Hello! I'm back with a new fandom!

So this is from Bruce Wayne's point of view (Not Batman. They are two different people, mind you.)


It was cold that day. I'll never forget that ungodly chill that hung in the air, the gloomy grey that coated the sky, or the man that, after that day, would run endless circles around my brain.

That single day is forever implanted in my memory. All because of him.

I was standing at the bottom of the stairs in front of City Hall waiting for someone when I saw him. It was subtle, but the first thing I saw was a shock of green peeking out from underneath a brown hat. My heart skipped a beat when I realized who it was. I instantly went into defensive mode, ready to stop anything he threw at me. But he didn't do a thing. He didn't even look in my direction.

He walked past to stand beside a nearby pole to my left. He too looked as if he was waiting for something. And as hard as I tried, I couldn't get my eyes to break away from him. He must have seen me staring because just then he turned and shot me his trademark grin. I jumped and looked away. A million ideas of why he was there ran through my head. He must have some hidden agenda, I thought.

Why he was out in daytime, I'll never know. But, he must have done it on purpose. Looking for me perhaps?

No. Not me.

Looking for Batman.

I straightened quickly and placed a calm look on my face. I could have sworn I heard a giggle as I did this.

He didn't say a thing to me. At first I was put off, wondering why he wasn't shooting some witty remark at me. But then I remembered that he didn't know me outside of the mask and cape.

Appalled at myself for even caring, I shifted so that I was leaning against the railing. This unintentionally placed me closer to him. Suddenly a strong scent filled my nose. It smelled like honey with a slight undertone of lavender. Baffled at this sudden change in air, I turned to look at my silent companion.

He was trying his hardest to conceal his face and it looked as though he was attempting to hide a smile as well.

The smell was coming from him. I was honestly surprised. I never would have connected that smell to him. It didn't really fit him and I liked it. Without realizing it, I kept breathing in deeper than I needed to, just so I could smell it again.

Then, as soon as it had come, it was gone.

While I was lost in my thoughts, I had unknowingly closed my eyes. Upon opening them I found that he was gone. I looked left and right, just barely catching sight of a brown jacket as it swished around a corner.

An odd warm feeling lingered over my body for a moment, then disappeared along with the tail of his coat.

I shook my head then walked up the stairs to find the person I had been waiting for.

The feeling didn't return until that evening when I ran into him, this time with my mask and cape. His playful banter aside, all I could think about was that smell. My senses were going crazy, my body unsure of this new sensation. The only thing that broke me out of my trance all evening was what he said before he left.

What no kiss goodnight?, he said.

A jolt sprang through my body. I couldn't move. He just shook his head at my silence and left.

This time the feeling stayed long after he had gone. It didn't stop until I took off the suit.

Now whenever I put on that mask it returns. Sometimes the ache is unbearable, sometimes just a dull desire in the back of my mind.

Ever since that day, he dominates my thoughts when I'm out at night. Without even knowing it, he's controlling me. If he knew the effect he had on me…

What has he done?

Oh I do love BatmanxJoker so very much! Sequel up soon. It's written, just need to put it here.


Victoria Dantes

P.S. May be changing my pen name. Sorry again