Disclaimer: I do not own Avatar, maybe not even this story

Disclaimer: I do not own Avatar, maybe not even this story!

Chapter 1: The Lake Oasis.

"No way am I going to a giant iceberg! You saw me in the serpents pass, I couldn't see a thing!" Toph complained.

The Gaang were heading to the Northern water tribe. The chief wanted the Avatar to be present at the ceremony, providing that Zuko behaved. Considering he is still fire nation.

"Come on Toph. What's the worst that could happen?" Sokka said.

"Oh I don't know, maybe falling into the ocean because I can't see!" Toph sneered. Not getting on Appa.

Sokka looked at Aang, who nodding his approval. Sokka walked up to Toph, and picked her up.

"SOKKA! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Toph shrieked. Not being able to 'see' or bend, she could throw a rock in Sokka face.

"We are going to the northern water tribe. And I will help you around if it makes you feel better." Sokka said, some words muffled from Toph's kicking and shoving.

Sokka put her on Appa's saddle and they took off. Toph, not happy about this, still clung onto Sokka's arm.

"Toph, why are you always clinging onto me?" Sokka curiously asked.

"I can't see, and I want to grab something, even if it has to be you." Toph snapped, slightly embarrassed.

"Oh, I… see." Sokka said, somewhat disappointed.


Toph had fallen asleep on Sokka's shoulder, and Sokka was snoring softly, resting his head on Toph's.

"Aren't they cute?" Katara whispered to Aang, watching Sokka and Toph.

"Yeah, but we have to wake them up sometime." Aang said, landing Appa in a stable.

"Let them sleep, and wake up by themselves, the ceremony isn't in a couple of hours. And I think Toph would want to avoid the ice as much as she can." Katara told Aang, as she pulled on her palka.

"Yeah true, and I need to find a palka, it's freezing here!" Aang shivered.

Katara left with Aang to the market, minutes later Sokka woke up.

He yawned, taking his head of Toph and stretching his arms.

"I wonder where Aang and Katara are." Sokka said to himself, suddenly he felt someone shiver and snuggle closer to him. He looked down, to find a sleeping Toph hugging him. He smiled, but realised that he couldn't move without waking her up.

He shook Toph gently. "Toph…"

She groaned, hugging Sokka tightly and then loosing her grip. She fluttered her useless eyes open.

Sokka was shoved away, by a shocked and embarrassed Toph.

"What where you doing?!" Toph asked, flustered in the face.

"I could ask you the same thing." Sokka said, not angry like Toph, but hiding a flustered face like her.

Toph jumped off Appa, forgetting that they where at the North Pole. She slipped over, not being able to get a grip on the freezing ice.

"Here, let me help." Sokka said, he jumped off Appa and helped Toph up.

"Thanks…" Toph muttered under her breath, as Sokka let go of her, she wobbled like a toddler learning to walk. He immediately grabbed her hand, and helped her walk around.