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Silence. Gwyn stared at Jason taking in his morbid form. Slipping onto the ground she clenched the grass beneath her in pain. Her chest tightened as lake water gushed from her mouth and nose.

Instantly she was hauled up into the air then smashed into her car. Agony coursed through her body as he pinned her against the cool metal. His hands tightened on her arms and waist as he pulled her to him.

For a moment she thought she could see something flicker in his eyes. Some sort of emotion that hadn't been pushed to the back of this monsters being. Then it was gone and she was flung into a hedge.

Rolling onto her back Gwyn stared up into the trees. Thud, thud, thud. She couldn't bare to look at him she just felt his shadow loom over her.


His boot smashed into her ribs. Gasping for air she reached out and grabbed his leg.

"Jason!" The girl croaked pitifully. "Please…stop."

Jason shook the weak arm off his leg violently, fracturing the hand with an audible crunch as he stepped on it. Screaming in agony he dragged the girl across to the old cabins. He dropped the piteous form at the bottom of steps unceremoniously.

The sun was just about to disappear behind the trees when Jason slumped down next to the girl. Picking her up in his arms he cradled her terrified body gently. She slipped in and out of consciousness eyes fluttering widely to watch the monster.

He wiped the blood on her face before nuzzling his masked face into her neck. He hated the girl with a new found passion. Yet for once he was remorseful, her face was drained of life and colour, he was almost forgiving when he saw her.

Numb with pain Gwyn tried to push the behemoth away weakly. She tried to forget her obsession finding a void emotion between pity and hate. Jason's grip tightened on her and pain tore through her body. Screeching she glared at him with cold angry eyes. Grabbing her leg he squeezed it harshly until he felt a satisfying snap.

Jason felt the girl's claw like grip on his coat as he broke her leg. He hadn't liked the way she looked at him. She was howling with pain holding onto him like he was the only thing that mattered. Sobbing into his chest with no where to go, she was dependant on him. He stroked her hair soothingly.

"Jason…" Gwyn sobbed as he lifted her up.

Carrying her delicate form into the cabin he studied her face. Those wide eyes all red from crying, a swollen lip and bruises. Slightly ashamed he looked away from her. He was slowly starting to feel those feelings again. His temper was dwindling around her. With every shudder and sob that she made he felt it himself torn between his temper and his …feelings.

He placed her on the bed and gently moved the wet strands of hair from her face. She shivered relentlessly her damp clothes clinging to her form. Peeling her red coat from her he shuddered as he touched her skin. Stepping back he quickly pulled the dusty blankets over her.

Sneezing and spluttering Gwyn tried to sit up but failed. Suddenly she was propped up on pillows with Jason's help and just sat thinking broodingly as he lit a fire. The pain was subsiding into an aching numbness as he sat next to her.

" I…I didn't…" Gwyn stumbled looking for something to say.

Jason covered the girls mouth with one hand and slowly removed his mask. Gwyn watched stupefied as the mask came off . Why was he taking off his mask? He placed it on the floor next to the bed and just looked at her his hand still over her mouth.

Gwyn tried to turn her face away from his face, it was so cold and unforgiving. The giant hand over her mouth suddenly forced her to face him. His eyes were full of anger and…hurt.

She remembered the first time he had unmasked himself, how different it had been. It had been friendly an almost trusting moment now it was accusing. Sighing Gwyn tried to look at him without anger, hate or pity and felt herself being sucked into his eyes.

Jason saw the look inside the girl's eyes change instead of anger there was something new. He felt her left hand move hesitantly trying to touch his face. Leaning forward he let her stroke his face softly.

After the months of feeling crazy Gwyn finally felt sane. After the pain he had just caused her she felt content. It was insane to feel that he had been gentle with her in his temper, after all she suspected a fractured right hand and a broken leg. She wasn't dead yet though. And now he was attentive, keeping her warm and wiping the dirt and blood from her face, neck and arms.

Gwyn pulled Jason to her suddenly anxiously trying to embrace him. She had to show him now that she needed him. The need to get out of the bed was a strong one. She could feel the shadow of apprehension over her. He needed to save her from it.

Jason didn't know what to do at first. She was embracing him almost lovingly yet her face was wet with tears. Wiping her face gently she suddenly looked up at him with a sad smile. Pulling her gently onto his lap he let her rest her head on his shoulder.

"I love you Jason." She whimpered.

Jason laid her back onto the bed slowly unsure how to take this new revelation. His unmasked face so close to hers. She wound her arms around his neck suddenly and pulled him closer. A faint sound escaped Jason as she placed her lips against his face.

Gwyn felt him tense when he finally realised she had just kissed his face. Preparing herself for his anger she closed her eyes tightly. She didn't expect him to mimic her gentle caress. His deformed lips hesitantly brushed her cheek. Encouraged by this Gwyn kissed his lips.

It was quite a chaste kiss but it was true. Jason felt the soft pink lips on his for just a moment and then they were gone. But it was so much for him, too much. The only kiss he had experienced was his mothers but this one was different and every emotion behind it was frightening.

Gwyn was disappointed by Jason's reluctance to kiss her back. Until she saw the terror in his eyes and she understood. Taking his hand she laid back and closed her eyes. She felt him lay beside her.

"…Love you Jason." Gwyn whispered quietly.

She felt his arms wrap around her although her body ached she enjoyed his embrace. feeling him nuzzle his face into her hair, finally happy, she allowed the darkness to envelop her.


Jason woke feeling contented, was it right for him to be looking forward to the future? Sitting he gazed at the beauty sleeping next to him. He explored her face with his fingers gently, tracing her lips with extra interest.

Her breathing was slow her chest barely rising as she breathed.

He would have to leave his girl and take care of everything. No one would steal her from him again. Standing he gently caressed her face one last time before leaving the cabin. Making sure she couldn't leave again he slashed her tyres and jammed the door of the cabin.

Safe and secure, he would be back soon to her.


A few hours later Jason's heart raced the closer he got to the cabin. In a few moments he could hold her and she could tell him she loved him.

The moment he saw her still form still laying on the bed he knew something was wrong. He rushed to her side placing his hand to her pale face, it was cold. Her chest wasn't moving at all. Panicking Jason pulled her to him, shaking her slightly as if that would wake her.

Gone. She was gone. Just like that.

Jason laid her back onto the bed. Something trickled down his face, something wet. He traced her face lightly finally resting his fingers on her soft pink lips. Leaning forward he pressed his lips against hers.

Reluctantly he picked her up and carried her down to the lake. She was gone he couldn't keep her like he had kept his mother. He didn't want to bury he had been there it wasn't nice. At least the water was clean and pure. It was a place they would now be both bonded to.

Slowly walking out onto the broken dock that creaked loudly under him . As he reached the end he held the girl tightly to him studying her face trying to capture her image in his mind forever. Kneeling down he lowered her body into the water, letting go he watched as she sank down into the darkness.

Reluctantly he stalked back to the cabin. For hours he just sat on the bed holding onto her coat his face stained with unwelcome tears. Then as if on queue he heard the sound of a car pulling up next to the cabin.

"Gwyn! Gwyn!" A male and female voice anxiously called in harmony .

Jason looked up angrily gripping the coat so furiously that he tore it in two. He snatched the mask off the floor, wiped his face and strapped it on. Eyes void of emotion the monster rose ready to satisfy his blood lust. Leaving the torn red coat on the bed.


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