shadow by your back

There's a shadow by your back,

And It's calling out your name.

There's a voice inside your head,

And it's driving you insane.

There's a whisper in the dark,

And you'll never see it coming.

There's a girl inside your heart,

And when you find her, she'll be running.

There's a hollow in your spirit,

And it'll eat you oh so slowly.

There's a failure in your past,

And it makes you feel so lowly.

There's a guy just like you,

And he makes you start to hate.

There's that guy who looks like you,

And he's dead, but you're too late.

There's that girl from earlier on,

And she's fell in love before.

There's that way she makes you smile,

And it makes you love her more.

There's that doubt inside your head,

And it keeps you holding back.

There's that secret you have hidden,

And it's made your body slack.

There's that hollow that's inside you,

And it has complete control.

There's the truth It whispers to you,

And It's latched on to your soul.

There's the times you try and fight,

And then you try to hide.

There's times you know you're gone,

And that thing's always inside.

There's a moment when she screams out,

And it makes you cringe with fear.

There's a second when you lose it,

And you know It's coming clear.

There's a mask across your face,

And it laughs at your disdain.

There's a killer that's inside you,

And it's feeding off your pain.

There's a realization that hits you,

And the hollow is so right.

There's a moment that you're dead,

But the hollow is alright.


Another depressing BLEACH poem…

I don't like it as much as my last one but oh well

Hope you enjoyed it :)

Oh, and I hope it wasn't too confusing! If you need an explanation I'll give you one!