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Sakura sighed. Again. First day at high-school, and most certainly boarding school was not by any means the perfect day. Especially when it looked like a prison camp. The building was gray, windows showing here and there. Flowers could be seen behind some windows, which did lighten up the mood. But it was still gray and in dry cement. Just like a prison or a mental institution. And to finish it off, barbed wires encircled it as if to stop people from getting out. Joy.

"Hey there ! You must be the new girl !" a petty blond cried, appearing in front of the gate. "Tsunade, the principal, sent me to get you. I'll bring you to her office," she continued. "I'm Ino by the way."

"Um ... Hi, I'm Sakura," she tried. She certainly didn't expect this welcome. The only thing she wanted to do was to be forgotten for a while. Visibly this was not going to happen.

Ino unlocked the gate and ushered her in, glancing different ways to see in anyone was watching. The rosette looked at her. This is an even stranger school with even stranger people than I thought.

"I'll bring you straight to the principal's office, then when you've finished I'll show you around and bring you to your room to unpack. Hopefully your stuff will have arrived by then." Ino was starting to get bubbly again. " It's not often we get new students here. I mean, we've all suffered more or less the same thing, that's our school's characteristic."

Sakura just stared at her. They'd all suffered. But looking at Ino, she couldn't believe it. She was happy, bubbly and hyper-active. Colorful clothes hung loosely from her, and she didn't put make-up on as thought she was an emo, goth or other. Ino noticed her looking at her clothes. "These ? Don't get too hopeful. We have got uniforms, but like it's a day off we can wear what we like."

"So you don't have school on Saturday ?" Sakura asked. She was beginning to like her. Even though she looked pretty dark beside her. She has black highlights in her unusual pink hair, and dark nail polish too. Though she was wearing the uniform.

"Saturdays ? Only in the morning. Anyway, we're nearly there." Sakura hadn't realized she had been walking briskly by the other girl's side. "We're here. Tsunade may seem a bit over the top, but she's good usually to new students."

"Usually ?"

"Just one case of a snobby boy pissing her off. She punched him in the face. The guy had to have his dentition redone," was Ino's clearly uninterested reply. Sakura just swallowed, making a mental note of not pissing Tsunade off. She knocked gently on the door, the blond giving her the thumbs up, and entered.

A woman that looked like she was in her mid-twenties sat at the desk, bottles of sake around her. Her hazel eyes flicked to Sakura in almost a surprised way, then recollected herself.

"You must be Sakura. Pleasure to meet you, as it always is with new students. I'm really sorry about your loss. You'll find that nearly every student here has been subject to it and not wanted to stay at an orphanage," Tsunade said sympathetically.

Sakura held her head low, not wanting to show weakness. When she decided it was safe to raise her head without bursting in to tears, she looked determinedly in the principal's eyes, showing no emotion, no fear. Her father had died not long ago. But it wasn't her father she mourned. Her mother, dead for a few years, had always loved her and encouraged her to go further. It was a terrible hit when she learned her mum had died.

"Tsunade examined the girl quietly, before announcing, "Well, you fared better than the previous one. He tried to throttle me when I told exactly what I just said. Children, or teenagers in this case, always forget who's stronger. In this case I am. Remember that and you won't have any problems." Sakura remembered the story of the boy who had lost his teeth. That must be him.

"Anyway, here's your timetable. Lessons start on Monday, finish Saturdays at mid-day. In the time being, Ino will show you around." Tsunade handed her a piece of paper and a key, which she guessed was for her room. She went out, only to be bombarded with the certain blond.

"Did it go okay ? Tsunade can be a bit harsh sometimes," Ino was smiling though, clearly happy Sakura had made it out with all her teeth. "Come on,let's go. I'll show you around."

They exited the building and started crossing the grounds. There was a pitch of grass in one corner and one of sand in the other. The swimming area was where they were heading now. "The grassy area is usually for sport playing, like soccer or other things. The sand pitch is where people train their combat skills," Ino explained.Combat skills ?

Ino continued to explain, stopping a few times to show people around her. "That's Naruto, the blond with six scars on his cheeks. He's hyper-active, loves ramen and can be a complete idiot. He's sweet though when you get to know him, but that's not very hard. And the girl sitting next to him with navy-blue hair and red face is Hinata. She's really kind and timid, and likes Naruto, though he's too stupid to notice it."

They passed a few people, like Kankuro, a master puppeteer, Shino, a guy with a weird obsession with insects and Tenten, a girl one year older than Sakura but who loved sharp objects. Apparently she was dating Neji Hyuuga, Hinata's cousin.

The two girls were now crossing the swimming area. Someone caught Sakura's attention as she experienced deja-vu. A boy with flamming red messy hair stood next to the water, drying himself off. He seemed to realize that someone was staring at him and turned his eyes to meet hers. Emerald clashed with jade. Sakura quickly looked away, fighting the blush that she could feel coming. She started walking away, Ino catching up quickly behind. Had she seen him before ? And could a so chiseled and muscled six-pack exist ? Don't. Think. Of that. The rosette shook her head.

Ino seemed to know what was going on in Sakura's head and smirked. "That's Sabaku no Gaara, or just Gaara for simple. He's two years older than you, so he's seventeen and he's a senior. Seniors had to teach people specialized subjects. He gives swimming lessons. He's got a pretty good body, huh ?"

"Ino !" Sakura screamed but ending with giggles. She did turn her head back once more. To her great surprise he was looking at her. A smirk grew on his face, though barely visible. She whipped her head back around, listening to the end of Ino's conversation.

"Just wait till you see Sasuke-kun. He is HOT. With a foul attitude maybe but still makes you have a nose-bleed when you see him. He's away though right now," Ino was saying, completely oblivious about what had just happened. "This is the door to your room. Hope Tsunade didn't forget to give you the key. Otherwise I could just lock pick it for you."

Sakura hadn't even noticed they had gone inside, or even walking down different corridors. "You know how to pick locks ?" Sakura asked, astonished.

Ino had already taken the key from her hand and had unlocked the door, pushing Sakura inside. She replied as a matter-of-fact, " You will soon know how to too you know." She looked at Sakura's timetable and squealed, "Look ! You're going to have swimming lessons with Gaara !"

Sakura was very confused now, not only blushing. "I'm going to know how to pick a lock ?"

Ino raised her head. "You don't know ? I thought they would have told you."

"Told me what ?" Sakura was getting more nervous every second.

"This not ordinary high-school. Here they teach you different combat techniques and languages. They usually need orphans who have survived very difficult things and will handle things normal people wouldn't." Ino shook her head. "Sakura ... This is spy-school."