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Be All My Sins Remember'd – Missing Moment #6

It was late when John finally approached his quarters. Very, very late. The corridors were empty and silent as he dragged his weary feet down them, his mind still buzzing from the conversation he'd just had.

"Teyla's pregnant? Seriously? Who's the father? How far along… wait a minute, this is a joke isn't it? Seriously? Wow. I mean, that's great… um… who's the father? I didn't even know she was seeing anyone… She must be thrilled though. Pregnant! Wow."

John didn't know what had possessed him to tell Rodney about Teyla's condition. He'd been sitting opposite him in the empty mess hall, listening to him rabbiting on about how great the op had gone and how much of an ass Ellis was, but all he'd been able to think about was Teyla and her revelation. He'd known Rodney had to be told sooner or later, and for some reason had plumped for sooner.

To tell the truth, John had been hoping for a little understanding – for someone to get why he had had to react the way he had. His earlier conversation with Ronon kept coming back to haunt him – Ronon had gone to the infirmary with her, had been the supportive friend. Ronon hadn't said anything reproachful to John about his decision, and he knew he wouldn't, but he also knew his friend thought he had been too harsh. It had been there in his eyes when they had talked.

Rodney, though, seemed to be too shocked by the news to really understand the ramifications of how it had been kept a secret for so long. And for the rest of the meal John had had to endure Rodney's repeated exclamations of surprise.

He knew Sam understood from a military point of view, but she hadn't seemed the least bit irked when he'd told her. But then Teyla wasn't a member of her team, and she didn't know her too well… would Elizabeth have been angry?

No. It was just him.

The knowledge that he was the only one angry about the situation did little to relieve John of the emotion. So what if no one else felt it? He still had every right to be annoyed with Teyla. Not only was she a member of his team, but she was supposed to be his friend.

Would a friend really have reacted the way you did?

John shook his head, trying to rid himself of the annoying little voice. He turned the corner onto his corridor.

Golden light was spilling into the darkened hallway from under Teyla's door, and a shadow was moving across it, back and forth. Teyla was still awake. And she was pacing.

John stopped, watching Teyla's shadow as she moved across her room. Why was she still awake? Surely she needed to rest… she was pregnant! She couldn't stay up half the night walking around her room!

John ran his hands through his hair, silently cursing himself for being so… so him. Why was he worrying about her? This was Teyla, and if she needed worrying about, she'd let him know in her own good time, like she had with her pregnancy. He'd taken her off active duty to keep her safe – if she wanted to stay awake all night she was entitled to do so.

Being as quiet as he could, John walked past her door and kept going until he reached his own quarters. As soon as he was inside his weariness caught up with him again. He kicked off his boots and crawled into bed still fully dressed, just wanting to fall asleep and forget this day ever happened.

There was a soft knock on John's door, so soft he barely heard it. But he did. He opened his eyes and lifted his head, staring at his door.

The knock came again, still as soft as before. It was the knock of someone who wasn't sure he was there, and who didn't know if they should be. It was Teyla.

John's hands clenched under his bedclothes as he kept staring at the door, completely still. His mind was racing, his body was poised to go answer the door, but something held him back. He couldn't do this. Not now. Not yet.

The knock didn't come again, and after a few moments shuffling noises from outside told John that Teyla had walked away.

Slowly, he lowered his head back onto his pillow. He pulled his quilt up over his eyes.

Please. Let me forget this day ever happened.