Just some general fluff I wrote while I'm trying to think of something else to write. I don't own anything to do with ffvii if i did, i might be able to come up with a good story line for my next one but my imagination has disappeared!!!

Cloud frowned pulling the sheets closer to his body. He sighed not feeling any more comfortable he rolled on his back and stared at the ceiling, his head constantly pounding and his throat sore from having to breath out of his mouth instead of his nose which if he did would produce a nasty snotty kind of noise.

He rolled out of bed rubbing his face as he did so and quickly got dressed with not much effort before slowly walking outside and slowly down the stairs. "Do you want me to make you breakfast?" Rang the brunette barmaid who was already down stairs.

"No." Mumbled Cloud his voice sounding much deeper as if it had just broke, again.

Tifa turned and looked up the stairs watching the blond slowly walk down the stairs, his eyes were glazed over and his face a deathly pale. "You don't look to well Cloud."

"I'm fine..." He mumbled walking round the bar staring out the window seeing the pouring rain and he pressed his head up against the glass welcoming the cold soothing feeling to his head, he couldn't help but allow a small comfort smile cross his face.

"Cloud Strife, you are ill." Replied Tifa, her hands going to her hips in a very Tifa like way.

Cloud slowly spun round making sure his head was still against the glass. "I don't get ill."

"You can tell me that when you don't look like death yourself, go back upstairs." Cloud stared at her blankly seeing her eyebrows rise.

"I'm not sick..." He mumbled again, collapsing on a chair besides him. He watched her walk over and push her hand against his forehead and he reached up trying to push her off. "I'm not a child..." He added getting a harsh laugh off her.

"You must have the flu or something." She said walking over to wash her hand as if she'd just caught the illness from him.

"I have deliveries!"

"Well, they'll have to be cancelled." She snapped. "I'll run you a nice warm bath, how does that sound?"

"I'm not ill!"

"Everyone loves baths when they're not well." Began Tifa disappearing up the stairs.

"I wouldn't know, because I don't get ill!" He snapped again not getting a reply from her.

The door opened to his right and he looked at the teen who walked in. "It's Yuffie!" She screamed pulling her coat off and hanging it up, she turned and caught site of Cloud, she took a step closer and looked him up and down. "What happened to you? Did you go out for a night on the town?"

"I'm fine..." He repeated again rubbing his forehead.

Yuffie took a sudden step backwards from the sound of his voice, almost fearing for her health and carried on staring at him. "You sound nasty!" She mumbled looking round for Tifa to take the blond away.

Cloud rolled his eyes and got to his feet, deciding he'd have to go without breakfast. "I'm going to work." He mumbled pulling the shop door open and storming outside much like the weather.

Yuffie smiled to herself pleased that the infectious being had left and she sat down on one of the stools trying to wait patiently for Tifa to appear. She drummed her fingers on the bar turning round watching Cloud drive away.

A door upstairs was thrown open and Yuffie turned back round to see the other brunette race down the stairs. Her wine coloured eyes searched for the blond before looking at the teen ninja. "Where has he gone?" She asked, knowing it was a stupid question.

"Working." Said Yuffie still trying to remain patient, but carried on drumming her fingers. "Nice to see you too Tifa."

Tifa nodded at her and reached for the phone, calling Cloud. The brunette rolled her eyes hearing it go straight to his answer phone. "Cloud come back home right now, you are ill and you'll just get worse, you are ill!" She slammed the phone down and flicked her long dark hair back over her shoulder.

"Why what's up with him?"

Tifa shrugged dropping down at the bar knowing the blond will not listen to her.

Yuffie had disappeared when Tifa had said she knew Cloud should be home soon, if he hadn't died as the ninja had put it. Obviously showing she didn't want to be near him until he was back to normal.

Tifa stared at the door ready to give the blond her best death stare when he came back. A smirk tugged at her lips when she saw him pass on his bike and she stood up straight her hands going straight to her hips.

The blond walked in, his hair now flattened to his head showing no evidence of the normal gravity defying spikes that should be there.

She watched him shake slightly as if to get rid of any water from his clothes and hair and he began to walk towards the stairs. "Are you going to carry on ignoring me or was disappearing to work just a one off?" Cloud looked up his eyes still glazed over.

"I'm perfectly fine." He mumbled his voice sounding scratchy and barely making a noise. Tifa smiled at him knowing he had to realise he was ill by now. "I'll be alright tomorrow." He began to walk back upstairs.

"So are you accepting that you are ill?" She said with a smile.

"I don't get ill."

Tifa rolled in bed hearing Cloud's constant coughing and wishing for him to stop or she might have to go and knock him out to shut him up. She heard his door open and carried on staring at the ceiling quietly thinking he can learn the hard way and she wasn't about to go down and help him when the help she had offered had been pushed away.

She heard another door open guessing the two children had been awake for most of the night as well. The silence besides Cloud's coughing was broken by a long 'errrrr'. Tifa got out of bed and walked out herself seeing the bathroom light on. She frowned when she realised the two children were obviously watching Cloud being sick.

"Go back to bed, both of you." She said quietly taking the children's shoulder and pushing them aside.

She watched Cloud stare blankly up at her. "Making friends with the toilet are we?" She said leaning against the door her arms folded while she watched him sit there half naked.

"Alright, I'm ill." He mumbled back, glaring at her the best she could. She smiled at him sweetly, loving him more when he was weakless and needed her help. She walked towards him and took his arm.

"Back to bed."

"No I'm going to be sick."

"Well if you sit on the cold floor you will get worse." She said a note of authority in her voice as she pulled him back into his room. "You get back into bed and I'll go fetch you something." She stood for a second watching him crawl back into bed before disappearing downstairs.

She grabbed the bucket she always kept at the side, not ever wanting her customers to go over the top and hurl on her floor. She filled a glass with water and paused knowing if it was the flu, it would be better to not give him anything at all and fight it himself.

Tifa turned back upstairs and pushed his door open, smiling at him when he stared at his feet that poked out from the end of the bed and his hair slowly returning back to its normal spiky self.

She dropped the bucket down beside him and then the water at the side. "There." She said.

He looked up at her disapprovingly. "Are you not going to give me anything?" He whispered.

"No because you'll get better faster if I don't." Cloud stared at her and pulled his sheet up closer to his face, making the young woman unsure if it was because of her presence that he did that or he was cold. She looked round and went into his wardrobe frowning when there were hardly any clothes in there. "We need to go shopping at one point Cloud." She heard a mumbled reply and didn't bother to ask what he said. She grabbed the blue blanket and threw it over him making sure his feet were covered. "Are you okay now?"

Cloud looked up at her, making Tifa laugh when she saw a puppy dog look on his face she couldn't even remember if he ever made it before. "See you in the morning."

Tifa walked into his room next morning quietly smiling when she saw he was asleep. The glass was empty along with the bucket, making a mental note to thank him for not being sick. She looked back at him and dropped down to his level, thinking how sweet he looked when he slept. She reached forward and brushed one of his spikes out of his face and then leant against the bed watching him. "Will you please stop staring at me?" The woman jumped and quickly got to her feet looking back to see the normal bright amazing mako blue eyes stare up at her.

"I didn't realise you were awake." She said pushing her hair out of her face nervously.

"Obviously." He muttered pushing himself up straight. Tifa began to walk out, something about the blond making her squirm; she looked at him once feeling immature at the sight of his muscular chest. She rushed outside of his room slamming the door behind her feeling like a little school girl at how she just treated him.

Tifa rushed downstairs feeling her cheeks begin to feel hot and she could hear the blond moving upstairs. She looked round quickly trying to find something to occupy herself with.

The barmaid ran to the sink and began washing the glass the blond had used. The stairs began to creak and she took a quick glance at him. She stared at him seeing him in an old Soldier uniform that must have been Zack Fair's. He tugged at the polo neck and dropped down in a chair running his finger through his hair.

There was a long awkward silence and Tifa prayed the children would wake up and come running downstairs.

She looked at him, his head was resting on his hand as he stared out the window, the clothes he was wearing making Tifa feel like she had just met him again like she had done when she found him in Midgar unwell and appeared from nowhere. "Cloud I..." She began trying to think of something to say.

He looked over to her not moving his head but his eyes. He waited for her to carry on and he merely smiled. "Thanks Tifa."

That thing about Flu is actually true you know!! It's better to go without any meds. XD just thought you'd like to know. Anyways can review if you like this isn't much anyways so :S