Title: Under the Mistletoe
Author: Lady Yueh
Disclaimer: Not my property and no infringement is intended.
Author's Notes: For darkjediprinces.

Jack shared a conspiratorial smirk with Cassandra. Anyone looking at the two would know, down to their very marrow, that the two were up to no good. Hell, anyone who heard anything beginning 'Jack and Cassie' would immediately begin thinking of the most impossible scenarios.

The two could be absolute hell if the whim took them. Jack had years of experience and an unbelievably devious mind. Cassie had an innocent charm which hid her sneaky nature from the world and the advantage of having her skills cultivated by one Jack O'Neill.

Suffice to say, very little was impossible when it came to the Perilous Pair. Once they put their mind to it…the thought did not merit contemplation if one wished to sleep soundly.

So, if Cassie wanted something she used her eyes and pout to wheedle Jack who was usually all too happy to acquiesce to her wishes.

On Christmas Eve, once Janet and Cassie had pulled up to the driveway, Cassie had hit the ground running, determinedly making her way to Daniel and pushing him to help her mother with something.

Once Daniel was out the door Jack had done his part, hanging the necessary foliage over the doorway that Janet and Daniel would soon be crossing.

The rest of the room ignored Jack's and Cassie's snickering and feigned surprise as Janet and Daniel stepped across the threshold.

"Mistletoe!" Samantha Carter called gleefully.

A hint of pink colored Daniel's cheeks as he looked down at Janet. The Major, though, did not seem even the slightest bit off kilter, embarrassed or nervous as she pulled at Daniel's front and kissed him soundly to the sound of whistles and catcalls.

"Don't be childish," she chided as she turned from the blushing archaeologist and calmly turned to set her offerings at the table.

Jack and Cassie pouted. Daniel was an easy mark, unlike Janet whose calm had yet to be affected by their stunts.

"Next time," Jack vowed and Cassie agreed with a decisive nod.

Teal'c, amused, arched an eyebrow that expressed his disbelief. The Perilous Pair was formidable but their success against one such as Janet Fraiser was unlikely.