Buddy came to slowly, his head foggy and hurting.

"Good morning, Buddy, so nice of you to join us," a familiar male voice chuckled.

He jerked his head up to see Xerek standing in front of him. "You…" He tried to jerked forward and found himself immobilized.

Xerek smiled. "I thought it be best to restrain you until you had a chance to calm down. After all you wouldn't want to do something you'd regret."

"I don't know how you got me out of the cell, but I'm not working for you again. I'd rather die," Buddy sneered.

"And if you die who will protect them then, Buddy?" Xerek asked leaning down.

Buddy stilled his struggled against the restraints, even though he could feel the metal giving with his right arm. "I don't have anyone I want to protect," he tried to keep his voice steady, his face still.

Xerek chuckled and stood up. "Don't you?"

"No," Buddy snapped, hands tightening into fists.

"Not that curvy little super with the lovely blue eyes?" Xerek asked with a leer.

Buddy's chest felt tight and he couldn't breathe properly.

"Or that sweet little girl? She's making a lovely granddaughter. It be a shame to have to subject her to some of the same…retraining…you went through. I'm not sure she'd hold up as well. What do you think, Buddy?" Xerek asked.

"No," the word came out before Buddy could stop it.

Xerek simply smiled.

"You don't have them," Buddy growled, pulling at his restraints. "Violet can protect herself and Robin."

"Really? Do you think so?" Xerek asked, taping a finger against his chin. "Maybe we should ask them. What do you think, Buddy? Violet's so been missing you." He tapped something against the wall and the door slid open.

Violet stepped inside, wearing the skimpy black uniform that Buddy recognized as what Xerek dressed his pets in. Her hair was cut short and her eyes were…

Buddy let out a growl of rage and anguish.

Her eyes were empty.

Xerek leaned over to Buddy again. "She was quite spirited, still is when the drugs wear off. I've made her come more times than I can count and she still cries out your name." He straightened and stepped towards Violet pulling her to him. He kissed her brutally as he pulled off her clothing. "I wonder if Robin will be as interesting when she grows up a bit…"

Buddy screamed and felt the restraints give against his manic efforts.

He opened his eyes and saw the ceiling of his holding cell. Buddy covered his eyes with his arm and tried to pretend, as he had for almost a month that he didn't live in fear of that nightmare coming true.