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Come again

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Nami's body quivered under his touch, his rough hands gently caressing her skin. She reached up and ran her fingers through his green hair and pulled his head down to nibble at his earlobe. One hand still in his hair she trailed the other one down the back of his neck and his strong back. She ran her hand over his firm ass and around to his front. Zoro moaned as her fingers danced over his hardened penis. She lightly trailed her fingers up and down his shaft with the barest of touches. He let out another groan and pressed into her hand,

Nami smirked into his neck, retribution was fun. She hooked her leg around his and rolled him over on to his back so she was on top. She placed both hands on his cheeks and drew him in for a long, hot kiss. She shimmied seductively down his body as he made some appreciative murmurs. She winked at him coquettishly before flicking her tongue over the tip of his erection wanting him to squirm a bit more before finally taking the whole thing into her mouth. She could hear his moans as she bobbed and twirled her tongue around. She continued to pleasure him as he writhed under her touch the pleasure building inside him she could feel his body practically humming. His hips were arching up and she gently pressed them back down into the mattress.


Nami came to a dead stop her mouth still around Zoro's penis. All of her muscles tensed and she listened hoping that she hadn't just heard what she feared she had heard.

"Nami-swan? I have brought you a wonderful treat filled with my undying love for you" The sickly sweet voice of Sanji came through the door.

"Shit" Nami said removing her mouth amidst Zoro's protests,

"Nami-san?" Sanji called out again and then she saw the doorknob start to turn.

Nami froze as the door started to push open. She was unable to move poised over Zoro both of them completely naked. Thankfully Zoro realizing that she wasn't doing anything and not really wanting Sanji to walk in on them jumped into action. He reacted quickly and grabbed one of his boots off the floor throwing it at the door with enough force to push it shut again. The loud thud of the boot against the door and Zoro's glare finally prompted Nami into action.

"Sorry Sanji-kun. I'm... changing... I was going to take a little nap. IF you don't mind saving it for me I'll get it later" She cooed hoping he wouldn't question why she was having a nap.

"Oh sorry Nami-san. Of course anything for my precious Nami-swan. You can come get it anytime. Sweet dreams."

Nami relaxed as the sounds of his footsteps leaving drifted through the door to her ears. She looked up at Zoro to find him scowling at her.

"What? I panicked." She exclaimed as he continued to scowl at her.

Nami pouted a little but he continued to scowl at her and she couldn't resist, he was looking incredibly sexy. She crawled back up his body to rest on his chest.

"You know, when you scowl like that..." she placed a kiss on his chest "you look insanely sexy and..." she paused to nuzzle his neck "I just can't keep my hands off you."

Zoro yanked her mouth to his in a hard kiss his hands blazing over her skin, every cell in her body was alive and humming, aching for his touch. They rolled over and he continued to stroke her skin causing her to whimper into the kiss. Zoro entered her then in one swift thrust never once breaking the heated connection of their lips. Nami let out a small moan at having him in her finally. She hooked her legs around his waist bring them even closer, any space between them seemed like too much. They pressed closer together as Zoro moved in long rhythmic strokes.

It didn't take long for the heat to consume them and all control was ripped from them their bodies they were moving in passion completely disconnected from their brains. Zoro's thrusts became quicker and deeper and they no longer held a rhythmic pattern to them. Nami's fingers tore at the flesh on his back as she raised her hips even more. Each thrust sent fresh waves of passion and intense pleasure through her. It rushed through her imprinting the sensation into her body and she knew that this was going to be the start of a sensational new addiction.

When Nami finally came it was so passionate that she let out a guttural cry that bounced off the walls of the small room shocking even her with its intensity. Zoro came shortly afterwards her name on his lips in a cry of his own.

The sound of her name on his lips moaned like that has Nami's body tingling all over again. Zoro rolled over and lay beside her on his back his breath coming in shallow gasps. He wore a satisfied smile that went straight to Nami's ego making her grin a little more. They lay there for awhile in post-coital bliss with muscles screaming in a delectable exhaustion. Nami stretched languidly before rolling over to straddle Zoro once again.

Zoro looked up at her from under hooded eyes. She leaned down and licked his chest slowly, seductively. He raised an eyebrow questioningly at her and she just smiled back coyly a thinly veiled challenge shining in her eyes. Zoro chuckled.

"Woman you are going to be the death of me" He replied with laughter in his eyes.

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