Disclaimer: I do not own Avatar, and most likely never will, but if it were for sale I would buy it

Disclaimer: I do not own Avatar, and most likely never will, but if it were for sale I would buy it!

This is the last chappie!

Chapter 5: Ty-Lee and soon-to-be married couples.

Previously on Avatar:

Sokka approached the stand, cleared his throat and said with much confidence, "Toph Beifong, will you marry me?" he held out a blue and yellow necklace carving, the colours were slit diagonally with the blue having half the water tribe symbol and the yellow the earth Kingdom crest.

Toph opened and closed her mouth like a fish out of water, sure she wished that it was her he was going to ask, and he said she wasn't a random person. She frowned at the thought; she might have to move to the South Pole. She may be able to see now, but she still didn't like ice.

She took a deep breath, to tell Sokka her decision. Until…

A window of the ball room crashed, a small pink figure popped through and landed swiftly on the ground. Ty-Lee.

Nobody screamed or shouted. They just though she was a harmless girl. She quickly flipped to a couple and jabbed them in their arms, legs anywhere to get them down. The whole ball went into panic, but not of course the gaang stayed behind to fight a petite (A/N: Just incase you didn't know what that means, it means small.) threat.

Katara run up to Ty-lee, using the punch bowl for water, and threw icicles at Ty-lee and cut her right arm.

"Quickly Mai! Before they capture you again." Ty-lee yelled, trying to jab Katara in her wrist.

"I am not going Ty-lee; I am on the Avatar's side now." Mai boringly shouted back, now moving towards the two fighting girls. She threw a 3 quick darts, instead of them hitting Ty-lee; they hit Katara in her shoulder cutting her skin, making blood slowly pour out.

Katara groaned, and Ty-lee back flipped over Katara's head and tried to jab her again.

Sokka, who was watching the whole time, decided to get into the battle. Toph following up beside him.

"So… what's your answer?" He said, grabbing a decorative sword of the wall and trying to get Ty-lee.

"This is hardly a good time Snoozles!" Toph said, trying to make earth shoot up through the tiles and under Ty-lee. "Shoot, no earth here." Toph ran over to a whole heap of metal cups smashed them together and bended them to Ty-lee.

Ty-lee jumped in the air, over Katara and jabbing her, making her defenceless. She turned towards Mai, and started to run at her.

Mai threw a couple more daggers at Ty-lee, and cut her leg.

"To think," Ty-lee angrily said, trying to jab Mai. "We used to be friends!"

"We still could be, if you joined the Avatar." Mai said, throwing darts and dodging jabs.

"Why should I? Azula was my friend too, and you killed her!" Ty-lee cried, a tear dripping down her face. Ty-lee cried in anger and jabbed Mai in her arms and legs.

As she turned around, Sokka was there, his sword in hand, trying to cut her, but not kill her. He sliced Ty-lee's arm, and aggressively started swinging his sword anywhere.

Aang, who was in the toilet the whole time, came out and took a step back in shock, Katara and Mai were on the ground, Zuko was tending to Mai, while Sokka was randomly swinging his sword, and Toph was throwing smashed metal bowls and cups at Ty-lee. He quickly started to bend blasts of fire, water and air at Ty-lee, knocking her to the ground.

Sokka held the sword's tip at her throat, as Toph and Aang came over.

"I guess you are going to kill me, aren't you?" Ty-lee said frowning.

"No." Sokka said, and Ty-lee's face brightened up. "We are going to take you to a cell were you can't get out."

Toph metal bended the cups and bowls into hand cuffs and a chain.

They took her to a cell, with the chief's help. Ty-lee went inside, and asked, "Can you take these off me now?"

Toph sighed and walked into the cell, she went behind Ty-lee and started to take the cuff off when the chain and the cuffs hit her right in the eyes, knocking Toph unconscious.

"Toph!" Sokka yelled, he pulled out his sword and started to swing it at Ty-lee, unable to jab him because she still hand her hands chained together, he was able to knock the handle on her head.

He ran over to Toph who slowly woke up and blinked twice, she looked around, well at least tried to, the chains had hit her right in her eyes, they weren't bleeding. But she was blind once more.

"I can't see!" Toph said, standing up in the metal cell. They walked outside and closed the door.

"That's horrible!" Aang exclaimed.

"Actually it isn't that bad, now I know what you all look like, and what colours are, I'm happy." Toph said, blankly looking at the floor.

"Well if you say so." Sokka shrugged.

"But, there is one thing that would definitely help." Toph smirked.

"What is that?" Aang and Sokka asked simultaneously.

"To get off this stupid iceberg!" Toph angrily said as she crossed her arms.

"Fine with me, this place hasn't been all that exciting anyway." Sokka said, "Come on let's go get the others."

Toph, Aang and Sokka all went to the rest of the gaang, to tell them to pack up their things, because they were going. On their way to Appa, Aang pulled Katara aside to talk to her privately; the rest could hear a squeal and a thump on the ground.

"Aang had better not hurt my sister!" Sokka frowned, starting to stomp to the two, and was pulled by the ear by Toph.

"Don't worry, Katara isn't hurt. Aang is." Toph said.

"Ha, he must of proposed." Mai laughed, and then her face went blank again.

"PROPOSED?!" Sokka yelled, receiving another tug on the ear. "But he's too young to get married! He's only 13!"

"So? Love has no limits" Zuko said, holding Mai's hand.

"Yeah, and remember you proposed to me." Toph said, letting go of his ear, and holding his arm.

Sokka blushed, "So are you saying yes?"

"No." Toph blankly said, "You will see soon enough."

Sokka scrunched up his face in confusion, "I don't understand."

"Of course you don't meathead." Toph said. "Now let's get to Appa, my feet and freezing."

The Gaang waited on Appa for a happy Aang, and an extremely happy Katara to get on.

"So where to guys?" Aang asked, turning to everyone.

"Let's go to Ba sing se. I heard the Dia-lee was giving some grief." Zuko said.

"Ba Sing Se it is then." Aang said, "Appa, Yip yip!"

The Gaang jumped into the air and left the Northern water tribe.

Toph was holding onto Sokka, took a deep breath and asked him, "Do wanna know what my answer is?"

"Yes! I do! TELL ME!" Sokka excitedly said.

"Ok, I will only marry you if we don't have to live on the other ice berg on the other side of the world." Toph said.

"Done!" Sokka said, he leaned towards Toph.

"And no kissing." Toph said, holding a hand up in between them.

"Too late." Sokka smirked; he pulled down her hand, and kissed her on the lips.

They held that exact kiss, as they flew off into the night.

The End, for now.

There might be a sequel, so keep your eyes peeled, when I do, I will send up the first chapter on this Story, so you can click on my name and find it.

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