until there was nothing left surrounding it. Harry kept pushing, and it just kept growing.

I've lost my way
I've lost my way
But I will go on until the end

When it was big enough that it turned the dawn back in on itself making it seem as if the night would never end it started to collapse into itself.

Living is, hard enough, without you fucking UP...

The truth was there was no one Harry was angrier with, then himself, how did his life turn out this way? What was so wrong with him that he couldn't be like everyone else? What was so wrong with him that everyone could is it so plainly? Some were attracted to the darkness inside of him, some were so repulsed by it they would lock him away, but it didn't change the fact that somehow he had fucked up somewhere.

Why give up? Why give in?
It's not enough, it never is
So I will go on until the end
We've become, desolate
It's not enough, it never is
But I will go on until the end

Nothing was ever enough, he destroyed the entire world as he knew and created a new one, yet he remained unsatisfied. He could kill everyone in the world, in the universe, he could destroy everything that ever exists but that hungry hollow place in his heart would remain.

I've lost the way
I've lost the way
But I will go on until the end

He had started walking down this dark path that day, that day he had taken the knife from that kitchen and pressed it into the skin of his fat horrible Uncle. He had stepped out onto that road looking for a breath of life for himself away from the darkness that he had always known in that house. Harry had been looking for that light, that hope, that innocence, like looking up from a deep dark pit at the bright light of freedom.

The final fight I win
The final fight I win
The final fight I win

The worst thing in the world is being trapped in that darkness, trying to move closer to that light of freedom only to find for every step you take that light was that much more further away. That was fine; if he could no longer be a part of the light in the universe anymore he would sure as hell share this darkness. He would spread his darkness until the entire universe was engulf in it, so they would understand what it is to look at the light from inside it and know how terrible that is.

But I will go on until the end

The darkness above him was squeezed down into nothing more then a gem the size of a teardrop and dropped down into Harry's outstretched hands. It was small, pulsing to the rhythm of his heart and magic. Small but powerful, the most terrible yet beautiful thing that anyone could ever lay eyes on. The symbol of the endless hunger inside Harry's heart.

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