Fist of the Pikachu: The Nindo of Legends

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Konohagakure two years and six months ago...

Naruto had been training and taking missions with the other gennin nine for months now, waiting for Jiraiya to train him and still looking for Sasuke Uchiha. His best friend, his brother lost to the snake of the Sannin, had propelled Naruto to also listening to rumor's of jutsu and technology that may be of use to find the Uchiha. Which is how Naruto ended up with Kiba surrounded by seals and scrolls that may or may not have been obtained by underhanded means.

"So Kiba how is this supposed to work again?" asked a nervous looking Naruto as they stood around the Third Hokage's crystal ball which was at the center of a complex looking array of seals and seal-scrolls.

"Well, the seals will focus chakra to the crystal ball and after that it should only be a few moments 'till we can see Sasuke and his location." explained Kiba as he put the final touches to the markings on the ground for the tracking jutsu, " Okay it's all set, now to start!"

Kiba face was a mask of concentration as he molded his chakra and began to cycle through the long series of hand-seals that was needed to for this jutsu. Placing his hands upon a symbol that looked like a stationary compass the entire array exploded in a bright gray light. "Okay Naruto" Kiba yelled over the winds created by the explosion, "When you see the compass points, Place Sasuke's headband on the crystal ball."

As Kiba ran through more hand-seals the Third's crystal began to glow a dull golden-yellow and a compass design appeared on the artifact."This is it Naruto, do it now!" Kiba growled in determination, his chakra reserves depleting more rapidly than he had expected.

Taking Kiba's advice Naruto moved to place the missing Uchiha's headband upon the crystal ball, when from above came a massive booming sound and a bolt of multi-colored energies came striking down from above. Naruto, not even thinking of his own safety, pushed Kiba away and was struck full in the back...

Inside Naruto's mind...

"That damned kit, his obsession with finding that Uchiha brat is gonna kill me if I don't do something and now!" growled the Kyuubi from his prison inside the Jinchuriiki.

As Naruto's world exploded in pain he felt the nine-tails chakra combining with this new energy, and a new kind of pain was introduced to Naruto, he now knew what having your cells ripped from one another felt like.

Kiba was in shock, the jutsu was going better than expected even though he lost most of his chakra, but then that multi-colored bolt appeared and he was thrown back by Naruto. Kiba looked up in time to see the bolt hit Naruto, a strange red chakra appear and mix with the rainbow of energies, he would have pulled Naruto from the scene but before he could even think of that option Naruto disappeared...

Outside of Goldenrod City

After what seemed to be hours Naruto awoke in what seemed to be the forest area outside of Konoha with a headache that could split boulders. "Well at least that jutsu didn't kill me!" exclaimed the blonde ninja as he began to tree hopping towards the direction he knew his village to be.

Naruto, not being one to think too deeply on his surroundings didn't notice that the animals of this area differed from the ones of his home until that is he happened upon a group of people in a clearing. His ninja training and instincts kicking in, Naruto deftly took cover in the trunk of an old hollow tree and watched the gathering with a growing interest and Naruto couldn't have been more interested in what he saw.

To Naruto it looked as though there was going to be a fight, in the clearing were seven people yet only two held interest for the ninja. The older of the two had jet-black hair tied back in a pigtail and was wearing loose fitting silk pants and a red shirt that had fastenings like the ones on Ten-Ten's blouse. The younger had the same colored hair covered by a red hat that was turned backwards, he wore a black and blue jacket and blue denim pants.

"Don't hold back Ranma because I won't!" yelled the younger boy.

"Ya I got it, I got it!, just make sure you give us a challenge Ash!" replied the older boy of sixteen.

It was then Naruto finally took notice of the strange yellow mice that each boy had and the strange energy that they and the pigtailed boy let off. To him, the energy only seemed to be only half of what makes up chakra, but the amounts each had made him take true notice of the inhabitants of this clearing.

First was the teen, Naruto could tell just by the way he moved that this was someone dangerous, he had training and lots of it. Then there were the mice, they each had the same kind of energy as the pigtailed teen , but the difference between them was like night and day. The smaller of the two was just as powerful as the one with the teen yet there was no refinement, and no discipline in his energy. At this Naruto thought of his friend Rock Lee, no refined chakra, it was like the mouse was used to just going all out and that was what gave it experience.

(time skip: read Hung's Fist of the pikachu for the full Pokémon battle)

After the battle Naruto was starved for information, and that was understating things. Within the time it took for the opponents to battle each other with creatures he had never seen before, Naruto knew one immutable truth, he was a long way from home.

Inside the Goldenrod City Mall

Thankfully Naruto could read the signs in the mall as he looked for any source of information he could, lucky for him the mall had a Internet café. Pokemon as they were called seemed to be animals that had all sorts of abilities based on the elements. People seemed to keep them for all sorts of reasons: pets, work, collecting, but what really kept him intrigued were the poké battles like the one he saw.

Not only was this a sport that all the people of this world(Naruto had decided he was in another universe since he found no information on ninjas as he knew them), but there was a league with set rules and challenges. He also found news articles on the pig-tailed teen he saw earlier, "Gym Destroyer" was the nickname given to this Ranma Saotome. Apparently a lot of the attacks Naruto had seen the teens pokémon use weren't normal attacks, more amazing than that was the picture of Ranma using a pokémon attack he had seen a sandslash use during the battle.

"No way!! Maybe I can learn to do those kind attacks too!!" yelled Naruto. A couple of people "shushed" him then turned back to what they were doing, ignoring the crazy kid in orange. Without waiting Naruto rushed out of the café and into the city with all the intent to find Ranma and make him teach Naruto those attacks, but before he could go to much further his stomach decided it needed to be fed.

"Aww man, I knew I should've eaten before I left to meet Kiba, now I need to find food!" Naruto was not a happy ninja, he was stuck in a strange dimension with no clue were he was, he had no money, and as far as he could tell... THERE WAS NO RAMEN!!!! But as luck would have it he found a "now hiring" sign that gave the address to a farm north of the city.

Fifteen minutes later...

After some light roof hopping, Naruto had made it out of the city and onto a road that led to the Moo Moo Miltank Farm and a potential job when an explosion of rocks twenty meters away caught Naruto's attention. Curiosity gaining the upper hand, Naruto changed direction towards the disturbance.

Moments later Naruto was hanging from a branch above what appeared to be three pokémon, a hitmontop, a vileplume, and a flareon picking on a fourth. The three bully pokémon had a tyrouge surrounded and pinned to the tree Naruto was occupying, as he watched he also noticed that the pokémon were talking, and even he was surprised when he found he could understand them! He had read that although pokémon could understand one another humans and pokémon could not truly hold coherent conversations, so even Naruto thought it was strange when he could actually listen to their conversation.

" Just give us the berries your saving and we won't have 'ta beat you!" yelled the hitmontop.

"Ya! Give 'em to us!" chimed in the other two from behind their boss.

"I'm telling you guys, I don't have any left!", pleaded the small fighting pokémon, "I ran out of food last week and there's been a drought so it's very hard to get anything to eat!"

Naruto could tell the tyrouge was telling the truth, it's cheeks were sunken in and he was so thin his ribs were very visible. Naruto had more than enough of the bullies, as he jumped to separate the attackers from they're victim the flareon set loose with an Ember attack. But before the flames even got near the tyrouge, Naruto had it sitting on a branch and was standing behind the trio.

"Hey, you three should worry more about how bad you stink instead of stealing from that pokémon!!!" The three "bully-mon" had just noticed their target was mysteriously gone when they heard a human insult them from behind, yet before they could even think to turn Naruto and two clones used the "Thousand years of death" jutsu on the now very shocked pokémon, causing them to rocket towards the sky and dissipate into the stratosphere.

Naruto would've started to celebrate but he needed to get that pokémon some help before it died of starvation on top of it's injuries. After retrieving the tyrouge Naruto headed towards the ranch again, this time he wasted no time to get there, and after using a lot of chakra he made it in less than five minutes. The Moo Moo Miltank ranch was huge! There was a white fence surrounding the entire nineteen acre property, a massive red barn, and a palatial house that had more than five rooms easily. Naruto barely had time to take it in, due to his patient he had to find help immediately.

The garden in Whitney's back yard

The sun was setting as Whitney and her assistant finished planting the new beds for the sunflora in the wake of her battle with Ranma, they were enjoying the peace and quiet before dinner when from above their heads came a very loud "HEY LOOK OUT BELOW!"...


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