So this song lyric was stuck in my head so I decided to write a one piece fic around it being the true op nerd I am

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If you're the death of me darling, I wanna die

Cryptic Words

Pairing: ZoNa

Rating: T

'If you're the death of me darling, I wanna die.'

The words repeated in her head as if on a broken record. She didn't know how to process them. Was this a good thing? Or maybe it was one of those backward compliments. She couldn't be sure either. Nothing in his tone had given it away, there hadn't even been the trace of a clue. Sure she knew that he wanted her that had been pretty obvious but was he glad that he did or did he wish he could change it. She replayed the scene over in her head for maybe the hundredth time in the past ten minutes. She was confused and angry. Who the hell says something like that then gives the person the most passionate kiss they have ever experienced and then leave! He had turned and walked away without saying another word without even letting her say a word. She wished she could hate him but the kiss still lingered on her lips and she knew she couldn't.

"Nami-swaaan! Robin-chwan! Lunch is ready. I made it especially perfect just for you"

Nami sighed as she heard Sanji's regular love cry. Pulling herself together she left her map room and headed for the spacious kitchen. She saw the blur of red flying in followed by Sanji yelling at the energetic captain to wait for the ladies. She smiled at the familiarity and frugality of it all. Maybe lunch would take her mind off of other issues.

Sanji had prepared a small feast which Luffy was currently inhaling faster than the others could stop him. She sat down next to Robin who was sitting back with her cup of coffee watching the whole scene with a small smile on her face.

"Men are such pigs" she said to her friend who looked over at her slightly bemused.

"Problems Miss Navigator?"

"What? Oh no I mean other than the usual ones with this lot of course"

Robin chuckled softly and Sanji twirled over with a plate full of food for the both of them. She thanked him and watched as he nearly passed out from happiness. She really did appreciate the things Sanji did for her but sometimes his eagerness grated on her nerves. The man needed to grow a spine when it came to beautiful women. Carefully she scanned the room taking in all of her nakama and crew mates. First there was their fearless and youthful captain. Luffy still continued to amaze her with his ability to be like a five year old at one moment and then the depth of his compassion and his determination. She had no doubt that if it hadn't been for his sheer determination none of them would have made it this far alive.

Franky and Usopp were currently fighting with him over the subject of stolen food. Franky was the newest member of their crew but he fit right in and he sure was proving useful with all of his little gadgets and the Thousand Sunny, the ship he had made them, was amazing. She loved waking up every day to navigate these treacherous waters of the Grand Line in this giant. Usopp's inventions were also amazing and often extremely useful in her case. The clima tact was the perfect weapon for her and in her hands was incredibly lethal.

She continued to look around the table but her gaze caught on the man Chopper the ship doctor was talking to. Chopper was talking animatedly about something or other, perhaps some new remedy he had come up with but the young man just stared at him showing only minor interest. Nami knew however that even minor interest was a big thing for the green haired swordsman. Conversations with him usually entailed monosyllabic responses or only grunts. He wasn't big on words but she knew he was listening carefully to the small reindeer and always would. She didn't know why but Chopper was one of the few that Zoro would listen to, not that he would always follow Chopper's instructions when it came to resting after receiving fatal wounds.

Nami's gaze took in his short and spiky hair in the astonishing colour, the three gold earrings dangling from his left ear and the white shirt that hid the muscular frame.

"Miss Navigator?" Robin asked startling her a small blush appearing at being caught staring at the swordsman.

"Err... yes Robin?

"I asked if you wanted to talk about it."

"Talk about what?"

"About what's on your mind, I mean you're not usually staring at Mr S-" Nami quickly clamped her hand over the older woman's mouth before she could say anything further.

"Shh not in here. Anyone can hear including him" Nami whispered not even bothering to consider how Robin knew these things, she just did.

The two women left the kitchen and headed for the peace and privacy of their shared room. Nami locked the door even though the others knew better than to come in here unless there was an emergency. She flung herself on to her bed and let out a dramatic sigh. Robin just waited patiently for her to start and eventually she did so. She told her all about the encounter and the damning words.

"If you're the death of me darling, I wanna die?"

"Yes. That's it nothing else. I mean I know he's not big on words and feelings but did it have to be so god-damned cryptic?" Nami bemoaned as Robin pondered the words.

"Well he clearly isn't just ignoring his feelings then. Since he said that and well the kiss. Mr Swordsman has more determination than maybe even Captain so if he really didn't want to act on his impulses I think he could restrain himself."

Nami brightened up a little at this. If anyone asked she would refuse that she had any feelings for Zoro of course and if anyone dared to suggest that she was pleased to know he liked her too she would fine them so much they're great-grandchildren would still be paying her back. However Robin was different. Robin was her best-friend and anyways there was no point in pretending otherwise with her since she had known about Nami's feelings for Zoro before Nami even. They talked some more and in the end decided it would probably be best if Nami just confronted Zoro this evening. That decided Nami made her way up to Zoro's fancy training room and sat waiting for him to show up.