Chapter 5

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In the two short weeks at Mr. Pokemon's house, Naruto and Kagemaru had learned all of Ranma's Techniques, technically it was a lot of clone work while they themselves had studied with Mr. Pokemon. Naruto learned the Pokedex aspect of the Geardex was more informative and versatile than most imagined. Showing not just the information on the Pokemon he caught, but also giving details on his battles. He had even overheard Professor Oak discussing with Mr. Pokemon how his grandson Gary was even using it to communicate with his psychic-water type Golduck through the use of Telepathy.

What Naruto saw though, was a way to keep his friends from getting too hurt during battles. True enough, a boulder was reduced to dust when Kagemaru combined his "Body Movement" and Ranma's "Stonebreaker-Ken" (fist/foot) but, Naruto still wanted to keep an eye on the health and condition of the two new pokemon in his care.

The first of which was a poliwag that Naruto named Gamaken, this water type was one he caught the old fashioned way, with a battle and a pokeball. It was simple enough too, on the way to an errand for Mr. Pokemon, Naruto crossed a bridge over a stream. There he saw the unknown (to him) pokemon.

"Poliwag- The tadpole pokemon. It has no arms and short webbed feet, making it easy to swim yet difficult to walk on dry land." Described the Geardex, "It's attacks are "Bubble" and "Tail-whip"."

"Alright Kagemaru! The Ojii-san's say we have to catch other friends to make it in this worl..."

As he was trying to monologue, Kagemaru had already made the little tadpole faint. Seeing the "dazed" look in the pokemon's eyes was enough to see he wasted time and he let the pokeball fly. After just a moment of blinking red and white, the Poliwag was now Naruto's! But for Naruto...

"Ahhhhh... I didn't even get to say a command or anything..."

Looking at the pokeball appraisingly he couldn't help but feel jipped out of a battle, a chance to see why this world revolved around the strange creatures. But there were plenty of chances for that now, he had to finish his errand.

A few hours later and he had returned to Mr. Pokemon's house to find Ia working Kata's with her pokemon Venonat, as well as using the Ki techniques Ranma had taught her. It still shook Naruto to the core to know he could separate his Chakra into Rei(physical energy) and Ki(spiritual energy), and had he never fused with the Kyuubi... Well he never would've thought he could do such a thing, let alone have the control to do it.

Leaving Ia to her training, with a small reminder to search for something other than her Ki, Naruto walked into the cottage owned by the Pokemon Prof. Wannabe.

"Naruto my boy! Just the trainer we've been looking for!"

"Yes! How fortuitous you should finish your errand in time for a... bonus... (yeah, that'll work...)"

Naruto looked up to from setting down the bushel of assorted acorns from around half of Johto, from Violet City and the Ruins of Alph to Azalea Town and the Slowpoke Well, to see Prof. Oak and Mr. Pokemon looking quite pleased and menacing.

"It's as I said, you finished your errand and got here in time," declared Prof. Oak, "As you can see on the podium we have an egg, a pokemon egg to be exact! And we'd like you to take care of it... you see... Ash's (a trainer from pallet) had a Charizard which left to live with others of it's type but,..."

"But!" interrupted Mr. Pokemon, "He and his chosen mate 'Charla' have abandoned the egg. It is quite common for two Charizard to be so absorbed with their mating ritual they completely shut out the world for months at a time..."

"AND!" interrupted Professor Oak and looking very annoyed, again. "this year, they left an egg unattended. So, we'd like you, our newest addition to keep and raise the egg. Of course, after it's hatched you will also train it for your team!"

Naruto walked up to the podium the egg lay upon. It was large, even in the standards of his world (giant snakes... duh.). It was the plain off-white one would normally see of a normal egg, beyond the pattern of FLAMES all across it. Like Baby Mickey Mouse puked flaming stickers in random order. He held the egg in both hands and focused his Fox's Gaze on the creature inside.

Inside the egg, the baby charmander still yet a third developed, could feel a "source", from outside the comforts of it's holding. Unconsciously he began to pull on that energy...

Outside of the egg, Naruto could see the baby charmander with it's already chubby head, short arms, and strong tail. He could also see small amounts of his chakra being siphoned into the egg, smiling slightly at both memories of (Naruto's and Kyuubi's) of when he pulled on the Fox's chakra, he decided then to keep him. And to help with that chakra infusion too.

"Okay! I've decided to take him!" Naruto declared, "I like the nerve of him and I think he'll be a good fit."

"Good boy Naruto, now we know you wanted to go on your pokemon journey here in Johto but Professor Oak would like your help with something." Said a rarely grim Mr. Pokemon.

Stammering Professor Oak picked up the cue, "Yes, it seems as though the Gym leaders of Kanto have split into two factions, those who have joined Team Rocket and those that have not. So far I have confirmed Koga, Lt. Surge, and Sabrina as part of Team Rocket. And their motives are as of yet unknown, although they helped much in the past, I believe Team Rocket has those three blackmailed."

"So what of the other four Gym Leader's? And what is it you'd like of me?" asked Naruto. Already he had holstered his weapons and pokeballs, leaving Kagemaru out to hear the "mission" as well.

"Well the Viridian City Gym Leader has been missing for 5 years now, Brocks father and Misty's sister's are accounted for. Celadon's Erika has always been autonomous, but for her to not check in when others are having problems, that is very odd." Professor Oak took a moment to clean his glasses before continuing, "We also have a feeling doing this as a paid mission would be something akin to, nostalgia for you. And if I remember correctly, you had a "Sensei"..."

"Yeah! That lazy-ass Kakashi, always reading Ero-Sensei's smut, hahaha good times!..." Naruto commented and giggled as he wiped a fake tear from his eye.

" Ahem! Yes that Kakashi fellow, he taught you and your two friends. So with Kagemaru, the egg, and your new poliwag you have a four man team. Now before you ask, your new GearDex is also a communicator. Combining that function with the Pokedex you have a way to completely control and share information on the pokemon you catch, see, and raise." Continued Professor Oak, "Long story short, you now have all the box fuctions including teleportation and replacing of pokemon and items. Along with communications, radio, and internet for wireless trading as well."

"I just have one question... how do I store my ramen?"

Later that day


Naruto had to plug his ears to block out the deafening screech before repeating what he was told, "Your brother, Lt. Surge, and Sabrina of the Kanto region Gym Leaders have joined with Team Rocket and have gone silent from the world, Professor Oak and Mr. Pokemon believe they have been blackmailed. I am telling you because I need your help, and you need more training..."

"Naruto-sensei... I do not like the look in your eye..."

Both Ranma and Kyuubi had a similar techniques for an energy transfer, Ranma's was meant for his cursed form and for a Drain technique his pokemon could use. The Kyuubi's was as Naruto had experienced, a Chakra transfer that included memories and information. It was with this and the need to have another Ninja around that had Naruto and Ia in the woods behind the cottage of Mr. Pokemon.

"Ia, I know you agreed to this as a way to help your brother but, I must ask this again. This is going to take some time, stress on you and your mind, and the WORST pain you'll ever feel to your body. Your receiving a boost of Chakra and memories of techniques, if you can't take it..."

Naruto looked kind of sick to Ia. She could see just how serious this was, and the look in her friends eyes said he didn't want to lose someone, no matter how soon they just met.

Steeling her eyes and straitening her back, Ia looked at Naruto, a determination the Cerulean eyed ninja knew quite well, settling on her visage. Not taking a look back she walked to the middle of the construct of seals Naruto had prepared, stripping down her chain-mesh undies and nothing else, and sat in her place amid the seals.

Pinching his nose to stop the bleeding, Naruto couldn't help but be impressed. Ia's family was in danger and she was willing to do what was needed to bring them back. Suppressing the urge to stare was just something he'd have to do... although, her chest was filling out nicely after she upped her training...

Ignoring the "Sagely" thoughts, he set himself down in front of Ia, just outside the construct. Using a long string of handseals Naruto picked up a coin he had, placed it in his hand pointing the hole towards Ia and called out "Anything Goes Style: Transference of the Fox!"


Kanto: just outside of Pallet Town

One week later

Ia could see the quaint skyline Pallet made this evening, focusing Chakra into her eyes she could pick out shapes moving in each lit window of each tiny house. Her "target" was nowhere to be seen though. She and her team had been tracking the target and his pokemon for two days since her "awakening" as she liked to call it.

Ia knew life was much different when she had woken up. Naruto had told her he thought she was lost to the procedure after four days, yet she had woken up on the fifth, luckily. Yet Ia, felt as though she knew what she had been missing most of her seventeen years.

Yes, the transfer had worked. Naruto had searched out many techniques from the Village Hidden in the Clouds carefully selecting ones from the Kyuubi's memory that he felt would work considering her liniage, and Ia could feel it. He also threw in other things, mostly the complete Anything Goes scroll for her to master, along with Shadow Clones, and the genin jutsu.

Carefully feeling out for her pokemon using her lightning chakra to create magnetic waves, Ia could search out her friends by feeling for their magnetic signature, another gift of her Great Great Great Grandfather. She could sense the other three surrounding the village, Venonat east, spinarak west, and ledyba north. As was the plan they began to circle inward and search the town, yet when they met at the center, the team hadn't found anything of Naruto or his team.

Naruto hadn't been lying down on the job while she was asleep. His new chamander (if it could be called that... she knew things like that would begin to happen more and more as Naruto-Sensei's pokemon trained more and more of the insane techniques… but whoa….) had hatched and since he had his four man team they trained, relentlessly. Now the four of them were impossible to find, And if Naruto hadn't told her to find him or they couldn't eat before going to Professor Oak's, she'd be there already... OH THAT SNEAKY BRAT!

"Come on guys! I know where he is, and he getting smacked for it too!..."

" Oh my…"

"What?, is it sick? I know it looks different than normal, but both you and Ranma said things like this would happen."

"This is odd though, your 'Chardramander' is very much like a salamander, with it's sleek body, resting and walking on four legs. Yet, it is able to stand on it's hind legs much like it's counterpart "Charmander", but with longer reach. Truly amazing! Truly! You and Ranma bring much joy and confusion to this old man of science! If I may, can I run a few simple scans?"


"... And that should be her now..."

Naruto had a slightly fearful look as his new apprentice entered the door with her three bug pokemon, rage clear on all their faces. It was almost too obvious though, but she had to learn to "Look underneath, the underneath.", as well as seeing misleading information from "shaky sources".

"Narutooo-senseeeiii" Ia crooned in a maniacally-sweet way, "That was really mean and.."

"And you, 'gaki', should be aware of the information you were given. Ninja 101. Even Koga-san should have taught you that. Am I wrong?"

"No Naruto-Sensei. Can we eat now? Venonat has been gnawing at my leg for twenty minutes now." Ia's hunger was more important than the vengeance she would exact upon him. Just slightly though.