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Dean drove up to the bar. It was a little nicer then the warehouse they had first found her in, but not by much.

"This is the place." Dean said with barely controlled excitement but Sammy look troubled.

"What's the matter."

"What if I don't like who I am after I'm fixed."

"Sam is pretty much like you, only he doesn't change into a psycho every other day." which wasn't exactly true, in time it would probably be, but Dean would say anything to get his Sam back, even lie to Sam.

"Are you sure?" Dean put on his most trustworthy grin, he knew his Sam wouldn't have believed him.

"Sammy don't you want to be like who you were? No memory gaps, no more training, not having to ask me about everything about demons, just knowing it?" Sam was starring at his lap, but Dean saw a small head bob.

"I'm just afraid that I'll go away." Oh chick flick moments, that was something he was dying to be done with, or at least cut way back on and it was in his sights now.

"You are part of Sam, you always have been and you always will be, that won't change. What will change is you'll know more about what we do." Sam nodded again but continued starring at his lap.

"How do you know the demon will give you want you want, demons lie right?" Sam whispered and Dean barely caught what he said.

"Because Sam, I know what hurts them and I'll intend to do that until ,they give in."

"You mean torture."

"They're demons."

"I know."

"Are you ready?"

"Yeah." Dean and Sam opened their car doors, Dean strolled to the trunk of his car and casually loaded all sorts of weapons into a duffel bag. He closed the trunk and slung the bag over his shoulder.

"Okay here we go." he walked forwards towards the front entrance of the building. Dean made sure he heard footstep following him, before he opened the door. It was a normal bar, the kind of bar Dean was used to. He opened the door and walked in, he did his customary glance of the place, he always did to see where the exits were, to spot any suspicious people, only this time his eyes zeroed in a girl that was very familiar, his lips split in a smile, he found her. Now all he had to do was get her, he gestured to Sam to the door. They both left.

"I thought we we're going to get her."

"We are, but people tend to get nervous when people just barge into a place and kidnap people."

"Oh Right."

"So we're just going to wait."

"Hopefully not long."

It was a few hours, mind numbingly boring hours, in which Sammy and Dean sat around in various positions around a car, near the front of the bar. Then she left the bar. she didn't seem to expect anything, but Dean was careful. He sneaked up behind her and shot her with a tranquilizer gun. Dean gestured to Sam and they carried her to the back of the impala.

They drove back to a cabin in the woods they had found earlier in the day, and had already installed a devil trap into it. They tied her up in a chair in the middle of the front room. Once they were sure she couldn't move, Dean picked up a bucket of holy water and threw it in her face, and did not feel an ounce of sympathy, in fact he was itching to do it again, after all the things the demon put him through when she split Sammy. That's when the demon woke up, and she didn't seem pleased which made Dean very happy.

"Hello Bitch." He gestured to the devil trap she took it all in and smirked.

"Hello Dean." she turned to head to face Sam and smiled in a manner that might seem sweet if she weren't a demon. " Sam I missed you, so I've heard wonderful things about you I'm glad to see you face to face."

"Well this is all really nice catching up and all, but we have things to do so how about you be a pal and take the curse of him."

"Now what fun would that be?"Dean threw a bucket of holy water at her and she screamed.

"Now take the curse off him." Dean demanded.

"Bite me a lot." she smiled seductively.

"I'm so tired of this, but I'm really enjoying this part." Dean threw another bucket water at her and she scream again this time she was no longer smiling.

"You take the curse off Sam or I torture you until you do." Dean gestured to the long line of buckets he had waiting to dump on her.

"I know that cursing Sam would get me a one way ticket to hell, but I couldn't resist. He's just so adorable split in half. I especially like he ruthless side. Dean did you ever know that Sam had so much ruthlessness in him. I didn't I don't even think he did. Very well toss him in the circle and I'll fix him."

"There's no way he's going in there with you."

"I need to touch him to take it off " Dean bit his lip and looked over at Sam. He needed his Sam back, but number 1 rule to remember with demons was that they lie. But he needed his Sam back, besides there were rules against killing Sam and Dean was pretty sure the demon wouldn't kill him. Still he felt uneasy, she had already proved that just because she couldn't kill him didn't mean that she couldn't destroy who he was.

Dean decided that he would risk it, and hopefully the threat of being tortured before being exorcised would be enough incentive to let Sam go back to what he used to be. He looked at Sammy in the eyes, he couldn't make Sammy go in there even though he had thought about it, it had to be his choice, still Dean pleaded silently with him.

"Go ahead." Sammy starred at him for a long time and then broke eye contact and, took a deep breath and walked into the devil's trap. Dean took a deep breath and starred at them, he hoped that he hadn't just made a big mistake.

She closed the distance between them and she put her hand on his chest and starting chanting, the same green light streamed out of Sam and gathered into a ball. The demon open her mouth and swallowed it. Then she kissed Sam hard, then threw him out of the trap. Sam fell to the ground and starting convulsing.

"Sam! Sam!" Sam opened his eyes and meet Dean with his.


"Are you..."

"Normal? Regular? Average? Healed? Fixed? No longer a psychopath or semi-normal semi-not."


"Dean...let me exorcise her."


"She screwed me up and I want to exorcise her." Dean had planned on exorcising her but if Sam wanted to then he would let him, Dean nodded. Sam nodded as well and turned his stare on the demon, if looks would kill they wouldn't need an exorcism.

"I fixed you how about you let me go." she asked.

"I shot someone because of you, an innocent someone, but you fixed me...and Dean said we would just exorcise you, so I guess we will just exorcise you." Sam started the exorcism. This was his Sam, his Sam was back he was angry about having hurt that poor man and he knew an exorcism, he was back. Sam finished the exorcism and the demon was gone. Sam went up to the previously possessed girl and felt for her pulse. From the look of his face it was obvious that the girl hadn't made it.

"She's gone." Sam said softly more to himself then to Dean he expected.

"Dean, thanks for fixing me."

"It's my job." Dean said with a smile. Sam smiled a sad smile too, still looking at the poor girl's body. There was a long awkward silence, in which Dean starred at Sam who was starring at the girl's body. You could just feel the emotions swimming around in his head, it was very Sam. Sam turned towards him, and Dean could see the emotion in his eyes. Sam swallowed.

"So do you have anywhere in mind we should go for our next hunt?" Dean was kind of surprised that Sam wanted to go right back to hunting, but had no problems with it so responded.

"Yeah Wyoming, there's a poltergeist that's killed a few people. It's kinda old so it may have already been taken but there's fun to be had in making sure that the son of a bitch is dead." Sam smiled just barely noticeable on his face but it was a start. As they headed towards the Impala Dean grinned, he has his brother back and no one was ever going to take him away from him again.

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