The setting sun poured through the window as she slowly opened her eyes. It had been a long night, a painfully terrible night that neither she nor the rest of the wizarding world would soon, if ever, forget. He was gone. The man who had possessed her and tortured her mind for an entire year, the man who had brutally killed the parents of the one she loved, the man who was responsible just today of the death of her dear brother, that man was gone. He had been vanquished, quite literally, by the very arm that was lazily wrapped around her small figure at that precise moment. Despite her grief, a smile played across her lips. How long had she dreamed of being back in these arms? A better question, how long had she dreamed of EVER being in these arms to begin with? She loved him, in one way or another, since she was only a girl, since he was only a myth to her. "The Boy Who Lived", her favorite bed time story, that her father begrudgingly retold to her time and time again upon her insistent pleading.


"Gin, please, how many times have I told you about Harry Potter?"

"Dad! You've told me 46 times, one more won't hurt, right??" She stared pleadingly at her father, her six year old eyes had already learned the power of the puppy dog stare. "I promise, PROMISE, that I'll go right to bed and I won't ask you for a week to tell it to me again."

Arthur sighed, "Two weeks." he bartered.

She held out her little hand in agreement, "Deal."

He shook, "Deal."

She quickly snuggled up in her bed, pulled up her covers, grabbed her favorite stuffed bunny that she always slept with and stared at her father wide eyed, expectantly.

"When you were a very little girl--"

"Wait," She grumbled, spinning around and fluffing her pillows until they were just right. "Okay."

Arthur chuckled and continued the beginning of his story. She knew it so well she could recite it with him. (Arthur had in fact dramatized it very well.) She would mouth her favorite lines with him, mock fear at the action, and, always, without fail, let a little cheer out at the end. This, indeed, was her favorite fairy tale. Bullocks on those princess or Merlin tales.

Quite suddenly, a thought popped up that had never popped up before. It was like a little puzzle had started assembling itself piece by piece in her head.


"Yes Gin?"

"If you say that this was when I was a very little girl…Does…Does that mean that Harry Potter is real?" In all the times she heard this story, this had escaped her.

"Oh. Oh Yes! Didn't you know that?" She gaped at him, utterly stunned. The hero of her favorite story was…real. And if he had been only a baby when--

"Does that mean that…he's my age?" Her eyes widened as the puzzle in her head clicked together.

"Well, hmm, no, he's actually Ron's age, I believe. Just a smidgen older than you." He stated non-chalantly.

Ginny shot straight up in bed and quickly implored her father. She had so many questions now that this had dawned on her. "Did you know him?"

"Well, I didn't. I did know his father just a bit, he was a first year when I was head boy at Hogwarts. Got into a lot of trouble that one…but you mustn't occupy your mind with this, it's time you go to bed, we've to be up quite early tomorrow in order to visit Aunt Muriel."

She usually would have groaned audibly at that reminder, as going to Aunt Muriel's was akin to deknoming the lawn with your teeth, but nothing could have swayed her mood at that moment. She nodded and laid down, trying in vain to knock the shocked look off of her face. Arthur leaned down, kissed her lovingly on the cheek, and tucked the blankets around her tiny body.

"Nighty night Button."

"Good night Dad." She said quickly as she forced her eyes to snap shut. With a flick of his hand, her candle was out and he gently stepped through and closed her door. Her eyes instantly shot open as she allowed her discovery to overtake her. The Boy Who Lived, was out there somewhere, breathing, living, right that second. She smiled an elated smile, "You know what Bunny?" She implored the glassy eyes of her stuffed rabbit. "I'm want to marry him someday. Ginny Potter, what do you think?" With that she giggled her little girl giggle and rolled her eyes at such a fantastically stupid thought as her charmed bunny winked at her.