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For the first time in nearly fifteen years, a silver tabby cat streaked into the Office of the Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The patronus open its mouth and the voice of Minerva McGonagall flew forth.

"Albus! I have urgent news!! Please come to my office immediately!" The cat dissolved, and Albus sat completely discombobulated behind his cluttered desk.

What could this mean? It was a relatively peaceful time. Halloween had come and gone. And the mischievous second years, the Marauders, had spent their creative energy in several well designed, but generally harmless pranks. They were now in the lull of mid-November. While it was true that Voldemort had grown to a frightening level of power, Albus doubted he had the nerve to attack Hogwarts yet. What if one of the Order Members had reported back from a mission?

All these thoughts zipped through Albus's head as he marched through the corridors of Hogwarts. Finally he reached the door to Minerva's office. He could hear weeping. This could be even worse than he thought! What if He's killed one of our… No, don't think like that! Albus shook himself from this morose train of thought as he stepped through the door.

The image that met his eyes was so oxymoronic, Albus needed a moment to process. Minerva was crying, yes, but she was smiling as well. Her handkerchief was fluttering about her grin, sweeping away the tears. She stood up and ran to hug Albus as he stood dumbstruck.

"Oh, Albus!! I never thought we would see this day!" She laughed, squeezing him like a python.

"Minerva, dearest, what did you think we would never see?" Albus asked, trying to gain breathing space. "Are you all right? Is everyone safe? What about the children?"

"That's just it!!" Minerva squealed, running over to the desk to pick up a piece of parchment lying there, "I have a letter from Theseus!" She held it up as if it were the Quidditch Cup.

"Oh, you had me worried!" Albus sighed, relieved, "I thought there was cause for worry…" Before Albus had time to retract his words, Minerva had whacked him soundly over the head.

"There is cause for worry, Albus!" She yelled, "Our son is bringing a girl to the family Christmas celebration!!"

"All this fuss because our son has decided to bring a friend to the family Christmas?" Albus looked decidedly disappointed. Granted, I did get a bit of exercise, and I think I might have even worked up an appetite for a few lemon drops…

"A friend who happens to be a GIRL!" Minerva chided, but Albus was rummaging around in his pockets and merely nodded, "Don't you hear what I'm saying, Albus Dumbledore? Our son has a GIRLFRIEND!"

"Now, Minerva," Albus countered, pulling lemon drop from the reaches of his robes, "Let's not be too hasty…"

"How could you think of sweets at a time like this!?" Minerva grabbed the lemon drop from his hand. She was getting excited again, "Have you forgotten what it was like to be young? Here! Read the letter!" She stuffed the letter the letter into his recently vacated hand.

Albus read it.

Dearest Mother and Father,

I am writing to give you notice that I will be bringing a friend home with me for the Christmas Holidays. Her name is Sedna. She works in the Auror department at the Ministry with me. I hope that you approve of her.

Looking forward to seeing you,


"His handwriting has become so messy since he became an Auror!" Albus assessed. He enjoyed pretending to be dense occasionally, just to annoy his wife. "And he says right here that she is just a friend!"

"Give me that!" Minerva tried her best to be stern, but she knew that Albus was merely trying to rile her. "Do you really think that Theseus would want our approval for just a friend?" She glared as she turned back to her desk. "I don't know about you," She continued as Albus turned to leave, "but I intend to contact Alastor Moody and find out everything he knows about this Sedna."

"Now, Minerva!" Albus came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her, "Don't you think we should give her the benefit of the doubt until we can meet her in person? I trust our son's judgment."

"Our eldest son is involved in his first serious relationship and you're simply going to ignore it?" Minerva climbed toward hysterics again.

"I'm not ignoring it!" Albus retorted, pulling her closer and stroking her hair, "I'm simply going to respect his privacy as an adult. Besides, when did you get so moody?"

Minerva pushed out of his arms and sat back behind her desk, "Well, you can close your eyes to the most important development in his life. But I am here to make sure that Theseus makes the right decision!"

Albus sighed hopelessly and returned to his office and the daily routine of life. I wonder why Minerva was overreacting like that…

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