And now, I bathe in my element. Bask in the darkness of my own creation.

The poems that will be at the beginning are mine.

My challenge to the audience is this:

What are the poems about?

Let's see who can interpret every piece of my poem.

Reviews are appreciated.

Disclaimer: I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh.

Chapter 1

An Ode to Darkness

Oh comfort in the darkness which wraps around the frozen body

Surrounded by nothingness seeking a soul

Ratings of a raving lunatic amidst a beautiful symphony

As painters paint on pure white canvases with blood red

Where falls the lily?

On head or heart or hand or soul?

The prince and the lady come for them

Purity stained, the lily opens only for their touch

The prince and the lady reach out with sweet stillness

Collecting lost children they never bore.

The darkness holds such sweet comfort. Comfort in pain. Comfort in the lack of light, the lack of sight. The darkness in his soul room was courtesy of Ryou, who feared Bakura's darkest hours. He laughed at such petty fear. What Ryou should fear was not the darkness, but the fire of the anger. Darkness only fed his anger. It left a void from which the sickening disease of wrath could grow. The mental illness within him thrived on such solitude.

Deep within him he felt his spirit writhe with hatred and desire. Hatred for the world around him, and desire for freedom. His dark heart grasped at the warm idea of revenge, but revenge on who? The Pharaoh, that was who. In the end, the Pharaoh was the one who stood in his way constantly. A feeling gripped at him like a fearsome wraith about to unleash terrible evils upon the world.

He hungered for something. His hunger was so great that it ate at every fiber of his being. Cold fingers aching to do something clawed at the skin of the arms they belonged to. In desperation he clawed his face, thinking, pondering, and scrutinizing everything. It was beautifully painful. The feeling was beyond passion and bordering beyond obsession. Sickening twisted images floated in the darkness of what he desired.

Too long had he been trapped. Too long had his light had his way. Too long had the Pharaoh won. Too long had a stack of paper and ink decide his fate. Let's see how true magic faced against the other Yami. He reached within himself to unlock his own mind. There was a secret there. A secret only the darkness could understand, could unlock. There was is soul monster, the creature that had been his companion in Egypt. This was modern day though, so he needed a way to free himself and the beast without frightening too many people too soon.

He drew upon the power of his beast and absorbed it into his soul. Sweet painful waves of power flowed through him and he gave himself to his favorite demon. His first step towards true freedom was beginning in the form of a revelation. That revelation was that cards weren't the only way. He had played by the rules for far too long. Freedom came by not playing by the rules. Now that his soul would be infused with his own soul card he would be immortal. It was so simple, yet for some reason, in his sanity he never though of it.

He laughed whole heartedly from the stupidity of it all. If the world had been given to the insane it would be taught the power of true intelligence. Only the dark knew intelligence because the light was too meek to understand the true power of power itself. That was the problem with light, it always trusted in the goodness around them rather than the strength in themselves. No longer would he play by the rules of light.

He had finally broken free of the chains that held him down. He had broken free of the prison in his mind. Finally, after thousands of years, he had broken the binding in his mind. Finally, he had thoroughly, completely, and fully, snapped.