Like a pet

Like a pet?

An:// No, I'm not dead. I've gotten bored with The Fifth Marauder, so if anyone wants to finish it for me, go ahead and do so. This story is based after the 4th book. It's about a former Hogwarts student finding Sirius as a dog. Blah blah blah. All of the people that read it so far say it's pretty good. It may get confusing cuz it switches POV's. I'll answer any questions, just email me at

"Ah, peace and quiet, finally!" I flopped down on the couch. It was my day off from work, and I was going to enjoy it as much as I could, by doing nothing at all. It was after dinner, and I still haven't had peace. Fudge kept fire-calling to ask questions on how to do things. Let me introduce myself. My name is Michelle Thomas. No I'm not related to Dean Thomas. I work at the Ministry of Magic as Fudges assistant. I hate work. My number one motto is 'There are 3 kinds of people in this world, people who hate work, people who are weird and like work, and the lucky sons of witches who don't have to work.' I'm a half-blood. My mother is Muggle, and dad's a wizard. I graduated from Hogwarts in 1994 as Head Girl.

"Ow." Something just fell on my head. "Don't let it be from Mr. Annoying." I looked down at the letter. "Nope, it's from Mr. Not as Annoying." Mr. Annoying is Fudge, the latter is Percy Weasley.


            Okay, I don't hate him; I just don't enjoy his presence. He's in the 2nd type of my categories, people who like work, and talk about it constantly. He's now head of his own department since Crouch died.

            Dear Michelle,

                   It was nice talking to you today. As you know I'm head of the Department of International Magical Cooperation. It's such a shame that Crouch died he was a great man. (I snorted at this part. It was a sad thing that he died. He pinched my ass once, so I was kinda happy he was no longer in the Ministry.) My father is having a party for the Ministry and some of his old friends. Would you like to come? Please owl me back.

          Love, Percy

            That's what makes him annoying. 'Love'. We were Prefects together, and then Head's together. We were both in Gryffindor and he wanted us to date. I didn't want to, because I like Oliver Wood, and the twins. Luckily for me, Penelope caught Percy's eye, and I was set on the back burner. But now, I'm back up front and on consent watch. Fred and George told me that Penelope dumped him harshly, something about 'big headed, egotistic, obsessed git' but they may have been lying about that.

            I wrote a response back, saying I'll try to make it if nothing else came up, and sent Hermes back to Percy. As I was shutting the window, I noticed a large black shape stumble and fall down. I grabbed my wand and stepped into my slippers.

            As I got nearer to the thing, I noticed what the massive creature was, a grim. I reached down to see if it was alive. It's breathing was shallow and it's heart was beating rapidly, I conjured a stretcher and took the dog inside.

            He had a broken leg and was losing blood. I did as much as I could remember from muggle studies and the few things I learnt from Madame Pomfrey and Professor Lupin. I set him by the fireplace, and went to the kitchen to get more bandages and water.

            "Did I light the fire?" I said out loud, seeing the fireplace filled with a roaring fire. I shrugged and knelt down beside the dog.

            "How are you feeling?" I asked it, not really expecting a response. He howled when I touched his leg, to clean the wound.

            "Sorry. Here drink this." I put the bowl of water in front of him, while I went to brew a healing potion, and a pain killing one.

            When I finished the potion I poured it in a bowl and set it in front of him.

            "I don't know if this will work, but I know it won't kill you." I petted him and went back to realizing on the sofa.

            I only realized after my stomach growled that I didn't feed the poor dog, and he needed it dearly.

            "What do you feed a dog if you don't have dog food?" I looked inside my refrigerator for something. I had left over chicken. That should be good for him.

            "You're all set, right?" I asked him. Luckily, I don't have a roommate or they'd be owling St. Mungos right now.

            After making sure the dog was fine, I went around the house and turned all the lights off. The only light left in the house was from my wand, and the fireplace. I summoned my favorite afghan and laid back on the couch.

            "Night doggy." I snuggled into my blankets, as he woofed in reply.

            I woke up late the next morning, since I didn't have my magical mirror to wake me up. I rushed upstairs and got dressed for work. Yes, I hate work, but I can't afford to be fired.

            "Down dog." I shooed him away from my desk, as I hopped to get my shoes on. I grabbed the files off of it, and stuffed them into my briefcase. Fudge was having me do more work on the Sirius Black case. He wants the people to know that he still cares about their well-being. He wants people to think Black is their biggest threat, since the information that You-know-who has come back has leaked out. He's still convinced Harry Potter is insane. Next election, you'll be sure I'm not voting for him. An envelope fell from my briefcase. It was from Hermione. Hermione Granger is my brother's wife's niece. Her Aunt Jamie married my brother. It's confusing, but we met at the reception, remembered each other, and have been owling each other back and forth since. I quickly read through the letter as the tea bag sat in the hot water.

            Dear Michelle,

                        I heard that Percy invited you to the Weasley's party. It was all he would talk about last night, now he's fussing about what he's gonna wear. Oh, I'm staying with them until term starts. I can't wait. I was made prefect. Ron said they would've made me Head Girl. He's just stupid. Talk to you later.


            I shoved the note into my pocket and grabbed my teacup. I was about to Apparate until the dog barked. I forgot to feed him. I filled up his dishes, giving him more of the healing potion, and Apparated.

            "Miss Thomas. You're late!"

            "Sorry sir. I had to take care of my dog, and I slept late."

            "Since when do you have a dog?"

            "He's a stray. He came to my house with a broken leg and starved."

            "Oh, well get started on your paper work."

            "Yes sir." I filled up his coffee mug and went back to my office. I opened up the several howlers on my desk. This is my job, giving Fudge coffee or tea, and opening up, and answering his mail. At least it pays well. When my desk stopped bursting into flames, I wrote a response back to Hermione.


                        Congrats on being made a prefect. I found this big black dog in my yard. It looks like a grim that hasn't eaten in a couple of weeks. He had a broken leg and lost blood, but he's getting better. I think I'm going to name him something I heard the twins say before. I think it was Padfoot. Well I got to go. Fudge needs more coffee.

                        Toddles, Michelle

            "Harry, Ron, can you help me with something?" Hermione asked, shoving the letter in her pocket.

            "What? Stuck on a homework problem?" Ron said jokingly, not looking up from his chess game.

            "Yeah sure, why not. It's in your room, come help me."

            "Are you alright?" Harry asked, after Ron's queen dragged his knight off of the board.   Hermione looked around to make sure no one was listening in on them.

            "It's about Snuffles."

            "Come on Ron, let's go to your room."

            Once they got into his room, she read the letter to them

            "Wait, Michelle? Is her last name Thomas?" Hermione nodded. "She's the girl Percy keeps talking about. He has a crush on her, but I think she has something for Oliver Wood."

            "She's coming to the party right? Then we can have her bring Sirius." Harry said hopefully.

            "I'll tell Percy to ask her. He'll probably do anything to talk to her."

            "Kids! Dinner!" Mrs. Weasley yelled from the bottom of the staircase.


I hope you all liked this. I'll try to get the next part out if I get several good responses. Oh and please, read Generation Chaos by Gothic Valley Girl, I co-wrote it! It's the next generation of Harry Potter. Skylar is my OC.