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The rosette held her breath as she waited. Soon she heard footsteps in the other room, and the door slowly creaked open. She averted her gaze straight away and concentrated on her breathing. She could feel the young man looking at her, analyzing her.

"What do you want here ?" he asked harshly. Sakura looked at him for the first time. He was young, probably in his early twenties. Sandy blond hair partially hid his unusual gold-colored eyes. Three claw-like scars were slashed across his left cheek, and a black bandanna was tied around is forehead. His clothes were casual as he was probably getting ready for bed.

The rosette hesitated. "I-I was just wondering if you had some water. You see, the tap in my bedroom seems to have stopped working, and I didn't want to wake the receptionist up, and ..."

"So you decided to wake me up instead ?" he cut her off. Sakura looked at him with big guilty eyes. To this he just laughed and ushered her in. Puppy dog eyes always win, she laughed to herself, but showing no emotion on the outside. The room was large, larger than hers. Pale blue was the dominant color but specks of darker tints were visible. The bed was black and still made up. Clothes were piled up on the floor.

"Sorry if it's a bit messy, I never get time to tidy anything," he chuckled with a grin, rubbing the back of his head. "Sit on the bed, I'll get you a glass of water from the bathroom."

Sakura stayed silent, but nodded to show him she understood. Him, a perverted drug-dealer ? He reminded her more of Naruto with his foxy grin. Though she knew he was evil, he just didn't seem it.

She could hear water running from the closed bathroom door. Why had he even shut it anyway ? People don't shut doors if they're pouring water. The rosette quickly looked around, taking in everything she could see. No books were around, no notebooks, just clothes. She scanned the floor to see if something had been hidden under the rug. Nothing.

At that moment the sandy-blond man decided to come back in, holding a glass of water, and handing it to her. She gave a quick thanks, before smelling it discreetly to check if he had poisoned it. Nothing either.

She drank from it, taking long sips, then cast her eyes downward, clutching the glass with both hands.

"I'm sorry if I caused any trouble to you, I just woke from a nightmare with a dry throat, and when I turned the tap on..."

Rushya interrupted her once more, reaching out his hand to hold a pink lock. "It seems you like to ramble on. But I wouldn't worry, you're not the first to come to me."

Sakura stiffened. He knew about her ? "W-What ?" she managed to stutter.

The man laughed and lent closer. She could feel his breath on her ear. "I said, you're not the only one who comes to me. But usually I hire them," he whispered. Sakura was quick to understand. He's talking about prostitutes ?

Before she knew it, the rosette felt a pair of strong lips on her own. Her eyes widened, her body was still frozen in shock. Seconds passed like minutes, and Sakura slowly started to respond. First rule : Don't blow you cover.

The sandy-blond was the first to break the kiss. But he stayed as close as before, murmuring words only the rosette could hear. "I'm going to do a little tour around some buildings later. Would you join me ?" he asked in a husky voice.

But before she could answer, he was kissing her again. Sparing no time he forced her lips open as his tongue swept inside her. Sakura stayed put, staying obediently on the bed and not moving. Suddenly she felt his hands on her stomach, and moving higher. She broke it off immediately.

"N-No !" she nearly cried, but she had her lips covered over again. She tried scrambling away from him, but his arm was kept firm around her waist. By this time her brain had gone into panic mode. All her training was forgotten in a small corner of her mind, but what could she have done anyway ? This man was much stronger than her, and could kill her for the fun of it.

Suddenly she felt two strong arms around her waist, dragging her away from the sandy-blond man into a muscled chest.

"She's mine," the voice behind her growled. Sakura could have recognized that voice anywhere. It belonged to a psychopathic red-head who was currently saving her life.

Rushya looked stunned for a second to have his prey ripped out of his grip, but soon regained his calm, and smiled, laughing and shaking his head. His foxy grin so similar to Naruto's now repelled the rosette.

"So you say she's yours ?" the man asked, heading towards the door. "I'll leave her to you then. But you'd better break her in soon, she stinks of virginity." And with that he left, slamming the door behind him, his laughter filling the room.

Sakura let out the breath she didn't know she was holding. But before she could completely relax, she tensed up again knowing that there was another psychopath in the room. She didn't trust him yet.

"What do you think you where doing ?" Gaara asked in a harsh voice. The rosette wriggled her way out of his grasp and turned to face him on all fours. Her pink hair lay long on the tussled covers, her fingers gripped the sheets. One of her fingers went to poke Gaara in the chest.

"Listen, you ! You knew exactly what I was doing ! And if you hadn't come, that guy would have given more information." Sakura sighed, and ran a hand through her hair. "I did find out that he was leaving this evening to go around some buildings for inspection, so maybe that was valuable information..."

Gaara cut her off by his smirk. She didn't like his smile, showing pointy fangs and in his eyes a certain blood lust. He licked his lips, then looked at her with his jade eyes.

"This evening ? ... Perfect."