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Fifteen men on the dead man's chest

Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!

Drink and the devil had done for the rest

Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!

Ben Gates silently read his book out in the warm sun of the summer sky. A small breeze blew through his soft brown hair as he turned the pages. Looking around him there was no sign of Abigail yet. She was called away to work a few hours earlier. Normally Ben could fall into a book for hours but it was too nice of a day to just sit around and read. Slowly he got up, placed his book on the front step, and began to walk around his yard.

Shoving his hands in his pockets he strolled over to the small French fountain. The water shot out in the air before it would land in the small pool with a slight splash. The fountain had been a new addition ever since they found "The City of Gold." Again they settled on one percent, much to Riley's disliking. But he would live.

Ben jumped slightly out of his thoughts as his phone vibrated against his sweaty palm. Letting his heart speed down a bit he answered the phone.

"Hello?" To Ben's surprise a calm female's voice filled the inside of his ear.

"Hello Mr. Gates. So glad I caught you." The female voice. "I have been meaning to talk to you for quite some time now."

"Really? Would it be impolite for me to ask your name miss…" Ben spoke into the phone. Even without seeing this mysterious woman he could practically hear her grin.

"Olivia. My name is Olivia Colt." Ben froze on the spot. "Yes Mr. Gates, your family isn't the only one that has gone down in history. But I won't bore you with such things. No I have a proposal for you."

"Well I'm sorry but I'm already taken." Ben joked. Olivia laughed lightly but it seemed more annoyed that he had interrupted her more than anything. "Ms. Colt I'm sure I can meet…"

Ben began but Olivia interrupted him with another light laugh although it seemed more amused more than anything.

"Mr. Gates if you are about to suggest I make an appointment…I wouldn't need to be in your office right now."

Ben sharply turned on his heel and began walking swiftly back to the house. With his face in a grim line he rushed through the door and up the small flights of stairs. Quickly he opened the door to his office and stopped.

"You broke into my office." Ben guessed in a dead pan tone. A woman turned around in his chair as she slammed her cell phone shut with one hand.

"No, I let myself into your office…There's a difference." The woman's voice held the high sophistication and respect that showed clearly by her physical looks. She had dark blonde hair held tightly back in a bun that made her eyebrows higher on her forehead. With her dark lipstick that seemed to be a shade of purple and olive skin, her dark sea green eyes pop liked icicles that sent chills down Ben's spine. She had a pair of tight jeans on and a large black blouse that appeared to make her look like the statue out in Ben's fountain as the fabric drapped around her slim shoulders. Her black boots came to her knees that clicked and clacked as she turned towards him. "Hello Mr. Gates. I'm Olivia Colt."

"To what do I owe the pleasure Ms. Colt." Ben sighed as he stood in front of his desk while he shook her soft but firm palm. He noticed the fact that she hadn't requested he call her Olivia almost as if she expecting nothing else from him than to call her 'Mrs. Colt.'

"As I said Mr. Gates I have a proposal for you…You are Ben Gates the treasure hunter aren't you?!"

"Treasure Protector, yes." Ben nodded. Olivia raised an eyebrow slightly.

"Good because I see myself as a treasure admirer." This time Ben raised an eyebrow but she barely seemed to notice. That or she didn't care. She stood up from the chair with such grace that Ben just thought she was floating on air. Lifting up something she placed a large leather bundle on top of Ben's desk that made some of the small trinkets to clink as it made contact. Leaning in slightly to see what it is, Ben jumped back when she grabbed something from the end of the bundle and quickly pulled out a large saber. Seemingly ignoring him Olivia raised the blade in the air and examined it slightly before she laid it out with the blade on her palm. She outstretched it to Ben so that he could see.

"This was found a little while back. There's an inscription on it that I thought might interest you." Olivia casually stated. Ben looked at her for permission upon which she nodded to him. He grabbed the handle before taking it in his own hands. It glistened by the movement when the blade hit the rays of the sun.

Sure enough, inscribed in the blade was the beautiful calligraphy that read,

With one man of her crew alive

What put to sea with seventy-five

Ben's eyebrows raised up as he looked out towards the distances trying to see why those two lines sounded so familiar.

"Treasure Island…" He gasped.

"Treasure Island." Olivia agreed. Ben had hardly noticed that she had moved over to his side. "I found it near the coast of a little island in the Caribbean."

"Robert Louis Stevenson wrote that the island was somewhere around the Caribbean and South American coast." Ben stopped himself as he saw the grim line Olivia's mouth became.

"Yes, well… There's more to it on the back. Go ahead." Ben turned the blade over in his palm and indeed there was some more.

'The penetrating goLd

In the bloodiEst River'

"The L, E, and R are capitalized." Ben breathed more to himself more than anything.

"Yes, you're very observant aren't you?!" Olivia laughed in her annoyed tone.

"Bloodiest river…E R L… it's a clue within a clue. But why not just make it into one. Why two?" Ben began to pace back and forth. Olivia sat down on his desk with her legs crossed. "Oh…here." He handed her back the saber which she nodded her head with a thanks.

"You know as well as I do Mr. Gates, that pirates were paranoid about such things. Sending you off in one direction only to lead you in a circle. Just ask my ex." She mumbled the last part bitterly under her breath.

"The penetrating gold…penetrating…blood…bloodiest…A knife? But why say a knife on a saber…No no…Um golden knife…golden bullet…golden," Ben began to think out loud when Olivia's head snapped up. For once he didn't see amusement or annoyance on her face. It was more shock.

"What did you say?" She gapped.

"Er…Golden bullet?" Ben tilted his head in thought. "Do you recognize it?"

"Could it be?" Olivia mumbled to herself. "Mr. Gates I'm sure you are aware…It was a myth in my family. My great great God only knows how many greats grandfather was known to make several odd and peculiar things. One of which was a bullet made out of solid gold that withheld a code…to one of the greatest treasures this world has seen." Olivia waved her arms somewhat upset before she walked over to the window.

"Do you have it?" But Ben's heart fell at her answer.

"As I said before it was a myth in my family. It was apparently stolen from Samuel's possession shortly after he made it." Olivia sighed and turned to him. "You find this treasure Mr. Gates. Find it. I don't care what you do with it. Just bring me back that bullet when you're done."

With that Olivia grabbed her purse and walked out towards the main hall. But she stopped and turned to Ben.

"Oh and Mr. Gates… I would watch out for my ex-husband. He thinks he's some sort of a pirate. Good luck Mr. Gates." She then continued her graceful strides toward the main hall. Ben jumped towards his desk and grabbed the saber.

"Wait you forgot this!" He looked to see that he raised the saber in the air and quietly put it down. Olivia kept walking and waved a hand at him.

"Keep it. Not like I have any use for it." And with that Olivia Colt was out the door.

Abigail looked at the strange woman as she walked out of the house.

"Hello." The woman said as she passed not bothering with a second glance at Abigail. Abigail rushed into the house to see Ben standing on the stairwell with a large sword.

"Who was that?" Abigail asked. She noticed Ben's distance glance after the woman and felt a twinge of anger. What exactly had gone on?

"Olivia Colt." He simply replied.

"The marine archeologist?" Abigail gasped.

"You know her?!" Ben finally turned to Abigail. Abigail raised an eyebrow as she placed her hands on her hips.

"Yes, she's found several scrolls and tablets for the archives. What was she doing here?"

Ben filled her in with all that he had learned from Olivia and together the two tried to figure out what the three letters meant. About an hour later Ben walked over to the phone and pressed the first speed dial. Waiting for the phone to ring a minute he grinned at the sarcastic greeting he received.

"What's the treasure this time?" Riley Poole asked through the phone.


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