Title: Mistletoe Mischief
Author: Lady Yueh
Disclaimer: Not my property and no infringement is intended.
Author's Notes: For amarinrose.


Daniel Jackson looked up as an incensed Cameron Mitchell stood outside his office, glaring up at the doorway suspiciously before entering.

"I can't believe you," Mitchell hissed.

Daniel frowned, rubbed at his face, and blinked. "I haven't had sleep in over a day. Could you be more clear?"

Mitchell deflated, concern overcoming his anger. "Why the hell haven't you slept?"

Daniel shook his head and waived away his question with a hand. "What happened?"


Daniel shrugged. "Again, you'll have to be clearer."

"Okay. Vala and mistletoe. Clear enough for ya?"

"Oh. That." Daniel chuckled. "Why do you think I've been holed up in my office without sleep?"

Mitchell's jaw was hanging. "You knew? And you didn't warn the base?!"

Daniel smirked. "Putting the base on alert would give her less victims and less fun which means she'd be back to her favorite victim. Me. Every man for himself, Cam."

Mitchell glared but broke under the force of Daniel's grin.

"Got space for two?"

"Only if you can get the commissary to deliver."