Robin slept through most of the car ride, and Violet was glad to be able to avoid all the questions about where they were going.

Buddy might have said Robin knew the woman they were going to meet but it didn't mean she'd recognize the name. And Violet secretly worried about just who this Elaine Summers was that Buddy so wanted her to visit.

She could have asked Kat to find about all number of things about this woman for her, her mother had even suggested it, but Violet wanted to trust that Buddy wasn't sending her into something dangerous. He'd trusted her with so much after all, even trusted her with the truth.

"You're awfully quite, Violet," Helen said from the passenger seat. "Did you get enough sleep last night?"

"I'm fine, mom. Just thinking." Violet smiled slightly. "I got plenty of sleep. Robin didn't wake up at all."

Helen nodded. "She's finally settling in."

Violet chewed on her bottom lip. "I should look for an apartment."

"Violet," Helen sighed. "You don't have to do that. Both you and Robin are safer at the house."

"Or you, dad, Dash and Jack-Jack are in danger by us being there," Violet pointed out.

Helen laughed. "Violet, I'm fairly certain a house full of Supers is much safer than a apartment with just you and Robin."

"At least in an apartment I wouldn't have to see Dash's ugly face all the time," Violet giggled. "Oh, I think that's it," she said as they came up upon what looked to be a grand estate.

"That has got to be the fanciest nursing home I've ever seen," Helen commented.

"We there yet?" Robin's sleepy voice came from the back seat.

Violet pulled up the gate. "Yeah, we are kiddo."

Robin suddenly squealed with delight. "Grandma! We're going to see grandma! Grandma! Grandma!" she exclaimed excitedly, practically bouncing in her car seat.

Violet shuttered as she told the guard who they were there to see, because out of all the things she'd expected from Robin. That was not one of them.

The guard checked the list and opened the gate for them, directing them to the visitor parking lot.

Helen found her voice first as Violet pulled into a parking spot. "Do you and your father visit her a lot, Robin?"

"No," Robin told her, trying to undo the buckles of her own car seat. "Came last year. Grandma gave me a toy bunny and I got to play with a kitty named Whiskers. Mr. Erik gave me cookies and milk and took me to see the duckys!"

"Hold still, Ro," Violet told her. "You'll just get tangled." Violet climbed out of the car and opened the back door so she could undo the buckles herself.

Robin scrambled up into Violet's arms, and Vi settled the little girl on her hip. She glanced over at her mother.

"Just because Robin calls her grandmother doesn't mean that," Helen told her daughter, knowing what was going through Violet's head.

"But what if it does?" Violet asked as they headed to the front door. Robin was chattering happily, more energetic then Violet had seen her in days.

They were greeted graciously by an attendant who remembered Robin and exclaimed at how much she'd grown before showing them to "Ms. Elaine's" rooms.

Helen leaned in close to her daughter as they walked, nodding towards an elderly man being pushed in a wheelchair. "That's Tommy McCoy, he was a Crime Lord in the 40's."

Violet's eyes widened, but she said nothing.

When the door to Elaine Summer's rooms was opened a white haired elegant looking woman rose to greet them. "Hello, I must say this is a surprise. Buddy said you might be visiting but I had expected him to call first."

"Grandma!" Robin scrambled down from Violet's arms and ran across the room.

Elaine scooped her up into a hug. "Oh my, what a big girl you're getting to be." She set her back down and looked at Violet then frowned slightly looking behind her. "Where's Buddy?"

Violet opened her mouth then closed it, then opened it again. "He couldn't -- that is to say --"

"I see, " Elaine said softly. "I was hoping things would be resolved with out that."

Violet couldn't find words, and the question threatened to burst out from her.

Helen saved her from answering. "I think he did what he thought was best to protect Robin," she said softly. "I'm Helen Parr and this is…"

"Violet, yes, Buddy told me about you," Elaine gestured for them to sit. "You've had a long drive, please sit down. I'll see if I can't get up some lemonade and cookies. You would like that Robin? Then perhaps Erik can show you Whisker's new kittens."

Robin's eyes grew big. "Can I, Vi?"

Violet nodded. "I can't see why not," she told the little girl, then looked up at Elaine. "This might sound rude -- or maybe stupid but -- who are you to Buddy?"

Elaine smiled taking Violet's hand and patting it. "I'm his mother."