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"What is happening to me?? Why am I feeling so different?", thought a 17-year old pink-haired kunoichi.

She looked into the mirror and gasped. Her eyes weren't the usual green they were gold. But it wasn't just gold. There was also blue and black mixed in.

"My eyes...they're different." Sakura thought about it. This wasn't the first time her eyes changed color. It happened before to.

FLASHBACK (2 days ago)

Sakura was sparring with Naruto.

Sakura dodged the kunai that came in her direction and threw a couple of her own back at in the direction that it came from. They hit Naruto right in the arm.

"OI!!!!", yelled Naruto.

Sakura ran over to Naruto.

"Naruto you idiot, don't you ever pay attention?", yelled Sakura.

"Hehehe, sorry Sakura-chan. It's just that I was thinking about something."

"More like somebody. You know Naruto even if you have been dating Hinata does not mean you can't focus. What if is was the enemy instead of me Naruto? What would you have done?."

Sakura started healing Naruto's arm. Green chakra flowed into his arm and after a few seconds, barely a scratch was visible.

"Thanks, Saku-"

Naruto suddenly yelled in surprise. He jumped up and looked at Sakura.

"Sa..Sa..Sakura-chan..your eyes...they changed..."

Sakura pulled out a mirror from her pouch (YEA I PUT A MIRROR IN THERE) and looked at herself. Sure enough, her eyes were golden and few other colors.

"Sakura-chan I think you need to talk to the Hokage about this. I mean you could have some bloodline limit just like teme!"

Even with the sudden surprise, her heart felt a pang at the mention of Sasuke.

"You know Naruto I think I will. But for now I just want a nice bath. I'll see you late."

"Okay Sakura-chan. I am hungry. Maybe I'll go to Ichiraku's or maybe I'll go see Hinata. No wait!!! I'll go see Hinata then we both will go to Ichiraku's. I am so smart!!!!!! By Sakura-chan. Ramen here I come!!!!!"


Sakura looked at herself in the mirror again.

"Naruto was right. Maybe I should go visit Tsunade-sama. Maybe then I'll figure out what's happening."

And with that Sakura left to visit the Hokage not knowing that this will turn her world around.

Tsunade looked out her window debating. Should she tell Sakura or should she wait? She had kept it a secret long enough. Telling Sakura may unsettle her but then if Sakura was unaware she could become a danger magnet. Tsunade sighed. Yes. It was time to tell Sakura. Just then, a knock came at the door.

"Come in."

In stepped Sakura, clad in her ninja outfit which consisted of ninja sandals, a tank top, with ninja pants. She had matured quite well in the past few years. She was now 5'6", had the right curves in the right places, and on top of that, her hair and eyes made her attractive-looking. But right now, her face was etched with tension and nervousness.

"Can I help you Sakura," Tsunade said.

"Well you see Tsunade-sama. I don't know what is happening to me. I mean my eyes...they are changing color-"



Tsunade was shocked.

"Sakura has already started changing. I never thought it would happen so early."



Sakura sighed. "Do you know what is happening to me? I mean why are my eyes changing color."

Tsunade looked at her with an unreadable expression.

"Sakura, I think you need to sit down."

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