Chapter one

When shadows strike: Part One

Last time on Shou Potter: After a few minutes of Searching he found Marten with a red headed boy and a small round faced boy. "Excuse me, Marten Potter?" asked Kadaj, coming up from behind them.

When Marten turned to see who asked for him, all he met was a gloved fist that sent him six feet back and a dagger pinning him to the floor. "Next time you make Rosemary cry, I will kill you." said Kadaj, turning and walking away leaving stunned looks for the sheer gall of what Kadaj did.

"How dare you. Do you know who I am?" shouted Marten, trying to get up but the dagger held him in place. "Yes, but I don't care. Continue with that attitude and you won't live long." said Kadaj coldly, as he walked away the red headed boy pulled out his wand. "Hold it! How dare you hit the Boy-Who-Lived! If you don't beg for his forgiveness I'll curse you!" yelled the red head making people stick there heads out the compartment doors to watch what was happening. "You, curse me? Don't make me laugh boy." replied Kadaj, as he left the car and a very stunned B.W.L and company.

When Kadaj got back to the compartment he found Rosemary talking to a girl with bushy brown hair and brown eyes. "I'm back." said Kadaj, taking a seat next to Rosemary and made a movement to get comfortable and pulled a sheathed katana out from under his cloak and sat it leaning against the seat, doing this got a small gasp from the girls.

"What?" asked Kadaj, looking at the girls. "Why do you have a sword? Your going to get in trouble." said the brown haired girl. "No, any student can carry a bladed weapon. It's just frowned down on now, but nothing can be done about it." said Kadaj, opening his cloak to show ten to twenty daggers hanging from his belt. "Where does it say that?" asked the girl. "In Hogwarts guide to the rules, miss…I'm sorry but what is your name?" asked Kadaj, looking at the girl.

"Oh, I'm Hermione Granger." replied Hermione, blushing for not introducing her self. "Well met Hermione, I am Kadaj Hanzo, it's an honor to meet you." said Kadaj, giving her a small bow. "The pleasures all mine." replied Hermione, just as the compartment door opened and a blonde haired boy and two caveman like things entered like they own the place.

The boy looked at Kadaj and looked him up and down. "Are you the one that attacked Potter?" asked the boy. "Yes, I am, who are you?" asked Kadaj, ignoring a look from Rosemary. "I'm Draco Malfoy, this is Crabbe and Goyle. You'll find that in the wizarding world some families are better then others, I can help you." said Malfoy, holding out a hand. Only Malfoy got a nasty surprise, as a dagger bit into his hand. "I think I can tell the wrong sort for my self. And the Malfoys are just under the elder three potters for me." said Kadaj, pulling his dagger out and pushed on Malfoy's shoulder sending him and his cronies out.

"Kadaj, how could you. You'll get in trouble!" yelled Rosemary and Hermione together. "I do not worry." said Kadaj, sitting crossed legged on the seat with his katana resting against his shoulder and tipped his hat over both his eyes.

After some time Kadaj, awoke to the train slowing down and the chatter of the two girls, both in the uniform. "Kadaj, we're going to be at Hogwarts soon, you'd better get in uniform." said Rosemary, seeing that Kadaj was awake. "Sure." said Kadaj, as his shadow engulfed his form and transformed into the Hogwarts uniform only his hat remained still covering his left eye. "How did you do that?" asked Hermione, with her eyes as wide as dinner plates. "That's for a Shou to know and you to find out." replied Kadaj, with a chuckle.

"Students, we have arrived, please exit the train and leave your belongings here as they will be brought up to your rooms after the feast." said the conductor, as the student body left the train and got one the platform. "Firs' years! Firs' years over here!" yelled a large man with a wild beard. As the first years gather the other years went up a different path. "All right this way!" yelled the man, as he walked away the first years followed him to a small fleet of boats that everyone got into a boat and it soon sailed acrossed the lake.

How ever about half way through Marten Potter decide it would be a nice night to take a swim and the face that Kadaj had rock in his hand and a snipers aim had nothing to do with it. Yup, nothing to do with it at all. After the red head friend of Potters fished him out the trip was uneventful even when they got up to the castle and the man, Kadaj heard his name was Hagrid, banged on the oak doors three time, they opened and everyone was let inside and waiting for the sorting to happen.

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End Chapter one: When Shadow Strikes Part One