Shou Potter

Sum: Harry is abandoned because he is though a squib and his twin Marten is thought to be the BWL, comes to Hogwarts as one of the last Shou-lords.

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Chapter one

The Forgotten

Come around, Many don't know the story of the Shou and a new few shall learn. It started long before the continent Pangaea on a continent called Dragonia. On this continent there where many races, each as unique as the last but not as unique as the Shou, the masters of the sword and martial arts but also of shadows, the Shou were the forgotten, the children that where abandoned, that were seen but never thought of, the first was called Artemis Kai as he grew in power the other races started to hate there kind and killed many that were unskilled or didn't know how to fight. So, Artemis in his sadness used very dark Magic and summoned death to him to grant his request for his soul. Now death thought that Artemis was going to ask for eternal life but he surprised death by asking to make every Shou to ever be born have his skill and power from birth. In deaths surprise he granted Artemis's wish causing fewer Shou to live beyond age ten, and so, from then on every Shou grew strong and when Dragonia's chapter came to a close the Shou's blood still ran strong, but now only children that had the blood but they were also forgotten or abandoned they became a true Shou. This is the story of one such Shou, whose birth name was Harry Potter.

---Shadow Ally (A small off road outside of London)-11 years after Voldamort's fall---

Hoot, that was the sound that broke the young Shou, now named Kadaj, out of his meditation. He was about four foot five with messy black hair and one electric shock green eye with a large floppy hat tilted to cover his left eye (Powerful Shou's have two different eye colors). He was wearing combat boots with navy cameo pants held up by a belt that held a large number of throwing daggers/ knives, and a black open vest that showed just what his training did for him, he also had leather gloves on that came up to mid forearms and had a Katana hanging from his hip.

"What's this?" asked Kadaj, taking the note from the owl and reading it. "So, Albus wants me back?" asked Kadaj, to himself and started to write a note back that said he'd come and that his name now was Kadaj. "Here owl, take this to Albus." said Kadaj, tying the letter to its leg. After the owl left, Kadaj grabbed an old tattered cloak and wrapped it around him with the bottom half of his face covered up. "I'm glad I got everything I needed for the school so long ago." said Kadaj, walking over to a trunk that had a lion on it and seven locks, after he picked it up he walked out of the house and left to get on the Hogwarts express as it left in two days.

---Two days later-on the train---

Kadaj was sitting in a compartment that no one had clamed and scared away anyone that tried with a cold stare, as the train started to leave the station Kadaj just wrapped his cloak around him and tilted his hat over his face and tried to sleep. As time went on other students started to get load and stopped Kadaj from sleeping so he just rested and soon a girl about a year younger opened the door and came in with tears in her eyes not even noticing Kadaj. When Kadaj looked up at her he saw that she had inferno red hair and wearing a Hogwarts uniform.

Now like most Shou, Kadaj had a weak spot for crying women and had to ask. "Hey, what's the matter?" Hearing this, the girl's head shot up and looked acrossed from her. "Oh, I'm sorry, I though this was empty." said the girl, getting up to leave. "No, that's fine. Now tell me what would make a kind looking girl like you cry?" asked Kadaj, pulling her into the seat next to him. "It's my brother, Marten Potter; he thinks he can do what ever he wants and everyone does, even our parents side with him in every thing." said the girl. 'So, this is my little sister.' though Kadaj, putting an arm around the younger girl. "So, you're Rosemary Potter? Why don't you tell old Kadaj what your brother did and I'll try and help you." said Kadaj, shaking her a little and making her smile a little. After a little while Kadaj was feeling a new emotion for him, pure unbridled rage, and anyone that knows a Shou knows never get in there way when there angry. "You stay here. I want to talk with your brother." said Kadaj, leaving the compartment before Rosemary could protest.

After a few minutes of searching he found Marten with a red headed boy and a small round faced boy. "Excuse me, Marten Potter?" asked Kadaj, coming up from behind them.

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