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Sempai- senior

Kouhai- hmm how can I explain it? Students that are younger than them will be called this… not really sure how to say it in one word. –Laughs-

Gakuen- academy

Onee-san- sister

Also I DO NOT, BY ANY MEANS, OWN NARUTO though I sure wish I did.

Now that I have explained this… I believe we can go on with the chapter. As I said, I really hope you enjoy it. R&R


Doom High- chapter 1- beginning of a nightmare

"Daddy… you called for me?"

"Yes honey, wait a second, Yes Jirayia… no, I don't care if it is only boys. No… I want her to be like Neji and the first step is going to where he does… I don't care. Get it freaking done!" he hung up clearly annoyed and rubbed his temples, as he looked up to see his daughter look at him curiously. He smiled "Now honey, I called you to tell you you'll be switching schools" he said smiling. Hinata cocked an eyebrow and sat on the chair.

"Why did you decide this sudden change?" she asked suspiciously.

"Well… I decided that if you go to an all-girls school they'll only teach you to be feminine and do women things, but I need a strong heir and if you only learn to be a housekeeping kind of girl or only to be a wife, you won't be ready to take over the Hyuuga business" he was kind of cut off by her.

"So I'm going to a co-ed school?!" she asked clearly happy. It wasn't that she didn't like her current school. She made a lot of girl friends after all, and they are all really nice and are the best friends she can have but… she likes boys so she preferred a school where she could find boys.

"You'll be going to a very good school" he smiled. She had her eyes as wide as dinner plates and waited for the yes. "You'll be going to Neji's school" okay… so she still had her eyes wide but not in anticipation but in horror.

"Daddy!! That's an all-boy's school!!"

"I'm aware of that sweetie"

"I'm a girl!!"

"I know that honey"

"Then why am I going to an all-boy's school?!!!"

"Well… I prefer the education your cousin gets, so you'll be going to Konoha Gakuen"

She ran out from the room, tears falling from her eyes. She wanted to be able to see boys, but not by being thrown in with them! She was way too shy to be able to be in a place like that. She still needed the comfort of female friends… and the worst of all, Neji went to a school known for their stuck up and arrogant boys. She ran up to her room and closed the door, sliding down the door.

"Stupid father… stupid, stupid, stupid!" she sighed and wiped her eyes. Crying would not change the fact that she was going to go to an all-boy's school and above all a dorm-ed all boys' school.



"Are you mad?" she sighed… did he really have to ask that?

"No, I'm just… shocked…"

"Okay… then pack your stuff, I'll send you the things to the dorm. They'll be there by tomorrow" he knocked on the door, as a sign for her to open the door. She opened the door and stood up.

"When am I leaving?"

"It's better to leave today so you'll arrive there tomorrow morning" he smiled and hugged her, kissing her hair.

"I know you don't like the idea, but please do it for me, you know I want this business to be kept in the family and Neji wants to study something else along with Hanabi and… after all you are my first daughter so the duty remains in you. I don't intend to tell you this is your duty… it's not after all, you are free to do as you wish but I want to thank you for accepting to do this and I want you to know that this means a lot to me and I'm really proud of you" she sighed again and pulled away from the grip her father had on her.

"It's fine… I'll be packing now then" eyes down and hair dishevelled.

"Just one more thing" she looked up, waiting for more bad news "DON'T LISTEN TO ALL THOSE BOYS. You are beautiful and I don't want my daughter to be with those… animals! They may be from rich and high stat families but they are not worthy of you" Hinata smiled for the first time since the news and hugged her dad.

"Thank you for worrying. I'm sorry for the tantrum I threw"

"Don't worry, that's what dad's are made for" he smiled and hugged her back, rising her chin and kissing her cheek. "That's my little girl. Take care of yourself okay?" She nodded and pulled away.

"Will you take me there? I think I will need as much confidence as I can…" she sighed. He nodded happily and spoke "I'm not the only one that will go with you. All of your friends said they wanted to go with you to cheer you on, but we will come back once you are there" Hinata looked up amazed. Her father smiled and pointed at the window. She looked back at him and then walked towards the window, drawing back the curtain. She gasped. All of her friends were jumping up and down while squealing in front of the Hyuuga excursion bus.

"Thank you daddy!!" she ran towards him and hugged him.

"It's the least I could do after all…"

"And that's were it all started. That was yesterday afternoon. Now its seven fifty-five am and we are some miles away from the school. I'm here laughing with all of my friends and they are all squealing and laughing." Hinata closed her diary and looked up at her friends.

"Hina, you are so lucky!" a pink-haired girl said as she jumped on her and glomped her. "But we'll miss our little prince!!"

"Mou Sakura-chan… it's not like I won't go back. I'll try to go back every weekend"

"Or it'd be better if we go and visit you every week end, what do you say" a girl with her hair in two buns and a mischievous look said.


"What?! We can't let you be there alone every single day!" all of the girls laughed and Tenten pouted and then began to laugh with them. "No really, we will go and visit you every week end. It's easier for us since Tsunade wants to come with us and she said that we will go some Fridays then go back on Sundays. Well… that's only like every weekend at the end of the month" Tenten pouted. A blonde girl with her hair on four ponytails continued saying what Tenten was saying.

"As Tenten said, we will go and visit you when we can since your father told us you can't come back on weekends since you have some classes on week ends. But we'll miss you so much girl!" Hinata smiled warmly.

"Temari-sempai… even you? I feel so loved now!" she teased. Temari wasn't very used to affection and stuff like that but Hinata was her cutest and beloved kouhai.

"…But… if any of those guys touch even one of your hairs, call me and I'll immediately come and kick their butts!" Temari said as she tightened her fist. "And stay away from my little brother… you know he is a HUUUUUGE playboy so…" Hinata smiled.

"Don't worry about me, I'll be fine!"

"Aww, our Hina is growing up! If you find a boy you like you have to bring him to me and I'll tell you if he can go out with you or not" another blonde said, though this one had her hair up in a high ponytail. Hinata smiled.

"Of course Ino-chan" Ino put her thumb up and winked at her.

"Hinata-nee-san?" Hinata looked at almost identical eyes though blurry ones and put her arms up and brought her sister in a tight hug.

"Silly! Why are you about to cry? I'll still be your sister and you can come and visit me whenever you want. Dad made sure of that so now you just need to say your name and you will be allowed to go in" Hinata said as she wiped the tears that fell from her sister's eyes.

"Hinata-sempai… I'll miss you so much!" a girl with a weird hairdo came and hugged Hinata. Hinata smiled and rubbed her back.

"Moegi-chan, I'll be fine!"

"But what will happen to your fan club?!" she asked looking at Hina's friends.

"Shoot… I almost forgot about them" she sighed. All of the girls laughed and hugged her.

"I bet they will cry since their prince left" Sakura teased and playfully nudged her.

"I bet they will become emo" Ino said.

"Nah, they will probably try to chase after her" Tenten added.

"Or maybe they will do the three options" Temari said. All of the girls in the bus laughed loudly and hugged Hina again.

"Hinata? We are here" her father said as he pulled the bus over and came to find his daughter. Hinata smiled and got up. She followed her father and went outside the bus, followed by all of her friends.


"Guys did you see that?!!" a boy yelled. You could see all the boys crowding at the entrance looking at the bus full of girls.

"Ohh my god! Girls! It was such a long time since I saw girls, since my father doesn't let me go back every weekend…" another boy said. Bickering and stuff like that was heard as they saw a middle-aged man with grey eyes get out of the bus.

"What the hell is this? Why are there girls here?!" Anko asked. Jirayia sighed.

"Hiashi made me admit his daughter… and she came from an all-girl's school. Apparently she had the title of prince and princess. Supposedly she was really popular for being very beautiful… this was what I was fearing…" he said as he chuckled evilly and licking his lips.

"A girl?! What the hell is Hiashi thinking?! It's like sending a small lamb in a pack of wolves!"

"I know… but it will be a change to what they are used to at least. Anko can you be her guardian?" the woman with the violet hair in a messy ponytail nodded and walked towards the entrance, moving the boys.

"All of you behave! Hiashi" she greeted and opened the gate, letting the tall man in.

"Anko" he greeted "I thought they'd be in classes by now!" she shook her head. "They were going to their classes, but now I guess they won't!" she said as she rubbed her temples. "Well, where is the girl?" he smiled and pulled her towards the bus.

Anko cocked an eyebrow since she could only see a crowd of girls. Hiashi went in the circle and pulled the girl that was being surrounded and hugged by every single girl. All of the girls 'Aww'-ed and some were crying. "Anko, this is my daughter, Hinata"

She was taller than the average female's height, something that didn't surprise Anko since Hiashi is pretty tall himself, as well as Neji; she had very light lavender/blue eyes almost reaching grey and her hair was an adorable dark midnight blue tone almost reaching raven and it was layered, in shoulder length. It was relatively dishevelled but it gave her a wild look. She had an adorable smile and her skin's complexion was very light, as in pale but a healthy pale. She had full, pink lips with a light coat of lip gloss and she had a dreamy body. She had an hourglass figure though her breasts were really big; consider a C or D-cup; she had very long eyelashes.

"Angel" Anko soon covered her mouth at the word that slipped from her mouth and blushed. Hiashi chuckled along with Hinata who giggled while Sakura approached Anko and placed her arm on her shoulders.

"Don't worry Anko-san, it has happened to many people, some find it hard to believe that she is human" Anko blushed at the contact that she had with the also very pretty girl that whispered to her.

"Well honey, we'll be leaving now, take care and Anko-san here will be your guardian" Hinata nodded and once that everyone said their goodbyes she dropped her head and frowned.

"Let's go" Anko motioned to Hinata and began walking. Various guys whistled and called out various things so Hinata gasped.

"In there?! Now that every single guy is waiting?! … This will be such a loooong year" she sighed and kept walking, facing down.

"You haven't even started classes, nor school for that matter" Anko scolded.

"I don't need to start this school to know it!" she smacked her forehead and apologized.

"It's okay, I guess you're not used to it" Anko sighed and went inside, moving all the guys so there wouldn't be any guy flirting with her. She kept walking and once inside the school Anko began running with her. She kept the guys back so once they were inside the building they would be able to run towards the principal's office and the guys wouldn't know where Hinata is. Hinata appreciated this greatly and ran as fast as she could. Once Anko stopped she abruptly did the same and panted.

"Come on, we have lost them" Hinata nodded and hastily went in the office. She squeaked when she saw the principal reading porn. Anko saw this and walked towards Jirayia and smacked him, making him realize that Hinata was there.

"Ms Hyuuga! Welcome to Konoha Gakuen, I am Jirayia, your principal. It's refreshing to see such a lovely woman here! I bet you'll be the flower of this place" he winked and Anko shuddered. 'Poor girl… I went through that once and I really hated it'

"Here is your schedule, your condo's number, your key and your uniform is waiting for you there along with your textbooks and stuff like that" he on purposely brushed his hand against Hinata's making her blush and nod.

"Thank you Jirayia-sensei" with that she left the room.

"You seemed to take that fairly well Hinata-san" Anko said as she walked towards her.

"It… it has happened before when I go out with my friends… so it's not a big deal" she stated as she began to walk with Anko.

"Do I go directly to classes or go to the dorm?"

"Classes; There are various rules 1. No boys after 6 pm. 2.Avoid boys in the condo, you are, after all, the only one, besides the dangerous kids, that have a condo and not a suite. 3. This one was made by Jirayia… sorry, do not change the uniform. The skirt is to be twelve inches above the knee and… ahh yeah! No grades below B+" Hinata gaped. Okay so the grade issue is fine, she's used to get only A+'s, not because her father made her but because that's who she is, no boys issue is fine, she didn't plan on letting them in or sneaking to their room at night but a skirt that is twelve inches above the knee?!!!!!!

"Twelve inches?! That's like… a mini-mini skirt!!" she argued. A look of sympathy crossed Anko's gaze but then it was changed to laughter.

"Yeah... sorry, Jirayia is very perverted and since you are his first female student…" Hinata got what she meant obviously… but this was too much. Okay so one hint of harassment from that guy and bye bye school, she would make sure of that.

"Okay… then where are the bathrooms?" she asked as she stared at the package that held the uniform.

"Come on I'll take you there. Ahh! By the way in… fifteen minutes is break. It's mostly like a breakfast break. Guys prefer to go out for one hour some place cool to eat. Be careful since I'm your guardian but I am also a teacher so I can't be with you always and I have a tutoring class" Hinata shuddered. This would definitely not be good.

She entered the bathroom and sighed as she took out of the bag the clothes. A cherry red blush adorned her pretty face. She soon took off her own clothes and put on the uniform. It was a white shirt with the school's shield in black and it had the cuffs in black as well with grey decorations. It was really tight to the body, showing off the curves she didn't enjoy showing. Then the black plated skirt, that barely covered her butt by the way, made her feel like a whore… ohh joy!

She sighed again and took out her "farewell gift" given to her by her adorable father. Her new LG KS20, a recent phone that who knows how he was able to get it, and took a picture with it then sent it to Sakura.

-can you believe this is my new uniform?! Hina-

Anko pounded on the door. Hinata turned to the said object and turned on her heel, walking towards it she sighed… once again… 'This will be hell'. Once out she stared awkwardly at Anko who was apparently carrying two big textbooks.

"… what are those books you have?" Anko turned to her and sheepishly smiled as she realized she had Hinata's books for the next two lessons. Hinata smiled.

"These are the books for your next two lessons… I kind of forgot…" Hinata sighed and took them as she grabbed her bag tighter. Anko smiled and took her to the class, pushing her every once in a while when she stopped, about to run away.

"It's not that bad, come on!"

"I'm… just not used to boys…I mean I've had to handle perverted men but… boys?… besides I haven't seen my cousin since a long time ago… and…-"

"You'll be fine… They have me as their teacher now so they can't hurt you and they must be playing" Hinata sighed. She didn't like the idea… she didn't even get why she comforted her crying sister when she wouldn't be fine! She would be a stuttering mess when she was smaller in front of boys! Who can assure her she won't be this time! 'I can even be raped…' she thought as she walked towards a door that said C- she sighed.

"They aren't divided by levels?"

"No, there are all ages. It's just Sex-Ed so it's the same. Don't worry. For the next classes you will be divided by 1st level, 2nd level and 3rd level. Those levels divided in classes" she replied smiling as she was about to open the door.

"Ano… why am I in Sex-Ed?"

"All classes have it at this time. The school has a large campus and variety but there aren't that many students. It's an escalator school"

"Nnoo!!!" Anko pulled her towards her once the door was open yet she resisted. Anko sighed and let her there for a second as she entered the room and roughly placed the books on the desk, taking the attention of everyone.

"Okay you maggots! Today we have a new student-" she was cut off by two blue-eyed blonds that were laughing.

"Anko-chan is it true it's a girl? An actual girl?!" they asked.

"Seems the rumour flew quickly… Yes, she's a girl and not a whore like the ones you know Uzumakis!" (A/N: I know this is weird but Deidara and Naruto are brothers here… so… xDDDD don't hate me! –Dodges pitch forks-)

"Aww Anko-chan… why do you say that?!" they said, faking hurt. Anko scoffed and smirked.

"She's my protégé so if one of you makes a move on her or something I have the right and obligation to punish you. Now, Hinata-chan please come in" Hinata shyly entered, looking down at the floor as she moved towards Anko.

"Now Hinata-chan can you please introduce yourself?"

"A-ano… m-my name is H-Hyuuga H-Hinata a-and" she stopped for a second. Anko looked at her and placed her hand on her shoulder, reassuring her. "… And… I am fifteen years old… I like to r-read and … hang out with my friends… and that's it" she said in a low whisper, avoiding the gazes she was being sent. Anko laughed.

"Honey… you did well, I'm glad you didn't see the gazes you were being sent. It's okay… you can stop stuttering… there is nothing to be afraid of" she whispered to her. Hinata looked up with hope in her eyes at Anko who just grinned and patted her head.

"Yoroshiku onegai shimasu" she bowed quickly and stared at the boys. What she saw made her sigh and blush heavily.

Sai POV-

"Anko-chan is it true it's a girl? An actual girl?!" they asked.

"Seems the rumours flew quickly… Yes, she's a girl and not a whore like the ones you know Uzumakis!"

"Aww Anko-chan… why do you say that?!" they said, faking hurt. Anko scoffed and smirked.

"She's my protégé so if one of you makes a move on her or something, I have the right and obligation to punish you. Now, Hinata-chan please come in" Hinata shyly entered, looking down at the floor as she moved towards Anko.

We just stared… It's not like we haven't seen women in our lives, in fact we see them all the time… hell they come to hand out in their breaks in our school and sometimes even stay in the weekends! But she was different. The uniform was… how to say it… minimal. I think we know why did Jirayia make her use this… for his own entertainment… but we will use it ourselves.

She was really cute, no, more than cute, an angel or goddess.

"Now Hinata-chan can you please introduce yourself?" Anko said once the girl was inside. Okay… so I suppose she is called Hinata… hmm nice name. I like it.

"A-ano… m-my name is H-Hyuuga H-Hinata a-and" What in the world?! Does she have speaking problems or something? Cute though, ahh maybe the stuttering is just a timid girl's issue, I personally don't mind... okay… it turned me on… Shut up! "… and… I am fifteen years old… I like to r-read and … hang out with my friends… and that's it" she said in a low whisper, avoiding the gazes she was being sent. Well… it is a good thing that she's avoiding them, she might feel totally stalked just by the lustful stared even the seniors are sending her. Poor girl.

Dickless (Naruto) was literally drooling as well as Fag (Deidara). While the 'stoic' Uchiha brothers where smirking evilly while looking at her lustfully. Neji was just gaping … you know what? To make this shorter lets say they were doing two things 1. undressing her with their eyes or 2. restraining themselves from humping her right then and there. I, being the mature and impassive being I am well… I stood up.

End of POV

"Hinata-chan right? If I may ask, what is a flower as beautiful as you doing in this place?" she suddenly looked up and locked gazes with Sai. She blushed but smiled warmly.

"I… I'm here on my fathers order, a-ano…" Sai quickly got what she meant and soon told her his name.

"Sai, Yamamoto Sai"

"Yoroshiku onegai shimasu Y-Yamamoto-kun" she said as she quickly bowed.

"Kochira koso yoroshiku onegai shimasu" he replied with a smirk while he bowed gracefully and he took her hand in his, lightly kissing her hand and winking at her... Hinata suddenly felt faint… as if about to pass out but gathered herself up.

"Sai… what in the world are you doing?!" Sai looked at Anko and simply smirked wider, making Hinata blush even redder… if possible.

"Anko-sensei, I'm just introducing myself to this lovely lady… don't you think it's important to make a first impression. I believe she will need a friend if she comes to this school, don't you agree with me?" Anko sighed and waved her hand as if telling him to proceed. … Though after a while of looking around she just saw the lust-filled stared directed at her student and the hateful glares at Sai.

"… I seem it will be useless to try to get you to work now, am I right?" she saw all the many guys nodding while glaring "Okay then… you have the next ten minutes to do what you want, go to break early. Behave properly before Hyuuga-san unless you want a week-long four hour detention. One single harassment from your part and you will go and see Jirayia" Anko knew that Jirayia wouldn't tell them anything… in fact he would encourage them to harass the poor girl even more but maybe she could call Tsunade and make her 'talk' to Jirayia. …and meanwhile Jirayia in his office sneezed and shuddered. Back to the story…

"Anko-sensei… can I use my cell?" Hinata asked innocently… making the guys melt in the process…


"Thanks!" Hinata quickly took her cell phone out and read the new sent message.

-OMG… how can they make you use that?! … It looks so good on you! But I suppose that's not the problem… ((sigh)) If there is any guy that does something to you text me immediately, I promise to be there. Ohh my poor prince!! Love ya'! ((kisses))Saku-

-Hyuuga Hinata! How could you let them give you such a uniform! That's not a uniform! It can't even be considered clothes! Its too short and tight! I thought I taught you better than that! Take care! Ten –

-Hina!! You naughty little devil! You will make all those guys fall at your feet and it's not even your fault! My god! I envy you so much! Why do you have to have such genes!! Gah! Answer me soon Ino-

-Hinata-kouhai… three words 'give that back!' you are MY Hinata Tema-

A soft giggle erupted from those cherry red lips and she looked around saw all the guys were walking away speaking to their friends and sparing glances at her. She saw two guys that were approaching her.

"Ano… w-what is this?"

"Hi Hinata-san! I'm Inuzuka Kiba and this is my friend Aburame Shino!" a guy with spiky brown hair and two arrows tattooed on his cheeks smiled broadly making Hinata giggle. He rubbed his neck and smiled sheepishly as he held his hand out. Hinata held hers out as well and they shook hands.

"Nice to meet you Inuzuka-kun, Aburame-kun" Kiba blushed fiercely and Shino… well... you couldn't see courtesy to his jacket…

She smiled awkwardly and she picked up her stuff, in hopes of going up to her condo and just breathe. Maybe she could chill out… call her friends… sign-on or something.

"Would you like to go and have some breakfast with us? We know this restaurant outside of campus that is awesome! And we have some friends waiting" Hinata looked at them and searched for any ill-intentions in his eyes. Having found none she beamed and nodded.

"I'd love to Kiba-kun! …but do we have to go in uniform?" Kiba cocked an eyebrow and looked at her.

"… Well normally we go in our uniforms… its too troublesome to change just after we are back and it'd be wasting time… now lets go!" he pulled her arm and Shino walked beside them.


"Welcome to Ichiraku's, Naruto-san and the others are waiting for you"

"Hi, um, thanks Ayame!" he said as he sheepishly smiled and rubbed his neck as he saw the look she gave him when she looked at Hinata. "Ayame… um this is Hyuuga Hinata, she's our new classmate!" he loudly said as he held his head up high making Ayame giggle.

"Nice to meet you Hinata-san" she said as she bowed lightly, Hinata returned the gesture and smiled. "But I thought Konoha Gakuen was an all-boys school"

"It is… she entered the school because of her father. Right Hinata-chan?" the girl nodded. "Well, see you later Ayame!" the girl nodded and walked towards the cashier.

Kiba and Shino walked towards a table where they could see a loud blond and his friends. It was the largest table and apparently the one who caught most people's attention. Kiba walked towards them, beaming.

"Guys look who is going to eat with us today!" he said as he smiled and pulled on Hina's hand making her stumble forward. She blushed as she lowered her gaze, her bangs covering her pretty face as a curtain. Finally gathering up the courage she bit her lip and looked up to see different looks. Most were shock ones. She smiled to cover her obvious embarrassment but smiled nonetheless. "Hinata-chan, this loud idiot is Uzumaki Naruto"

"Who are you calling an idiot you moron?! Heh heh… nice to meet you Hinata-chan" she nodded and smiled as Kiba continued, but not after glaring at Naruto who had just winked at Hinata… reason why she was so flushed.

"These cold and apparently emo guys are Uchiha Sasuke and Sabaku no Gaara… Gaara is the red head… Sasuke is the guy with the duck-butt hairdo" the jet black haired guy glared at Kiba while Gaara looked at her and waved. Kiba leaned on her ear and whispered "Stay away from them… they are hardcore playboys… you are too good for them" This obviously gained Kiba many glares and a fierce blush from the cute Hyuuga.

"The chubby guy is Akimichi Chouji and beside him is Nara Shikamaru… he is way too lazy so he probably will not answer, then there is Sabaku no Kankuro and this is the guy you have already met… Sai" Hinata smiled warmly at Chouji who said a muffled hello, thanks to his mouth full of waffles, Shikamaru looked up and yawned then said hi. Kankuro looked up at her and smiled as he laid his head on his arms and continued on sleeping.


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