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"It's all my fault." 3rd division lieutenant Kira Izuru whispered everyday to the still form of his 1st love-Hinamori Momo. She had been unconscious in stable condition for 2 months now hovering above life and death, not once had Kira not visited Hinamori, no matter what the time, sometimes he had to beg fellow lieutenant Kotetsu Isane to let him in… even falling so low as to bow on hands and knees but he always came no matter what. The shy boy would just watch Hinamori for hours admiring her frail beauty as she breathed gently only with the support of the foreign machine.

Kira wished she would stay like this forever, for he was whole while she was broken, no matter how much he hated himself for it Izuru was whole. Not once has the 10th division taicho looked nor spoke to him while hey where in Hinamori's presence, once Izuru confronted him about the situation "It wasn't my fault!" the blonde boy cried hysterically "I would never hurt Hinamori-chan to of ended up like this!" he almost fooled himself, cold turquoise eyes narrowed never spoke a word, denying Kira's very existence, the young taicho walked out the door not even glancing at his former best friend.

Kira stayed in that tick silence his pale fist shaking in anger; he walked into Hinamori's room and tightly clenched her hand no longer believing she would break. "I love you" Kira admitted to the unconscious girl as if those 3 words would erase his guilt. Izuru refused to be broken again, his former taicho cracked his heart and that was more than enough. The lieutenant leaned over to the body of his first love his chapped lips dangerously close, "Hinamori if you truly love me you must never wake up." He closed the distance between them, but their hearts could never meet no matter how tight their hands intertwined. When she woke up, Izuru's heart shattered.


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