Chapter Five

She moved forward slowly, step by step, until they were only a few inches away from each other. Then, putting one hand on his chest, the other still grasping his wrist, she brought her face to his in a tentative kiss. He kissed her tenderly back. She pressed harder. He tasted her deeply, pressing his lips tightly against hers.

She could hear her own heartbeat.

Growing bolder, Winry moved her hands up to his neck, pulling him closer. She could feel his strong arms encircle her body. The mental barrier broke down as Edward eased his warm tongue into her mouth.

She wanted to devour him from the inside out.

She thrust herself against him, pushing out all other thoughts of anything else except that fateful encounter. Her heart was racing and it felt like all the thoughts she had had and all the feelings she had felt these past years were pouring out of her, like water from a faucet. He gripped her tightly to him, his fingers pressing deep into her back. They tasted each other deeply, taking slow and steadying breaths. She was gradually becoming noticeably aware of the feeling of her breasts pushing deep against his body, hardening against him, and even more aware that this feeling of close proximity awakened an urge within her. She slid her hands deep into his waistcoat, coaxing it off of him. She kissed him harder.

He broke away, gasping for air. There was a haze to his eyes that she had never seen before. Every line in his face etched a terrible craving.

"Winry," he managed between pants, "Is it…okay? Is it okay for me to….want you…like this?"

She dropped her gaze to his chest and slowly leaned in to fasten her mouth onto his neck. He took deep, shuddering breaths to steady himself. The thirst within him was so great.

She broke from him and stood back, gazing into his eyes. Her hands moved up to her chest as she slowly unzipped her shirt, exposing the soft skin beneath. His eyes followed her every movement as she continued to undress, enjoying the attention that he was giving her.

She reached her hand behind her head and undid the clip, letting her long blonde hair fall gently against her back. He gave a sharp intake of breath. She could feel the chill night air against her warm, naked body. She felt his eyes upon her chest and her heart fluttered like a trapped butterfly.

"I've waited for this moment for all my life," he said hoarsely. She moved toward him slowly, savoring the look on his face as he watched her come closer.

Her hands tentatively moved to unbutton his shirt. She could feel his heated gaze upon her as she moved her fingers into his waistband to un-tuck his clothes, ignoring the blush that blossomed lightly across her face. His shirt fell heavily to the floor and she pulled back, unsure of what to do next, but eagerly awaiting his next move. He subsided to her supple, seductive entreaties.

He pulled her into him and she melted against him like butter, her knees buckling as her heart hammered in her chest. She desperately needed to pull away from this excitement, but her body was thirsty for his, the yearning in her heart far too great. There was nothing left to do but surrender to his desire. She shivered in pleasure as her nipples brushed against his bare chest. He cupped the back of her head in his hand, her blonde hair running like water between his fingers.

She grabbed his hands and placed them gently on her breasts, growing bolder by the second. She wanted his strong hands to make more contact with her willing body.

Edward's hands retreated to his belt, but she slapped them out of the way, replacing them with her own. With one outstretched arm, she gently pushed him to a sitting position on the bed. He braced himself for what was coming.

"Winry," he breathed softly. "What are you doing to me?"

His eyes pleaded with her. She could feel him shiver against her as she slid her hands down his body. Licking a long line down his abdomen, she slowly undid his belt, and pulled his knees apart.

The pants were coming faster and faster. His fingers knotted in her hair tightly as he looked up to the ceiling in erotic ecstasy. The stars were dancing in front of his eyes. She knelt on the floor with her head pressed against him, enjoying every sound, every groan that he uttered.

"Dammit, you're driving me crazy!" he moaned, pulling her off of his erection and throwing her on top of the bed. He kicked off the rest of his clothes impatiently and in one swift movement, he was there, above her, pulling the cool sheets over them both.

She gasped as she felt him slide his length into her. He looked at her through a haze, not wanting to cause her more pain. She shook her head, signaling for him to go on. She was broken, torn, but she didn't want him to stop. He was pushing himself deeper with every thrust, picking up the pace as he went. His hips ground against hers rhythmically as he shoved himself in to the hilt, losing his self-control. A high kneeing sound was emitting from her lips as she arched towards him, wanting more. Every muscle in her body was tightened. His breaths were coming shorter and shorter. The clanking of his auto-mail could be heard following his every movement and it felt as though it was just them, all alone. He was inside of her and nothing else mattered.

She moaned his name loudly with every thrust as they danced on the line between pleasure and pain. Her toes were pressed tightly against the bottoms of her feet as she neared the summit.

They had craved this for so long.

"FUCK!" he yelled into the pillow as he reached the breaking point, gripping the sheets tightly. She felt him spasm against her, releasing his warm, wet contents, before she too whimpered in climax. The walls broke down, crashing around them. They rode the waves of the orgasm, breathing heavily as they slowly unwound.

He shuddered, easing himself out of her and collapsing against her body, his head pillowed between her breasts. She reached down and undid his hair.

There was a silence in which only their slow panting could be heard. Her fingers entwined themselves in his hair, stroking him gently.

"Winry?" he started.

"Yes?" she whispered softly.

"I…I love you," he blurted. She felt his face grow hot on top of her chest. Her own face blossomed in turn. She could feel her heart pounding in her throat.

But it felt so good just to hear it out loud.

"I love you too…Edward…I think I have for a long time now…"

He gave a soft sigh, content with the knowledge that he was not alone…someone else shared his feelings…and his thoughts...

Her chest rose and fell heavily. She was almost sure he could hear her heart beat.

"Edward?" she started.

He gave an audible grunt. She spoke to him softly.

"Edward…you don't need to leave me behind anymore…I'm not scared of what could happen to me…I don't care if I die trying, but I…I don't want to let you go…"

He moved up to her level and turned on his side, pressing her tightly to his chest, the cool metal of his arm resting against her back.

"I'll follow you wherever you go…I promise," she whispered into him.

"Please Winry, just let me…hold you…for a bit."

She nodded, snuggling in close to him, surrounded by the safe, warm scent of his body.

He could feel the beginnings of a pleasant slumber dragging him seductively under.

"It doesn't really matter how far I travel anyway…Winry…you'll always be there…haunting my thoughts and my dreams…"

His eyelids closed and his voice became a whisper.

"Don't ever leave me Winry."

Her soft, lingering presence enveloped him in a feeling of security. He wanted those gentle hands to hold him, to keep him, forever.

The bright light of the moon shone onto his face, softly illuminating his features. She snuggled in comfortably amongst the pillows, safe within his arms. Gradually, she allowed herself to slip into the lapse of thought.

Don't ever leave me Winry.

I'll follow you wherever you go…I promise.

As she lay there nestled amongst the pillows and the sheets, she wondered if perhaps she had always been in love with him…from a long time ago…

She fell asleep to the sound of his quiet breathing; a soft, peaceful break in the stillness of the cool night air.