Chapter Three

Lizzie smiled into the phone. "I think it is to forward to say after just meeting me today, Mr. Cena."

"Did we just take a step back, EJ? You're calling me Mr. Cena now?" John questioned, a smile on his face also.

"Only in hopes that you'll stop flirting with me. As much as I wish I did, I don't have time for this kind of thing."

"This kind of thing? Now, who's being too forward? You're automatically assuming that I'm trying to get into some sort of relationship with you."

"Well, are you?"

John glanced up at the TV screen and noticed that he had stopped on an episode of America's Next Top Model. He shook his head and just shut off the TV off. "A little flirting never hurt anyone," he replied, ignoring her question.

"That's not what I asked."

"Okay, maybe I was hoping that we could be something like…I don't know…friends? You ever heard of that term before?"

"Quite a few times, Mr. Cena, all the guys say that before they try to get into my pants," Lizzie told him, as she looked in her refrigerator for something to eat.

"So I take it that's a no."

"How about we start off as acquaintances first?"

"Okay, then, as acquaintances, I would like to take you out to dinner tonight."

"Tonight? Have you realized that it's almost ten o'clock?"

"I have actually, but knowing that you probably just got off of work, I can't help but think that right now you're looking for something to eat in that barren refrigerator of yours."

Lizzie furrowed her brows and looked around her. "You got a camera on me?"

"No, but contrary to your belief, us wrestlers do have some common sense. So, what do you say?"

She sighed and took another glance in her refrigerator that only held a half empty gallon of milk, some leftovers from the room service she ordered the night before and half a head of lettuce. "Give me five minutes to change."

John grinned to himself as he heard the long awaited knock on the door, signaling that EJ had arrived. He opened it to see her in a pair of jeans and an American Eagle sweatshirt. Her vibrant red hair was pulled back in a ponytail and she had her purse flung over her shoulder.

"You ready?" she asked him, her stomach rumbling.

"Yeah, and it sounds like you are, too," he smiled, closing the door behind him as he stepped out into the hallway.

Her cheeks turned a bright crimson in embarrassment as John chuckled before they walked to the elevator.

"So, have you ever thought of maybe hiring someone else to help you with the workload around here?" John asked as he pressed the button to the ground floor.

"You sound like Paul," she said, rolling her eyes, "but, yes, I have. It's just that no one really seems like they can do the job the way that I want it done."

"Teach them how you want it done, then. You can't be running ragged like this, it ain't healthy."

"Says the man who is on the road fifty weeks out of the year."

"Yeah and look what happened to me," he said, indicating his sling. "You keep goin the way you are, you're gonna have to hire someone else to help you out."

Lizzie just shook her head. The walk to her car was silent as was the drive to her favorite restaurant.

John looked out the window as they pulled into the parking lot and saw a small, hole in the wall diner. They got out of her car to see that the diner had a closed sign on the door. "We can't eat here, EJ, it's closed."

She just smiled and pulled out her cell phone. She dialed a number and waited for an answer. "Hey, Robby, it's Lizzie…yeah, I know. Things have been kind of hectic lately. But I've got a huge favor to ask you. A friend and I are outside the diner right now. Do you think…Alright. Thanks so much, Robby," she said and snapped her phone shut.

"A friend, huh?" John grinned. "I thought we were just acquaintances."

She shrugged her shoulders as an older man with graying hair came to the door and unlocked it, allowing them to come in.

"How have you been, Lizzie?" he asked, giving her a hug. "You used to come in every weekend for coffee. What happened?"

"I've just been really busy with the hotel and everything, Rob. And the fact that I keep having to put up with injured wrestlers doesn't help matters either," she told him, winking at John."

"Oh, really?" Robby questioned before turning to John. "Is this one, here?"

"Yeah, this is John Cena. John this is Robby Benz."

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Benz," John said, reaching out with his good arm to shake Robby's hand which he accepted.

"Likewise, but call me Robby, please," he smiled. "Now, you two take a seat and I'll bring out the menus," he said and walked to the back.

Lizzie led John to the very back corner of the diner and sat on one side of a booth and he sat in the other.

"Seems like you have some connections," John smiled over at her.

"I worked here for seven years before getting my manager's position at the hotel."

"And she was the best waitress I've ever had," Robby said as he returned with the menus. "Order anything you like. It's on the house."

Lizzie smiled appreciatively at Robby and handed the menu back to him. "I'll have a double cheeseburger with some fries and a diet Pepsi."

"I'll have the same," John answered, not even glancing at the menu.

Robby nodded and took the menus. While they waited, John had Lizzie rolling with laughter. She had to admit that he told the funniest jokes she had heard in awhile.

"Have you ever considered being a standup comedian?" Lizzie asked once she had caught her breath.

"No, actually, I haven't," John answered. "Wrestling is all I can see myself doing."

"Maybe you should consider it when you retire."

"I'm like Ric Flair. I will NEVER retire!" he smiled, causing her to giggle again. He loved the way her jade green eyes sparkled and her nose crinkled up in amusement when she laughed. They were soon interrupted when Robby brought them their food and drinks.

"I have to say, John, you bring out the best in Lizzie. I haven't seen her this happy since…"

"This food smells delicious, Robby," Lizzie said loudly, giving him a pointed look. "Thank you so much."

Confused, John looked from Robby who just nodded his head and walked away to EJ who had become very interested in her food. "What was that all about?" he asked her.

"Nothing. Don't worry about it."

"You just cut the man off. Clearly he was about to say something that you didn't want him to."

"The food is really good. You should eat it before it gets cold," she said, putting a fry into her mouth.

John had to stop himself from pushing the subject more. If he wanted any kind of relationship with EJ, he would have to let her tell him in her own time. He just wondered what was in her past that she didn't want him to know.

John smiled to himself as he walked EJ up to her door. Besides the short tense conversation at the diner, they had had a great time together; at least he thought so. She turned to him and smiled after unlocking her door.

"I had a good time tonight, John. Thanks for asking me to go with you," she said, grinning slightly.

"Yeah, well, it was a nice dinner with an acquaintance," he nodded before turning to walk away.

Lizzie frowned slightly before walking up and stopping him. "Friend," she said, putting a hand on his arm. "It was a nice dinner with a friend."

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