Summery: Sam and Dean go after a demon and it has unexpected side effects. Takes place in the second season.

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Author's note: This is my first attempt at third person so if it seems screwy then that's why. This chapters

point of view skips around a little. Next chapter should be a little more steady. This is my first Supernatural story so be kind.

Rating: Teen for swearing and generally the elements that the show has.

Sam and Dean pulled into a cheap looking motels parking lot. Sam groaned inwardly why did it always have to be the sleaziest looking place around? Why couldn't they for once get a nice hotel?

Dean went inside to check in while Sam waited out in the car. They didn't know what they were hunting and those were the worst hunts ever. All they knew is that 24 in the last 3 years had been killed in bizarre ways. It could possibly be even more than one creature because the way they were killed varied distinctively. It was too violent to be done by a human psycho killer. A few were considered bear attacks regardless that it was in the middle of town where they found the bodies. So unless the bear had managed to sneak in without anyone noticing or the bear had been kind enough to drag the carcass back to the middle of town it was supernatural. What kind it was still a mystery.

Dean interrupted Sam's thoughts as he opened the door and got back into the car

"Room 15." Dean said as he drove them over to a parking spot right by room 15. The parking lot was practically empty because it wasn't a place where tourist normally went. They got they're luggage from the car and Dean took the bed closest to the door. So Sam took the one closest to the bathroom. Sam went to the bathroom and asked.

"Does the air conditioning work?" Sam said doing his customary inspection for mold, broken faucets or brown water. There was a small water stain but that was it.

"Yeah it works."

"It's pretty good isn't it?"

"Not as bad as some of the motels we've stayed in." Sam sat down, took out his laptop and started researching again for a place to investigate. After a couple minutes of this Dean got bored and decided to go out to get something to drink.

"Dean don't make a scene the police are still after us."

A couple hours later Dean walked back with a wide smile on his face and a shiner on his eye.

"Dean what happened?"

"What? Nothing."

"Your eye Dean." he touched his eye and his body tensed up a little.

"Oh well I was enjoying the company of a nice lady and her boyfriend didn't seem to like that."


" She didn't tell me she had a boyfriend."

"What ever, I have good news."

"You found out what's doing this?"

"No but I found out where most likely this creature is holed up."


"A warehouse."

"Well that's original. Is there an address for this warehouse?" said Dean.

"No."he said looking back at his laptop.

"Great." Dean said sarcastically.

"Good news, not very many warehouses here."

"How many is not many?" Sam looked down.



"I can probably narrow it down if you give me a couple hours."

"No time we have to do this now."

"Why? We don't even know what we're facing yet."

"Let's just say that the nice lady boyfriend and a few of his friends are slightly angry with me . I just want to do this and get out of town as soon as possible." seeing the argument brewing in Sam he decided to cut it off before it started. " Sam we are not talking any more about this we are going to those ware houses, finding that demon, kicking it's ass and getting the hell out of here."

About two and a half hours later Dean and Sam slipped silently into a building. They had pretty much brought everything since they had no idea what they were up against. This was the third warehouse they had checked out this evening. They were starting to wonder if it wasn't all a big waste of time when they heard a quiet shuffling sound. They looked at each other to make sure they had both heard it and seeing that they did Dean stepped slightly in front of Sam. They cautiously preceded forward toward the quiet shuffling sound. They swept the area looking for anything that could be the creature that they were hunting for.

They saw a gorgeous woman wearing a shiny red tank top, black mini skirt, and black pumps. Her hair was curly and brown. She turned around smiling and if Dean wasn't pretty sure she was the monster he would be turning on the charm about now.

"Hello there. What are two young hunters like yourself doing in a place like this?"

"Well, we heard there was an evil son of bitch that was just begging to be killed." Dean said with a playful grin.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk language. Dean do you kiss your mother with that mouth?" Dean grin turned into a scowl. He got a knife out of his jacket and attempted to stab her only for her to kick it out of his hand faster then his eyes could see.

"What are you?" starting to wish he had let Sam do more research.

"That's something you really should have found out before you came here." I secretly agreed I had just wanted to out of town as soon as possible. The boyfriend of that hot chick said that he was going to get his friends, find him and rearrange his face. Now his mistake might get them killed. He mentally ran through the weapons he had in his bag. None that he could get to very easily would do him any good. So for now that just left the gun filled with silver just in case. She came closer toward him and Dean really didn't like that.

Dean brought his gun up

"Come any closer I'm going to shoot you." she payed no attention to what Dean said. So he took the safety off and shot her full of silver but she kept coming forward only jerking slightly as each bullet hit her.

"Holy crap."

"Oh Sam, Dean you really shouldn't have come here." she smiled widely advancing upon them. Dean and Sam tried to fall back until they heard loud footsteps coming from the back of them. Dean wasn't sure who to face the evil demon in front of them or whatever it was behind them. Sam turned around to face the back and Dean guessed that meant he got the demon. He went through his bag searching for the holy water frantically. He found it, unscrewed the top, threw it at her she hissed and lunged at him. He tried to doge to the side but still got kicked hard in the abdomen. He winced and went to go through his bag again only the realize it wasn't still on him; it was on the ground about 3 feet away. Suddenly Dean heard a loud smacking sound then Sam's loud grunt from behind him.

"Sam!" Dean turned to see if Sam was ok. Forgetting for a second his own safety and felt something smacked into the back of his head then fell unconscious.

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