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Seeing The Light

Chapter One: Reconnected

Rory breathed out a heavy sigh of relief as she collapsed in a heap on the couch. She threw down her books and bag as she lifted her feet up, resting them on the coffee table. She shrugged off her shoes and let her head fall back, closing her eyes. It had been a very long, busy, and stressful day. Deadline day usually was, and as Editor of 'The Yale Daily News' it was her job to make sure everything was finished in time and at a high standard. Rory loved her job as Editor, she really did; however, at times when she was quite frankly exhausted, she longed for the good old days when she was still just a lowly journalist. She loved the days when all she had to worry about was whether her article was good enough. Now, she had the arduous task of dealing with fragile egos, as well as over-inflated egos in the printing department who always refused to cut her some slack and allow her an extension. But she had survived on numerous occasions, and had learned a lot about the day to day running of a newspaper, which could only come in handy in the future when it came to getting a job. At least, she hoped.

That was a scary prospect: getting a job. She had little less than a year before, God willing, she would graduate and enter the big, bad world. She would be entering the fast-paced, cut-throat world of journalism and as much as she had dreamed of it since she was a child, the closer it came the more she began to dread it. It absolutely terrified her. Well, more the fear of failure terrified her. What if she wasn't good enough? What if she really didn't have what it takes? Rory frowned at that thought, the voice of one, Mitchum Huntzberger so vivid in her mind. Maybe he was right about her. Maybe she didn't have it. He would know, right? Or perhaps Logan was right and he was just trying to scare her off. That family always seemed to be so terrified and obsessed with the idea that Rory was trying to get her claws into Logan, even if all they ever were was friends.

As thoughts of Logan entered her mind, a feeling of sadness washed over her. She hadn't seen him in months since he moved to London. In fact, she had barely spoken to him in the time since he had departed to work for his father. It seemed he had become far too busy to go to all the bother of giving his best friend a simple phone call. Whenever she had tried to get in touch with him, his secretary Steve would make up some lame excuse for him. He hadn't exactly left with them being on best terms as those last few months of their friendship had become somewhat strained, what with his and Jess' mutual loathing of one another. The fact that her boyfriend and her best friend did not see eye to eye had made trying to maintain a friendship with Logan and a relationship with Jess quite difficult. So, she had to choose someone, and having decided that she wanted to give things a go with Jess, her friendship with Logan suffered. Jess, being the rather jealous and slightly over possessive type, did not like the idea of Rory being friends with someone like Logan. He didn't trust him or like him for that matter. As for Logan, he had tried to be civil for Rory's sake but it hadn't lasted long. Her mind went back to the time he had invited her and Jess to Martha's vineyard as a gesture of peace. Jess had pretty much spent the whole time drawing Logan daggers or making derogatory comments towards him, and she didn't even want to think about the simple basketball game which had turned into a macho pissing contest between the two. During those last few months, things had pretty much disintegrated between them, especially when she had moved in with Jess after Logan had offered her the chance to move in with him. After that she hadn't really seen him as much as she would have liked. She had gone to his Graduation ceremony and had attended his going away party, but that was it. Almost five months and nothing more than a few text messages here and there, or short phone call before he had to run off to a meeting. She missed their friendship. She missed him and deep down every time she answered the phone a little part of her always had hoped that it was him calling to tell her about some crazy thing he had gotten up to.

"Hey. I didn't hear you get in," said Jess as he entered the living area from the bathroom. He was naked from the waist up with a towel hanging low on his hips, and another to dry his dark hair with. He bent over the couch and gave her a peck on the lips.

"Rough day?"

Rory smiled as she breathed in his scent. "It wasn't so bad. I'm just tired."

"Anything I can help you with?" He asked, pulling on some sweat pants, discarding the wet towel. Rory smiled to herself letting out a groan as she caught a whiff of the freshly brewed coffee coming from the kitchen.

"You could get me some coffee," she told him sweetly. Jess smiled as he rolled his eyes. He made his way into the kitchen and poured them both some coffee. He returned to the living room, now wearing a shirt to go with his pants and placed the cup in her hands. She nodded her thanks and breathed in the strong aroma emanating from the mug, and then took a large gulp. She sat back, a smile on her face as Jess sat on the couch beside her. She moved her legs onto his lap and he began gently massaging her feet. Rory sighed into her mug of coffee.

"A girl could get used to this," she told him. Jess laughed and then leaned forward to capture her lips with his. "A girl could get very used to this."

"You hungry?"

"Starved," she replied. She had been ignoring the gurgling noises her stomach had been making for most of the day. There had just been too much work to be done. Jess retrieved the phone from its usual hiding place, under the couch cushion, and began dialling.

"Chinese sound good?" Rory smiled again. He knew her so well. Well he should by now considering they had been living together for the better part of a year.

"Like music to my ears."

As Jess ordered their usual from Jo's Chinese Place, Rory silently contemplated how comfortable and routine-like their relationship had become. Quite the contrast to the first time they had dated all those years ago. Jess was never the most reliable or stable kind of boyfriend the first time around. He had always been too confused and angry at the world to be dependable. But that was part of the appeal back then. Jess provided some excitement in her world compared to the boring sameness of her relationship with Dean. Then last year when he had shown up outside her grandparents house wanting to show her the book he had written, she had seen how much he had changed and grown up. He was focused and passionate about something he loved. Which in turn, inspired her to sort out her life and go back to Yale. As they had began to get closer, she had found herself falling all over again, but this time she knew she could trust him with her heart. This time he wouldn't let her down.

"Fifteen minutes. Thanks." Jess hung up the phone and lay back on the couch, his hands resuming their treatment of her feet. "The food will be here soon."

"Great!" She finished her coffee and reached over to place the mug on the table. "How was your day?"

Jess shook his head. "Good, we might've found a space today for the new base."

"That's great. Where?"

"Brooklyn. It's pretty cool. You should come see it."

"I'd love to." Rory loved hearing him talk about his work. Things had been going well for Truncheon Books and they were expanding their offices to New York. This meant a lot of work and less time for them to spend together, but she was happy that things were taking off for him and excited for his endeavours. As she smiled proudly at him she noticed the frown on his face.

"What's wrong?"

"I have to go to Philadelphia this weekend." He told her, avoiding eye contact.

"This weekend? But this weekend is my birthday. Can't it wait?" She pleaded. Rory had been looking forward to spending her birthday with him.

"I'm sorry. Matthew was supposed to take care of things there, but his dad is sick and well…"

"Oh." Rory frowned with disappointment. "Well I guess…"

"I'm really sorry Rory, I promise I will make it up to you. I'll try and finish up early so we can spend all of Sunday together. What do you say?" Rory smiled softly. That would have to do.

"That sounds good to me." She assured him placing her hand over his. "When do you leave?"

"Tomorrow." He said simply, clasping their hands together.

"Do you need help packing?" She offered kissing his hand gently.

"No, I'm good. Why don't you go take a shower and I'll give you your birthday present early before dinner arrives." He raised his eyebrows suggestively. Rory laughed, fully understanding his intentions.

"I'll be quick."


She couldn't believe her eyes. She had blinked a few times just in case this was some kind of bizarre dream, but it wasn't. It was in fact real. There was a guy lying asleep and most certainly naked in the hallway just outside her dorm room. She couldn't believe it. She didn't know what to do. Should she leave him there, naked and asleep? Should she wake him up and watch him slowly die of embarrassment at his current state of undress? Or, should she just throw a blanket over him and hope no one stands on him in the morning?

Edging closer towards him, Rory found it difficult not to stare. She couldn't see his face, but the naked guy had blonde hair and well defined back muscles. Not to mention, he had a pretty cute butt. As she moved further into the hall, her big, blue eyes were drawn unconsciously towards a certain area of his anatomy; however, his body position prevented her from seeing the whole package. Thank God, she thought to herself, as she felt her face blush. Just then, the door clicked shut rather loudly, disturbing naked guy from his slumber. He groaned, and his slow readjustment to consciousness gave Rory the chance to regain her composure. She needed to make it look like she wasn't a complete pervert who was taking full advantage of his unfortunate predicament, just to get a look at him in his birthday suit.

As he raised his head, slowly taking in his surroundings, he caught sight of two fuzzy bunnies looking back at him. His gaze travelled upwards to land on the most incredible pair of blue eyes he had ever seen. He narrowed his eyes, trying to focus on the beauty before him as she nervously bit her lip and tugged on a strand of her silky, brown hair.

"Hi," she spoke softly. She averted her eyes from looking directly at him as he sat up slightly, leaning on his elbow. He flashed his trademark smile at her, noticing her blush.

"Hi," he replied immediately, working that famous Huntzberger charm. This girl was already putty in his hands, as he watched her switch nervously from one foot to the other. "I'm…"

He was about to introduce himself when he noticed her eyes widen and her face turn the brightest shade of pink he had ever seen. She quickly cut him off. "Naked!"

Confused, he looked at her for a second before suddenly feeling a slight chill over his body. He looked down, realising that he was lying on the floor and somehow, was wearing no clothes. 'Huh!,' he thought to himself. 'Am I dreaming or am I really lying in some hallway, completely butt-ass naked?' He looked back at the girl who looked truly horrified at the situation. He smiled again, letting his memory of events from that evening come back to him. He started laughing.

"I seem to be having some clothing issues." He said, stating the obvious. Rory looked at him quite unbelieving at how calm and collected he was. 'Was he on drugs?,' she wondered. How could he possibly not be completely and utterly humiliated at finding himself like this, unless he was on drugs?

She watched him intently as he continued laughing while half lying, half sitting on the floor. She couldn't understand how he could possibly find this situation even the slightest bit amusing. She couldn't understand why he wasn't running away in horror and embarrassment, ashamed to show his face for the rest of his college experience, like she would be. As he eventually calmed down, she heard him mutter something to himself about losing a bet and then he began moving so he was standing in front of her with everything completely on show for all the world to see. Well, if the entire world happened to enter that specific hallway at that specific point in time. Rory's eyes widened as she was faced with the full-frontal image of him. She squealed slightly and then spun her head around so she couldn't see, closing her eyes. She pulled off her purple bathrobe and held it up in front of him; however, it was too late. The mental image of him naked in all his glory was already seared into her brain for eternity. No matter how many times she told herself to think about something else, like her grandfathers socks, it wasn't working. She could feel her face getting warmer, as this complete stranger stood before her naked. He didn't seem affected in the slightest. In fact, she was the one who felt embarrassed, which was really quite remarkable considering his situation.

"Maybe you should cover yourself up," she suggested purely for her own benefit. She wasn't sure how much more her fragile heart could take. Logan's smile widened into a smirk.

"What? You don't like what you see?" He teased her. She blushed again as he accepted the offered bathrobe, pulling it on and tying it securely. It was quite a tight fit, but it would do. He looked down and then back at her.

"It's not really my color." He shrugged casually. Rory stood with her mouth open, dumbfounded by his reaction.

"I'm Logan, and you are?" He inquired, offering her his hand to shake. Rory looked at him, narrowing her eyes slightly. She really didn't want to be shaking his hand, she thought to herself. Logan must have realised this too as he pulled his hand back, smiling.

"I'm Rory." She told him in a whispered tone. His smile widened.

"You wouldn't have any idea how long I've been lying out here, would you?" Rory shook her head in reply. Logan nodded and then shrugged. It wouldn't be the fist time he was found naked in public, it was kind of a common occurrence when you were friends with Finn. He looked back at the girl, noticing her eyes moving over his body. He smirked at her checking him out. "Well, I should probably try and remember which dorm I live in."

"This is Branford," she told him trying to be helpful. He frowned in confusion, scratching his head as he looked in both directions trying to remember the name of his dorm.

"I think I live in Berkley," he said out loud to himself. Rory laughed.

"Well, Berkley is that way," she said, pointing in the direction of the aforementioned building. Logan's gaze followed her finger, and then he turned back to her.


"Anytime. Well, not anytime. I mean hopefully I wont find you unconscious and naked outside my dorm room again. Not that I'm a prude or anything. I just…" Logan felt his head begin to pound as she rambled on nervously.

"Don't worry. This wont happen again. I promise." He assured her. They stood in silence for a few moments. Rory folded her arms across her chest as he found himself unconsciously staring into her bright, blue orbs. For some reason, he found himself drawn to them. As Rory gazed back at him, a nervous smile grew on her lips. Logan smiled back at her. "I better go."

"Right." The moment was over.

"Thanks again for your help and the bathrobe." He said sincerely.

"No problem." He stood for a second and then staggered slowly away down the hallway towards his dorm. Rory watched after him. He looked ridiculous wearing her purple bathrobe which was much too short on him, but somehow he carried it off. She laughed quietly to herself as he disappeared around the corner, and feeling a slight draft, she went back into her room. Her mind flooded with images of the hot naked guy as she lay in her bed. She closed her eyes and all she could see where flashes of that killer smile of his, those intensely warm, chocolate brown eyes, and not to mention his well toned physique. Shaking her head, she tried to rid herself of any thoughts of Logan. But she couldn't quite get rid of the smile which had etched itself across her face as she drifted off to sleep. College was definitely going to be an experience.


The room was covered in darkness, the only light coming from the streetlights outside. There was silence all around, apart from the buzz of the air conditioner and his steady breathing as he lay there with his head on his desk. He slowly creaked open one eye before the second followed suit. According to the clock in front of him it was not much later than one in the morning. He had done it again. He had fallen asleep at his desk in his office. He was that guy. The guy who rather than go home to an empty apartment, slept at his desk only to be awakened by the cleaning crew. He sat up, yawning as he did so. He stretched out his arms as well as his back muscles, which were now killing him, having fallen asleep hunched over his desk. This was the fourth time this week he had done this. He was simply too tired to make it back to his apartment, not that there was anyone waiting for him.

He began gathering his things together when his cell phone rang. He looked at the caller id: it was Bobbi, one of his work colleagues. He remembered he was supposed to go meet her, Phillip, and Nick for drinks after work, but of course he wasn't there. Deciding not to answer it, he let the phone ring out and then lifted his briefcase heading for the elevator. It wasn't that he was purposely being unsociable or that he didn't enjoy the guy's company. He had thoroughly enjoyed himself on the numerous nights out with them and man could they drink. He had found that whenever he went out with them, it made him miss his old life and friends back home. He missed Finn and his crazy drunken antics, and he missed Colin who was the slightly more sensible one of the group, which wasn't really saying much as Colin could hold his own when it came to alcohol consumption. More than anyone, he missed his Ace. He missed Rory like crazy. She was always the one he could count on to tell him when he was being an ass or cheer him up when his father was being an ass. He missed being able to just talk to her, to tell her what was on his mind and know that she wouldn't judge him. He missed her. There was no one else on the planet like his Ace. She was the sweetest girl he knew as well as the smartest. He was always reminded of her whenever he would catch the slightest whiff of coffee. He would smile to himself when he walked passed a library, thinking of all the time she spent and probably still spends studying and reading those books of hers. He would remember all the times he had gone along to the library at Yale to find her and force her to come out with him. She would always eventually cave in and they would have the best time. He had never known anyone like her, but that was then.

He had been in London now for almost five months, and they had barely spoken to one another. He wasn't entirely sure whether it was because she just didn't want to speak to him because she was still mad at him, or if she just hadn't received the dozens of messages he had left for her either on her answer machine or with Jess, her boyfriend. He really didn't like him. Jess. Just the thought of him made his blood boil. He was a jerk and definitely not good enough for Rory. Although, no-one really was.

He had found himself to be the over-protective type of friend when it came to Rory and potential suitors over the years. He would quite often interrogate her dates when they came to pick her up and he was usually the one to pick up the pieces when it didn't work out. He was there when the Dean disaster happened at the start of her sophomore year, offering a friendly shoulder to cry on when he dumped her for what she told him was about the third or fourth time. Then when Jess showed up at the beginning of last year, Logan had just returned from the trip from hell with his father and wanted nothing more than to spend some quality time with his best friend. But when he had shown up at her place and seen her there with Jess, who he later found out to be her ex-boyfriend, he wasn't too pleased. He had acted like a jackass, he would admit, but he had good reason. His father had just told him that come Graduation Day, he would be shipped off to London with no say in the matter. That night at the pub, he knew Jess was interested in his Ace and he knew he didn't like it. So he had been a jerk and in the process had screwed things up with Rory, big time. In fact, after that night and the argument that ensued, they hadn't spoken to one another for about two months. Eventually, Logan came to his senses. He realised that he missed her too much and begged for her forgiveness sending her flowers, books, fruit, and hiring the coffee cart to follow her around the whole day. He even went to her mother, but she could be stubborn. Thankfully she finally forgave him; however, things between them were never quite the same. Jess was always around and insanely overly possessive and jealous. He had tried to get on with him, but it was pretty much impossible. No matter what he did, they never could see eye to eye. Jess became a huge barrier between Rory and himself which had led him here. He missed his best friend.

He made it back to his apartment - or flat as the Brits call it - and immediately crashed out on his bed. He didn't even bother closing his blinds or checking his messages, he was too exhausted. He lay there fully dressed, his eyes closed, and his face fully absorbed in the pillow. Sighing heavily, he pulled off his tie as he rolled onto his back, looking at the ceiling above him. He slowly removed his car keys and cell phone from his pants pocket, placing them along with his wallet on the nightstand next to the alarm clock which he would have to set for five-thirty. His eye caught sight of the calendar sitting beside his bed, noticing the date which had been highlighted. He narrowed his eyes trying to remember whether he had some important meeting planned for the that day but nothing sprung to mind. Then it hit him. The date, it was October 4th: Rory's birthday. He smiled to himself. Instinctively, he grabbed for his cell phone and hit '1' on the speed dial. He let it ring for a few moments, hoping she would answer. He had to talk to her. Her birthday was a couple of days away and he had to speak to her to wish her happy birthday.


She couldn't sleep. Her brain just wouldn't shut off. Considering the day she had endured, she would've thought she would have fallen asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow. But as of yet, no luck. She lay there next to a sleeping Jess, full of envy that he had found sleep easily. Staring at the clock, she watched as the little hand moved around in a clockwise direction. It was only ten o'clock, but she was exhausted. As she continued to watch the hand of the clock move at a snails pace, Rory decided to give up. She was still pretty hungry and desperate for a coffee, even though the caffeine wouldn't help with her insomnia. She slowly and quietly slid out of bed, pulling on her bathrobe and headed out to the kitchen to get a pre-midnight snack. As the kettle brewed, her cell phone began to vibrate on the table she had left it on. Picking it up, she froze as she noted the name on the caller I.D. It was Logan Huntzberger: Best friend and the boy she hadn't heard from in so long. She couldn't help the smile that crept over her features as she flipped open her cell phone and took the call.

"Hello?" she said nervously, awaiting his response.

"Hey Ace!" Her smile widened at the sound of his voice speaking those two words. She hadn't heard them in so long. She missed hearing that name, 'Ace'. He was the only one who called her by 'Ace' and she loved it. She could just tell that he was smirking down the phone as he spoke to her. "How's it going?"

"It's going good. How are you, Logan?" Her voice tentative if rather formal, she wasn't really sure how to speak to him after so long.

"All the better for hearing your voice." She smiled at his warm tone. God, she missed him.

"How's London, have you had tea with the Queen? Have you played Polo with Charles and the boys? Is William really as handsome as he looks on Television?" Logan laughed as she peppered him with question after question. He really had missed this girl so much.

"Sorry to disappoint you, Ace, but I haven't actually had the chance to play Polo with Charles just yet. I've been kind of swamped, but it is on the top of my 'To do' list."

"So you've been busy, huh? Too busy to get in touch with your bestest friend in the whole, wide world. What's that all about? I thought you swore you wouldn't forget the little people on your way to the top, Mr Businessman." She teased him playfully, although he could sense a hint of seriousness in her voice.

"Hey, what about you 'Miss Editor-in-chief of The Yale Daily News'? You are a hard woman to track down, you know." He replied, trying to relieve some of the tension he could feel emanating over the phone. "And you are definitely not one of 'the little people', Ace." He finished.

Rory was quiet for a few seconds, "Are you implying that I'm fat?"

Logan laughed, not sure how she leapt to that conclusion. "I did not imply anything of the sort. I was simply stating that you, my dear Ace, are much too fabulous to be considered as being inferior or inconsequential."

"Wow, 'inconsequential'. That's a pretty big word there Logan. Someone swallow a dictionary for breakfast?" She mocked, pouring herself a coffee. She slid onto one of the stools at the island, loving how easy it was for them to fall back into their old routine of witty banter and playful insults. Still clutching the phone to her ear, she breathed in the rich aroma of her freshly brewed coffee, sighing in contentment. Logan heard her and realised what she was doing, all those thousands of miles away.

"Good coffee?"

"How did you-"

"I know you, remember! The little sigh, I mean that was either for the fact that you are currently in possession of your absolute favourite beverage, or you are up to something rather naughty that I really don't want to know about," he said sarcastically then thought again. "Or maybe I do."

"Logan!" Rory squealed slightly at his suggestive tone. Her face flushed with embarrassment. Logan laughed as he pictured the horrified look on her face. He had seen it enough over the years. He could always make her blush, she was much too easily embarrassed. He loved to watch as the tips of her ears would redden, quickly followed by the rest of her face. She was too cute.

"So how is the good old U.S. of A.?" He asked sincerely, he really did miss home. As much as he had grown to love England, it wasn't the same as home.

"It's good. We're still here. George W. is still President. Britney Spears is still grabbing the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Paris has been pretty quiet though."

"Paris, crazy Paris or Paris, the heiress with an aversion to orange jumpsuits?"

"Actually I meant the city, but the other two have been keeping to themselves a lot recently too." She confirmed, settling down onto the sofa.

"Huh!" He sat up in bed trying to get comfortable. "So how is the lovely Paris?"

"My Paris, or the heiress, Paris?"

"Your Paris."

"Oh you know, she's Paris. She sends her love." Logan laughed. It was highly unlikely that that girl would send him anything other than a voodoo curse. They really did not get along.

"Oh yeah, I'm sure she does." Rory laughed with him. "So do you have anything planned for your birthday?"

Rory smiled, slightly surprised that he remembered. "My birthday? You mean you actually remembered?"

"Hey! What do you mean? I could never forget such a significant event as the day you entered the world." He told her in all seriousness. Rory scoffed.

"Ha! Yeah right. You forgot all about it last year." She replied, a smile still on her face.

"I did not."

"You did too. You were too busy with Shauna or Shannon or whatever her name was." She said sternly, Logan thought back. He had no recollection of any girl's named Shauna or Shannon.

"Is there a possibility that I was drunk?"

"It's very much likely."

"So what you got planned?"

"Nothing." She said simply, trying to mask her disappointment. It didn't work though, he knew her far too well.

"Nothing?" He frowned, he couldn't believe she had nothing planned for her birthday. Especially with Lorelai around, unless they weren't talking again.

"Nope. I mean my mom is throwing me a surprise party on Tuesday but nothing for the actual day." She explained as she finished off her coffee.

"Why Tuesday, and if it's a surprise, how do you know about it?

"Well, because my mom believes that you cannot throw a surprise party on the persons actual birthday because it wont be a surprise as they will be expecting something. And the reason I know about it is because she invited me over to go through some of our old stuff she apparently wants to throw out."


"So, this is Lorelai Gilmore we're talking about. It is an actual impossibility for her to throw out anything. We have a closet that is just full to the brim with old shoes and magazines, knick-knacks, everything. She is a hoarder. She keeps everything and anything. So there is no way that she wants me to go over there and sort through our old junk so she can throw it out. Plus, I kind of weaselled it out of Sookie when I saw her hiding a cake."

"Ah, I see those excellent journalistic skills of deduction are finally paying off." He smiled, she really was a smart girl.

"Hey, I'm not just a pretty face." Logan laughed softly at her statement although he agreed with it wholeheartedly. However, the thought of her being alone on her actual birthday didn't sit well with him. Where was Jess? Had she finally seen sense and dumped him? One could only hope.

"So, no Jess." It wasn't so much of a question as more of a statement. Rory sighed, exposing her disappointment fully now.

"He has to work, but its fine. I have some studying to do anyway so…"

"Ace, you can't study on your birthday. That's like...illegal or something." He stated incredulously.

"I'm pretty sure it's not."

"Well, it should be."

"Logan." She whined, she really didn't want him to make a big deal out of how pathetic her life was.

"Ace. Seriously, that's how you are planning to spend your birthday? Hunkered up in some library somewhere?"

"Well, I do like the books." She said simply trying to lighten the mood.

"That sucks, Ace."

"Logan its fine. Now, can we change the subject, please?" She said almost pleading with him. Logan relented, although he was still dead against her idea of how a birthday should be spent. Maybe he could do something about that, he thought to himself.

"Fine, you know it's getting kind of late here. I have an early day tomorrow. I should go get some beauty sleep." He told her, all the while a plan was slowly formulating in his mind.

"Oh, okay. Well then, I guess I'll let you go," she said, not really wanting to end their phone call. She had loved talking to him again. Logan sensed the sadness in her tone and felt his heart melt. She sounded lonely. It broke his heart to think of her on her own on her birthday. He felt himself get angry at Jess. Some boyfriend he was. Leaving her on own to celebrate with some dusty books. He really didn't deserve his Ace at all.

"I'll call you tomorrow. That is if your not too busy with all those books of yours." Her mood brightened slightly.

"You promise?"

"Definitely." He smiled, hearing the happiness in her voice at the thought of him calling her again. He fully intended for this to be one promise he would not break.

Rory smiled as they sat thousands of miles away in silent contemplation. Reconnected. She had her best friend back.

"Goodnight, Logan."

"Goodnight, Ace. Happy Birthday." They hung up.

Logan got up from the bed ridding himself of the clothes he had been wearing all day, pulling on a pair of sweats. He walked over to the dresser and opened the drawer, silently studying its contents. He was determined that she would have a happy birthday, no matter what.