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The four identical boxes sat on the coffee table between Rory and the four men she loved the most. The night before had been spent making pro/con lists about each of them, but at 4am she had thrown them out and had, for once, decided to go with her heart. However, now they were sitting in front of her and she wished she had her lists.

"All four of us proposed to you?" Logan finally asked, watching Rory chew on her bottom lip. She nodded but didn't lift her blue eyes from the four boxes. After more silence, Rory finally reached across the table and picked up the first black box. She took a deep breath before handing it back to Logan.

"I love you Logan. You know I always will but our past is too difficult to forget. I will forever be questioning your faithfulness and whether you're going to throw it in because I didn't agree with something you've said or done. Plus I don't want to be a society wife and I fear that's what I'll become," Rory said gently. She hadn't realised just how hard it was to turn someone down and she had two more boxes to get through. Logan accepted the box back and became quite interested in his shoes and the coffee table. Rory picked up the second box and turned to Tristan who was occupying the single lounge seat.

"We fought too much Tristan. That's what broke us up the first time and I don't want it be the cause the second time. I did love you once Tristan but I can't love you again," Rory said as she slid the box across the table to him. He accepted it much like Logan before he stood up, dropped a kiss on her cheek and left her apartment and her life forever. Logan followed suit and she was left alone with Jess and Finn.

"Four years ago I had envisioned my future as being Mrs Logan Huntzberger. Never in my wildest dream did I ever think I would be turning him down, or having both of you as potential husbands," Rory began as she picked up both black boxes and started pacing. Finn and Jess glanced at each other before turning their attention back to the girl that had both their hearts literally in her hands. "When you came to me yesterday Jess I was all set to say no. As mom would say you're my bad boy and we had a great relationship. We have so much in common and you invoke the passionate side in me."

Rory stopped pacing and lifted her blue eyes to meet Finn's green ones.

"And when you came to me yesterday Finn and asked me, I never thought that I would ever get a second chance with you. But you have changed so much and the more I see of you the more I fall in love with you. But I'm afraid that if I married you I would become the society wife that I always feared of becoming when I was with Logan. That was mostly the reason that I turned him down," Rory continued. She saw doubt and sadness in Finn's bright green eyes. "But when I listened to my heart instead of those pro/con lists, it chose you Finn."

The room fell silent and she handed Jess back his black box. His face was set so that she couldn't read him but she could see the hurt and sadness reflected in his brown eyes.

"I'll always love you Jess. Nothing will ever change that and I want you in my life, but I'm not in love with you and that's why I couldn't marry you. You are my best friend and I'm not going to lose you," she said as she cupped his cheek in the palm on her hand. She reached up and gently kissed his lips before he left the apartment. Butterflies erupted in her stomach as she stood in front of Finn. She smiled softly at him as she handed back the little black box. Finn looked confused and his brow creased considerably.

"If you're going to propose you have to do it properly," she prompted and Finn grinned at her before settling on one knee and opening the box.

"Lorelai Leigh Gilmore, will you marry me?" he asked his accent thick with emotion. Tears sprang to Rory's blue eyes and she nodded before capturing his lips with hers. The single kiss bought back memories for both Finn and Rory and before long Finn had settled back onto the sofa with Rory straddling him. When breathing became an issue they broke apart reluctantly and Rory rested her head against his left shoulder and listened to his quickened heart beat.

"I don't want a society wedding," Finn said quietly as he ran his fingers through her chocolate brown locks.

"Neither do I but your mother will conspire with my grandma and it will be worse than her society parties," Rory agreed as she relaxed completely against him.

"I have an idea but I want to see your mom before I tell you what it is," Finn replied and shifted Rory to the sofa before standing up. He headed towards the front door but stopped when he noticed Rory staring at him. "Rory, love, you need to show me how to get to Stars Hollow."

Rory grinned at him and quickly followed him to the front door. Twenty minutes later they were moving through the New York traffic and Rory finally got to look at Finn. This was the man she would be spending the rest of her life with. She felt settled and finally her heart wouldn't be breaking anymore.

"I want three kids," she told him softly as they continued towards Stars Hollow.

"Three kids would be excellent, love," Finn agreed before grabbing her hand in his and entwining their fingers. Rory smiled at the gesture and knew she had definitely made the right decision.

Finnegan Morgan, son of Nicholas and Amelia Morgan, wed late yesterday afternoon to Lorelai Leigh Gilmore the Third (aka Rory), granddaughter of Hartford society's Richard and Emily Gilmore, in Sydney, Australia. It was a small ceremony with only Lorelai and Luke Gilmore-Danes, Rory's parents, present and acting as their witnesses. It's believed that the ceremony was a spur of the moment decision after Mr Morgan proposed to Ms Gilmore on Valentine's Day. The pair previously dated while attending Yale but were not together at the time of the engagement. The Gilmore and Morgan families are also believed to be excited at the joining of their families and are planning a more elaborate wedding party for when the newlyweds return to Hartford.

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