Human kind, shares some of the darkest nightmares, alongside the brighest of dreams. If you could daresay imagine an imaginary race as the human kind...what would you see? A being that lives for a short time, fears what it cannot understand, and desires to not repeat mistakes of their own past.

You imagine a race, that is both evil and good. The two constantly raging inside the human kind to become either one evil being, or one good thing. As such, with such a short lifetime, it usually turns out that human kind would be a little more of than the other.

Now you must imagine the history of such a race. The history of a race we are making up today. These human beings, being so divided within themselves, so fearful of the outside, would make short delicate steps at first, and eventually begin to cross the theshold into either nightmare...or dream.

The history would be steeped in blood. Parts of their world would lay in complete ruin. Not a word, not a soul could survive each day with others...and remain wholly good or wholly evil. That is because their actions would ripple across those aware of the action.

This is where I tell you of the actual human race. It is very much as I described. The only difference is that I did not explain how their history changed from period to period. They too...were steeped in blood. Knee high, elbow high...neck high it does not matter. Change did not come to the human race as a whole, without hundreds, thousands, millions dieing in order to change it.

Yagami Light was slowly becoming the God of the newest period in the history of the world of the Human race. He was elimating those that had killed people. Eliminating those that had raped people. People who had embezzled, or robbed. People who had smuggled. Because of this...he also elimated those that would do these things.

It is therefore wise not to stand in his way. He would be the God of the world. He would reshape the way we saw life itself. He would become the light shining on the Earth and reign for millenia as a body of thought. The Holy Triad of the godly, would become the Mikami, the Misa, and the Holy Light. (dunda ch!). Those who failed to believe would not be long as they did not commit crime. As long as they did not stand for things that His Holiness did not consider evil.

He killed them with the power of the gods of death. He ruled the world with a paper and pen. The world was backing in on itself around his enclosing fist. His puppett Mikami would find you, and his archangel Misa...would be the one to look into your soul, and kill you.