"My guardian"


"I'm beginning to feel claustrophobic, you know?"

Roy sighed and run his hand through his hair as he threw himself in the chair lazily. The man just did 'Mm' sounds at the arguments of the woman in the line that was telling him why he had to do this. Of course he knew why he had to this, he saw the reason every day, but he was really tired of this.

"You cannot come home until you buy me the ring", Riza told him writing some things down in a paper.

The man sighed again, that meant that he couldn't leave the place until he had some solid proof.

"Yeah, yeah, I think I'm near to choice the best one from the catalog"

"Good, I'll call you tomorrow them"

The man hung up the phone and stared at the sky through the window for a moment. He had been sent to this mission two months ago already and he knew he was close to find the truth. 'Just hold on for a little more…at least do it for him'.

A knock at the door took the man out of this thoughts and he rose to open it and find a woman at the other side with a white coat and the name 'Dr. Lyra' embroidered on it.

"Good morning, Dr. Mustang", she said with a big smile, "We're going to begin with the experiments of the day"

The man nodded grateful for the announcement and grabbed his white coat as he followed the woman through the corridor with his eyes directed to the floor and putting his hands inside his pockets. Both walked silent until they reached a door which leaded to the experiment's room. It was a totally white place which smelled as a hospital or Roy thought it did.

One of the men raised his hand to greet him, "Good morning, Dr. Mustang"

"Good morning Dr. Marcoh, Dr.Knox"

Both men nodded greeting Roy and they sat at the table as they opened some books and began to discuss some substances while the dark-haired man heard all the conversation quite bored. However, he tried to look as he was finding everything so interesting and read some of the books as he mixed some liquids.

He didn't know how many hours they were like that, but Roy was trying to hide how exasperated he was and held back his thousandth yawn, he hated those days. It liked it better when they went out to the gardens and experimented with alchemy since he was an expert in that area.

Suddenly, a young woman knocked at the glass door and opened it excusing herself, "Dr. Marcoh, L001 is kind of…out of control today"

The man raised a brow, "Meaning?"

"He doesn't want to cooperate; I think his is in a bad mood"

"Well, that doesn't matter, you'll have to force him"

The woman bit her lip and moved impatient, "He just don't want, Doctor"

Marcoh glanced at his friend, Dr. Knox trying to find some support on him. The man rose and grabbed a book, "And did he say why he doesn't want to cooperate?"

"Yes, he said that this is supposed to be his free day and wants to play chess with Dr. Mustang"

Roy raised his head surprised but relieved at the same time; that could mean his salvation to get out of there and do something more interesting.

Marcoh sighed, "OK, let's give him his free day and take Dr. Mustang with him"

She nodded and Roy rose as he followed her through the hallway. He fight hard to hide his smile since playing chess with him was away more fun than reading medical books. Soon they reached a door and she opened it stepping aside.

Roy entered the room which was completely white too, including the furniture. He always thought that he wouldn't be able to sleep there if it was his room, it was just disturbing. The man took at seat in one of the chairs as he waited for someone to come tapping his fingers.

Finally, someone opened a door in front of him and he turned drawing a smirk amused. In front of him, it was a 10 years old blond boy walking towards him as he braided his hair quickly since he wasn't expecting him to come that fast.

"Hey there, they told me you were crying because nobody wanted to play chess with you", he said opening the chessboard.

"Don't be so full of yourself, I know that you were dying from boredom with the doctors, I just saved you", the boy said with a smirk too as he took a seat in front of him.

Roy just grabbed the pieces too put them in their place, "Yeah, yeah. How have you been? I hadn't seen you since 3 days"

The man noticed how the boy's golden eyes almost turned dull at the question, "Fine as always, I think"

The blonde moved one of his pawns removing some golden locks from his face as Roy did his move, "Why did you want to play chess with me? I thought you didn't like me"

"I don't", the boy said leaning on his chair, "But anybody else here can play as good as you and I like challenges"

Roy moved one of his pieces and smirked, "I'm flattered that an alchemy genius thinks I'm a good challenger"

"….You're such an arrogant man"

"And proud of it"

The boy placed a hand on his chin as he analyzed the position of the pieces and moved a Knight. Roy stared at the boy for a moment, the blonde was quite curious. He hated all the doctors there and he was supposed to be one of them…so, why the boy continuously called him to play chess, cards or just talk?

"Can I ask you something?", the boy suddenly asked him as the boy slightly jumped and nodded, "Why do you trust me?"

The blonde looked at him surprised by the question, but then lowered his eyes to the chessboard, "Because the others doctors don't trust you"

Well, that was an interesting answer, "And why do you think they don't trust me?"

"Dr. Knox came here recently and Dr. Marcoh let him go inside the special section of the building almost immediately. After a two months, they hadn't let you go with them", the boy said as it wasn't a big deal and drank some water.

Roy, in the other hand, frowned, "Why do they take you with them? Because you're a genius?"

The boy looked up and smirked, "A lot of questions today, don't you think? You know I'm not allowed to talk to you about that"

The man sighed in resignation and moved a bishop as the boy hit the table with his fist angrily for the movement. "I've known you for a month now, at least you could tell me your name"

He almost dropped the pawn he had on his hand at the question, but just ignored him and did his move quietly, "Please, stop asking questions about that"

Roy looked at him for a second, but then just nodded and analyzed the chessboard. So the doctors didn't trust him yet...that was bad. Or maybe they were being just cautious because they were doing something they shouldn't…

"Did you pick the ring for your girlfriend already?", the boy asked him suddenly smirking.

The dark-haired man shook his head, "It's hard, you know? They look all the same for me and it's taking me longer that I expected"

The boy moved a knight and grinned, "Hurry up or she will find a more confident fiancé"

"Yeah yeah", he said as he moved one of his pawns.

"How long you will be here anyway?"

Roy smirked, "Why? Do you want me gone already?"

"Ohh you won't be that lucky, you will be stuck with me a few months more, don't you?"

"It depends", he said as he moved his rook

The blonde raised a brow, "Depends on what?"

"If I'm able to choose the ring soon"

The boy stared at the man slightly shocked, but shook his head, "You're running from her, don't you?"

"…Don't exactly, but kind of"

The kid almost laughed, but he remained quiet. Suddenly, Dr. Lyra opened the door and walked towards the boy as Roy noticed the scared face the blonde was forcing to hide.

"L001, we must proceed today"

"…W-why?", the boy asked with a voice that surprised and worried Roy.

"I don't know, it just orders. Dr. Mustang, you can come with us this time"

The boy glanced at Roy and then lowered his head defeated, so Lyra pushed him gently. The man stood up and followed both and saw how the kid was clenching his fist, but they were…shaking? Maybe in fear?

Well, I didn't matter, he was about to find if the reason he was there was real and he had to make a good performance and it could cost his life. He just hoped that it wasn't real.