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A/N- Well, after watching BAMSR I found that I had ideas for not one but six missing moments, so have decided to post them all in one story. They'll hopefully all be up tonight, or tomorrow – but I want to post them in consecutive order, and the next one isn't done yet.

These missing moments revolve around John and Teyla – mainly John. Please let me know what you think.

SPOILERS for the episode, obviously.

Be All My Sins Remember'd - Missing Moment #1

John stared at the Wraith in silence for a moment. He hadn't answered his question, and he had more, but they could wait. He put away his gun.

"Help me wake them up, and we'll get out of here," he said. The Wraith nodded, and John started to walk past him towards Teyla – there was no way he was going to let him wake up her.

Teyla was sprawled on her back on the bench, and if it hadn't been for her awkward position John might have thought she was sleeping. Her face was peaceful and her breathing even. He leant over her and couldn't help a small smile – it was so rare to see her like this. He reached out and very gently brushed a lock of hair off her forehead.

John heard Ronon start to stir behind him, and mentally shook himself. What was he doing? She wasn't sleeping, she was stunned. Jeez, he was crazy.

John gripped Teyla's shoulder and shook her lightly. "Teyla? Teyla, wake up!" He said.

Teyla face turned towards him, so her chin was resting against his hand. Her eyes fluttered and opened. She looked up at him and blinked in confusion.

"Get the hell away from me!"

John stood up straight and looked round at Ronon, who was in the process of jumping to his feet, glaring angrily at the Wraith. He went for his gun and John held up a hand.

"Woah, calm down big guy!" He said.

Ronon ignored him and pulled out his gun, pointing it straight at the Wraith, who just snarled at him. "He double-crossed us!" Ronon said angrily.

John took a step towards him. "We're alive, right?" He said. "And seven Wraith ships are gonna join us. Put the gun away."

Ronon narrowed his eyes but didn't move. He didn't shoot though, which John took as a good sign.

He turned to the Wraith. "Sit down," he said to him. The Wraith turned the snarl on him, but did as he was told. John turned back to Ronon. "Put it away," he repeated.

Ronon's lips twisted menacingly, but after a second he lowered his arm and holstered the gun.

"What happened?" Asked Teyla from behind him.

John watched Ronon for another moment before turning back round to look at Teyla. She was sitting up on the bench, her hands twisted together on her lap, tight against her stomach.

"The Wraith wanted to speak to our guy alone," he told her. "But they've gone now. We're outta here."

Teyla reached up one hand pushed her hair behind her ear, staring at the floor. John frowned.

"You okay?" He asked.

Teyla looked up at him and nodded, perhaps a little too quickly. "Yes, I am fine," she said. She stood up and walked past him, back to her seat at the front of the puddlejumper. She looked worried.

John looked over at Ronon to see if he had noticed, but he was busy glaring at the Wraith. He'd obviously taken the stunning incident hard. John shook his head and walked over to his own seat, eyeing the Wraith as he walked past. He was sneering at Ronon.

Teyla had sat down, and her hands were back on her lap, twisting together again. She stopped as soon as John sat down, and looked round at him, her face apparently calm and expectant, but he could still the worry in her eyes.

She was obviously not happy with the whole working with the Wraith situation. Hell, John wasn't crazy about it either. But if they wanted their plan to work, it had to happen.

Ronon took his seat behind Teyla and John started up the jumper engines.

"Let's get out of here," he said, flying back towards the gate. He glanced at Teyla.

She was twisting her hands again.