I breathe in deeply. Wilson's head is resting on my chest, his right arm is laying across my stomach, his right leg resting comfortably over mine. We're just a tangle of limbs and I'm content.

"I missed you this week." Wilson says softly.

"Yeah?" Only one more thing could make this perfect. I reach over to the nightstand, I'm careful not to disturb Wilson. I grab the pill bottle and dump out two pills before replacing the bottle on the nightstand.

"Yeah." Wilson lightly traces his fingers over my stomach, like he's making invisible patterns. "My knees are bruised from when you pushed me off the bed the other night."

I pop the two pills in my mouth. I swallow them dry. "You never should have touched my pills."

"Well, you called my ex-wife."

"I ended up having to deal with my ex too."

"But I didn't call her. That was just an awful coincidence." Wilson looks up at me. "Why did you call Julie?"

"Because you gave me a decoy wallet. You sneaky bastard."

Wilson smirks, "Yeah, I was kinda proud of myself for that one. But you ended up getting free lunch from Cameron."

"That's because Cameron actually loves me enough to feed me."

I feel Wilson's grip on me tighten a little. "She can't have you. You're mine."

I run my fingers through Wilson's hair. "You're cute when your jealous."

"I'm cute all the time." Wilson says matter-of-factly. "So, why did you call Julie?"

"Because you weren't talking to me. How am I suppose to know what's wrong if you don't talk to me?"

"You could have asked me."

"I sent my minions!"

"Yeah, that was the lamest information gathering attempt I ever saw. I think I stopped loving you for a moment. I thought you were more clever than to send an obvious cancer case my way."

"You stopped loving me?"

Wilson looks thoughtful for a moment. "No, I would have to love you to begin with to stop loving you."

I make my best insulted face and give Wilson a playful shove. "Get out of my bed, you bastard. You don't love me? I feel so used." I say over-dramatically.

Wilson laughs and moves closer to me. "Yes, Greg. I use you only for the mind blowing sex."

"I knew it." I say, pouting my bottom lip out.

Wilson kisses me. "I love you."

"Yeah, sure." I roll my eyes.

"I do. You love me, too."

I pull Wilson so his head's resting on my chest again. "I must. I'm keeping you around even though you broke my bedroom door."

"Our bedroom door." Wilson corrects me. "Besides, I needed to get clothes. One of us has to look presentable."

"I wouldn't insult me. I could still kick you out."

"You also stole my dinner, that wasn't nice."

"Right... that was your punishment for the decoy wallet, not the phone call..." I try to think of what came before that. "Why did you give me a decoy wallet?"

"Because I was mad at you."

"Why were you mad at me?"

Wilson rests his head on his pillow and pulls away from me. He's pouting.

"Don't start. We just got back to talking to each other again." I say, feeling annoyed at how Wilson's acting.

"You should know."

"I was drunk. That's all I remember about last Sunday! I was drunk and then, all of a sudden, you start yelling at me!"

Wilson pouts a little more and I can't help but laugh. "Come on." I say, gently rubbing his arm. "Stop acting like a girl and tell me what's bothering you."

Wilson mumbles something and I can't pick out any of the words.

"Speak up." I'm curious about why he's so moody. A thought suddenly hits me and I think I know why he's upset. I really hope he says what I think he's going to say. This is going to be priceless!

"You're smiling." Wilson says, raising his eyebrow questioningly.

"That's because I can't look at you without smiling." I say quickly. Wilson rolls his eyes. "Come on, tell me why you're so cranky lately."

"You forgot our anniversary." Wilson mumbles.

I burst out laughing. I can't help it. "You... You've been mad at me all week because you think I forgot our anniversary?" I can barely breathe, I'm laughing so hard.

Wilson looks annoyed as he sits up. "Well, six months seemed like it would be a big deal considering..." He looks at me curiously, "What do you mean I think you forgot? You did forget."

My laughter subsides a little. "You're an idiot!" I exclaim.

Wilson looks hurt. "You forget our anniversary and I'm an idiot?"

I sit up. I take a deep breath and stop laughing altogether. "Yes. Because last week wasn't our anniversary. Today is and you're an idiot."

Wilson eyes go wide and it's a priceless expression. "No." He jumps out of bed and goes searching for a calender.

I start laughing at the sight of Wilson standing in his blue boxers and pointing to the calender he just retrieved from the kitchen. "Last week was the 10th." He says pointing to the box marked the 10th.

"I'm glad you can read a calender. Too bad our anniversary is on the 17th."

"You're lying."

"Why would I lie about this? To get myself out of trouble? We already made up."

Wilson frowns and he looks at the calender again.

"Fine, if you really don't believe me, go check your journal. You keep it super organized and you would be able to tell if I tampered with it. Six months ago today you wrote an entry about how you moved in here and how it's the start of our life together blah blah mushy stuff. We agreed that our anniversary was the day you moved in because everything before that was awkward realizations and such."

Wilson nods and moves to go get his journal. He pauses in the doorway. "You read my journal?"

I roll my eyes. "Don't act surprised!"

Wilson returns a few minutes later. He sits on the edge of the bed and starts flipping through the pages. I move so I can read over his shoulder. "Oh... would you look at that." I say pointing to the date on the page. "I can't believe I'm moving in with House. Well, that's not really the surprise, it's the reason behind the move that is surprising..." I start to read from the page.

Wilson's head drops. "I'm an idiot."

I kiss his neck. "Sure, but you're my idiot." I look at the bruises on Wilson's knees. "I guess you kinda deserve though, for starting trouble all week for nothing." I poke one of the bruises and it makes Wilson flinch.

"I had a right to be mad."

"Yeah, but you were a week early. Besides, I didn't forget, I even got you a present." I poke another one of Wilson's bruises.

Wilson flinches again and moves away from me. "That hurts!"

I poke him again. "You deserve it. This is all your fault."

"Fine! I'm sorry!"

I poke Wilson's knee harder. "Cameron told me that I should apologize, I almost listened to her!"

Wilson curls up to try to protect his legs from the relentless poking. "Stop! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

I chuckle. "You're an idiot." I get up and go to the closet. I retrieve Wilson's present from it's hiding place.

Wilson uncurls himself and looks at the present curiously.

"It's not going to bite." I say, waving the bag in front of his face.

Wilson opens the bag and pulls out a book. He flips through it. "A new journal."

I shrug. "Your old one is almost out of fresh pages. And... I like reading what you think about me and us. So, I was hoping if you got a new journal, you would keep writing..."

"Greg, I can't believe..." Wilson sighs. "I'm such an idiot. I'm really sorry about this week."

"It's alright. I still love you." I lean over and kiss him gently. "Happy anniversary, James."

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