Authors note:This is my first Fanfic. YAY. It a bit boring at the beginning but I hope you like it. This first chapter is just really introducing Gwyn and her friends. I can accept I'm not really a great writer but I hope somebody enjoys this as much as I enjoy writing it. Disclaimer: I do not own anything from FT13 but Gwyn's my own character as well as Boyd,Lucy,Faye and Luke etc.

No ones really frightened of Jason Voorhees anymore, thinking he's gone for good or not real, so a group of friends decide to camp out in Crystal Lake woods and sleep in the cabins of camp blood.

The car suddenly turned down an overgrown track. The jolt threw Gwyn into Boyd and Faye. Both glared at her through weary eyes.

" Are we nearly there? Lucy?" Boyd said grumpily.

" Ten minutes and we'll be there ok?" The driver snapped tossing her red hair over her shoulder.

Gwyn stared out the window and looked out into the dark woods that loomed sinisterly over the track. They were going to the middle of nowhere in a place they didn't know. How did she get herself into this? Gwyn thought. She didn't even know Lucy she had only meet her the day before, but she was a friend of Fayes so she must be ok. Faye had become her friend after Gwyn had moved to her county from a different country. They became close quickly and Gwyn trusted Faye with all her heart, but this hadn't seemed like a good idea coming to a supposedly haunted, abandoned camp.

Faye leaned forward and poked the boy in the front passenger seat.

"Wake up Luke" she said sleepily and kissed his check. "We're nearly there"

Luke groaned and lifted his head slowly. He turned back to the girl and caressed her face. She cupped his face and kissed him tenderly.

Boyd turned to Gwyn and laughed

"Want a kiss sweetheart?"

Gwyn gave him a look of disgust and turned to look out the car window again. He laughed and started to talk to Lucy. Gwyn hated Boyd, well that wasn't completely true. She liked him except he was so arrogant and vain. She felt a twinge of jealousy when he flirted with Lucy. She knew she'd only known Lucy for a day but most of that time Lucy was either looking in the mirror or flirting with Boyd.

The surrounding woods got thicker and wilder and Gwyn wondered whether it was legal to stay in an abandoned camp. She felt the car slowing and jerked her head round the drivers seat and saw it.

The cabins looked like they were about to collapse and moss and all sorts of plants grew over them. Gwyn saw the lake and felt glad at least there was one thing she could enjoy. She couldn't wait to jump in and swim after travelling most of the night. The sun didn't really lighten the atmosphere but when she got out of the car it was really warm on her skin. The wind lazily blew her brown hair round her shoulders and she felt a bit more relaxed.

"Welcome" Lucy laughed " To Camp Crystal Lake"

Gwyn looked up at Boyd and for the first time she saw his eyes glint with fear. He ran a hand through his dark hair and quickly smiled sadly. Faye and Luke ran down to the lake and were quickly splashing each other playfully.

" Where are the others?" Boyd asked Lucy awkwardly.

" They should be coming anytime now" she looked round. " I suggest you claim a bed now."

Taking Boyd's arm Lucy looked spitefully at Gwyn and walked into the nearest cabin. Gwyn watched her and suddenly realised she loathed that girl. The look Lucy gave her was full of malice and disgust.

Leaves crunched under her boots as she slowly trailed after Boyd and Lucy.

The cabin was small it was obviously made for children. Gwyn was surprised it was fully furnished and the electricity was working perfectly in it. It was dirty and dark but it was easy to stay there for a couple of days.

Lucy turned to Gwyn and smiled sarcastically then said in an over innocent voice

"Oh dear, there are only four beds in this cabin" she sarcastically frowned.

"But there's eight" Boyd replied confused.

"Four for us and four for the other four, one of us will have to sleep in the other cabin" Lucy glared at Gwyn. And Gwyn realised that one person would be her if Lucy had her own way.

" Faye and Luke can share a bed" Boyd said calmly.

"No the beds wont be able to take two peopleā€¦ Gwyn you wouldn't be afraid of being on your own would you?" Lucy smirked.

" No, no I'll sleep on my own" Boyd said quickly.

"Aww but I was hoping I could talk to you at night. You know. Experience your pillow talk" she giggled and grabbed Boyd's hand. "Gwyn, sleep on your own, go on I dares you."

Four people, Faye and Luke darted through the cabin door interrupting Lucy. Gwyn was glad and breathed out in relief. But after listening to Lucy and their unwillingness to part from each other, Gwyn was pushed into sleeping in a cabin on her own.

"She gives me the creeps" Lucy shivered as Gwyn left the cabin " she's so weird. I wouldn't sleep on my own."

It was more of a room then a cabin it had two beds in it and it's own toilet. The walls were dark and mould was growing in a corner but Gwyn was undeterred by that. After all she would either be spending her time outside or be in the other cabin. She only had to sleep in this one.

It was getting dark outside so she quickly threw her bag on the bed and hurried back over to the other cabin.