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The blond opened one eye, peering round his room. He sniffed once, this time not greeted by a foul sounding noise, he hummed peacefully to himself wrapping his duvet closer round him, shaking his foot feeling it begin to sweat. Opening his other eye he looked down at his feet staring at the pink fluffy slippers that hung off his feet, he kicked them off in one motion and then shut his eyes again digging his head into his pillow.

He was sure something had woken him, but instantly forgot it, turning in his sheets to face the wall. Something poked him in his side and he grumbled loudly, opening one eye and spotting the small girl who stared at him. Cloud stared at her twisting back round to face her. "Whatsup..." He mumbled, too tired to actual speak properly, but finding his normal voice had returned and his throat was no longer sore.

"It's Tifa." Marlene said, pulling at the blond's sheets in attempt to try and get him out of bed. She heard him grunt something before closing his eye again. She frowned slightly and gave a firm tug on the sheets only to find it make him shake once. "She's ill Cloud."

The blond opened both of his eyes and stared at her. "Well, leave her in bed then." He replied, not believing her that the woman a door down who had ordered him around while he was ill, was too now ill.

"But, me and Denzel are hungry." Cloud sighed, a sense of déjà-vu striking him. "And Tifa told me to get you..." The blond opened both eyes and stared into Marlene's face.

He growled loudly, making the girl back away as he swung his legs out of bed, twitching his toes against the cold wooden floor. Cloud stood up straight, making sure that his shorts were firmly in place and not to cause any psychological harm on the girl also not wanting an angered Barret on him before he walked out of his room and pushing the door open to Tifa's room.

Tifa stared at the blond who walked in, obviously just been woken, from seeing his golden hair spiked in any direction or mainly flat to his head. "Marlene said you're ill." Cloud said quickly, leaning against the door frame as he stared at the woman who was wrapped up in her bed.

"I'm, so sorry Cloud, I must have caught it off of you." She sighed, her voice sounding several decibels deeper. She watched Cloud wrinkle his nose and took a step closer.

"Caught it off of me?" He mumbled staring at her through his mako eyes.

"Yes, it's quite easy you know." She snapped, knowing whenever she was ill she was quick to get harsh.

"You don't look that ill to me." Cloud stated, tempted to push the woman out of bed.

"Cloud, I am ill!" She shouted that was followed by some violent coughs. Cloud stepped away, the thought of catching whatever illness it was before again racking his mind.

"You'll be alright; I was over it in a few days." He said ready to pull the duvet off of the woman.

"Well, I haven't got some stupid 'cells' in my body have I? Anyway, Cloud you'll just have to help out today!" She cried tightening her grip round her duvet in case he did decide to pull it off.

She watched him process her final sentence before walking towards her. "No, you'll be alright Tifa, come on." He gripped the edge of her bed sheet and about to pull it off until the woman stopped him.

"Cloud!" She screeched making the blond stop in his tracks staring at her. "Please?"

Cloud stared at her, sighing loudly before turning on his heel and walking out and slamming the door shut. He walked down the stairs, knowing the kids were following him, repeating the same routine as the day before. "You are not having pizza for breakfast." He mumbled, almost jumping when his bare feet met the cold tiled floor.

"But, the Cloudy pizza was really nice!" Cried Marlene following him into the kitchen. He turned and stared at her, his mako eyes cold and stern.

"You can have..." Cloud began staring round the kitchen. "What I can make." He mumbled, grabbing the loaf of bread and shaking it in both of the kid's faces.

"Bread's boring." Cried Denzel, leaning against the cupboard door as he watched the blond pull the various plasters off of his fingers and throwing them into the bin before attempting breakfast.

Tifa sighed as she rolled up in her bed, not being able to smell anything burning yet, but then again she couldn't smell anything anyway. Her door swung open and she watched the barely clad Cloud walk back in, a plate in his hand and a glass in the other. She smiled realising he hadn't bothered about himself yet, forget about actually getting dressed and had spent the morning so far making breakfast.

"Toast!" He cried, a small smile on his face showing he was proud of himself. Tifa looked up at him, hoping for something a little more extravagant. Cloud noted the disappointment in her face before passing her the glass. "And water." He finished.

"Thank you Cloud, you really didn't have too." She said, pushing herself up and staring at the 'hearty' breakfast.

"I remember..." Began Cloud dropping down onto the end of her bed, making the woman bounce from the young man's surprising weight. "That my mother said, the best thing to eat when you're ill is, toast." He finished turning and facing her. Tifa nodded, wondering what other 'pearls of wisdom' Cloud had to offer. "And you said, everyone likes baths when they're ill, so I'll make you one."

"Cloud, no it's alright..." She began, but he ignored her and walked out of her room, hearing the sound of water.

It wasn't long till the blond returned, still undressed but this time graced by some bubbles in the one long spike of his hair that had dropped from its previous upright position. He stared at her as she slowly moved the plate onto the side table, and she returned his gaze seeing the frown. "What's wrong?" She asked as he walked closer.

"Don't you eat your crusts?" He mumbled, staring at the burnt edges. He turned back to her and she shook her head expecting him for some reason to give her another 'pearl of wisdom' like earlier. Tifa pushed her sheets off, thankful she had worn her shorts instead of just a nightdress. "Let me help." She looked up at the blond, who suddenly swept her off of her feet before she could protest.

"Cloud I can walk." She cried, as she let him carry her through, being careful not to hit her or drop her as he lowered her onto the toilet seat.

"I'll let you do erm, everything else." He mumbled, averting his gaze before walking out and leaving her alone.

She smiled sweetly, staring at the bath filled with bubbles, the blond obviously unable to judge how much bubble bath to use. She held back at laugh when she saw he had lit three candles that were around the edge. She got undressed and slid into the bath smiling as she felt the warmth of the water round the body. Just as she was beginning to relax, there was a knock on the door and she watched as it slowly opened, as Marlene walked in.

"Cloud told me to bring these in." She said, dropping the clothes on the floor. Tifa smiled thanking the girl checking that she left and then shut the door. She stared at the ceiling thinking how sweet the normally stoic, quiet and strong Cloud could really be, when someone was hurt, preferring this Cloud to the other one.

There was another knock on the door and Tifa snapped back into reality. "Tifa..." She smiled when she heard the blond's voice.

"Yes, Cloud, you can come in you can't see anything." She asked, knowing the question already. The door creaked open and she watched him walk in, purposefully stare at the opposite wall as he made his way towards the cabinet. The woman watched him carefully, never actually sure how he managed to control his hair if it was like this every morning. "You don't have to open the bar Cloud." She said, guessing the only reason he was doing this was to open the bar.

"Alright." He muttered, still staring into the floor. She carried on watching him a smile tugging at her lips.

"So you have to do your hair every morning then?" She laughed as he turned to face her, tugging at one of his spikes. He grunted in reply.

"Isn't my fault that it looks like a mess each time I wake up." He mumbled.

"If you just run your fingers through it, it will look alright." She replied without thinking. She sank deeper into the bath covering her mouth with water, as if to stop her from speaking again and also trying to not pay attention to much on the young man who stood in nothing more than his boxers.

Tifa slowly walked downstairs, fully dressed feeling clean. "Feel better?" The woman looked up to see the blond who was wiping the tables, fully dressed in his normal attire and hair done.

"I am, surprisingly." She replied sitting on one of the stools behind the bar watching him. She licked her lips staring round thinking of something to say to break the awkward silence. "Thank you, for helping today Cloud."

She watched him lift his head and his cheeks flush slightly before lowering his head and muttering something like "you're welcome."

"I promise not to be ill, if you promise you won't either?"

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