Like a Pet? 15

*Sirius' POV*

I was walking along side of the lake, trapped deep inside my thoughts, until I heard a twig snap behind me. Someone was following me. I stopped cautiously, and silently pulled my wand out of my robe pocket. The footsteps didn't stop. I turned around slowly and stepped back into the shadows. Within seconds the person will enter the lighted clearing, and I'll curse them. Man, I only realized now how much I sound like Moody. A couple of leaves crunched as Isis stepped into the light. "What are you doing here?" I asked, causing her to jumped and look at me. "Don't scare me like that." She hissed, breathing heavily. "I saw someone walking down here and just came down to make sure it wasn't a student." "It's one o'clock in the morning. Not many students would still be awake." I looked at her with a suspicious glance. "I'm surprised you're still up." "I was too restless to sleep." She pulled me out of the shadows. "Would you care to accompany me on a walk?" Without letting me answer, she hooked her arm in mind and started moving. "You are a very forward person." I slide my arm out of her grasp. She grabbed my hand and placed it in front of her face. She looked over top of my fingers. "Do you mind if I read your palm?" "I don't believe in that Divination crap. You can't read the future, it's constantly changing." "Ah, yes that may be the truth, but the past is what I specialize in. The past will never change, and even thought we wish we could, we will never be able to alter what we felt or what we had done." She looked at me, amused and ran her thumb over the creases on my palm. Her hands were cold, and sent chills through my body. "You love line grows quite short, ends for a bit, then restarts. You have a scar over the break in it." Her thumb followed the scar I received in Azkaban. "Something, or one, ripped you away from your first love, but it seems, that recently you have found another." I looked at her amazed, but regained my composure before she glanced up. "Am I right?" "You're the seer here, you tell me." She smiled and clasped both her hands around mine. "Let's sit down, and I can further analyze you." She pulled me again, but this time over to a fallen tree covered in soft moss. "Your palm is covered in scars." That's what being on the run does to you. "But you have a long life line. That's a good thing. You have more time to satisfy and spend time with your new lover." "We're not lovers." I corrected her. "Do you love her?" "Yes." "Does she love you?" I nodded slightly. Does Michelle love me? "There you go. Lovers. You shouldn't always take things in a sexual sense." She grinned at me and looked back down at my hand. "You can tell many things from your hand. You've been through rough times. I can note that by the calluses and rough skin." "Anyone can tell that." "Yes, that may be so, but I know what brought on these calluses." She looked at me knowingly, with that some look and sparkle in her eyes that Dumbledore always had in school. "Like what?" "Running away from something. Doing things yourself because you can't trust anyone." I tore my hand away from hers and jumped away from the tree. "I could do a more proper reading in the day light. Moon light likes to play false images." I turned my head and looked directly into her eyes. For a fleeting second, I thought she looked like Michelle. The pose her body was in looked like the one she had while reading my books in her den. Her eyes sparkled like Michelle's and they looked exactly the same. But that's impossible of course. No one's Iris' are the same. They're like snowflakes.

"I have to go." I said briskly, before running back towards the castle. I turned my head and saw her watching after me.

I keep having these dreams with Voldemort in them. Dumbledore says that its because of this connection we have. He says that they are actually happening at the time, and that I should tell him everything quickly. He likes the idea of this dream journal thing. But this dream I don't think was really happening unless Voldemort likes the color prink. He was wearing pink bunny slippers and had pink curlers in his hair. I don't know where the hair came from, since the last time I saw him he was bald and resembled a snake. Well on with the dream. Voldemort was planning a slumber party with his fellow Death Eaters. Half of the Death Eaters were these people from muggle movies. The one that Malfoy(Sr.) kept calling Adrian looked like Darth Vader from Star Wars. I don't think any of this has any hidden meanings behind it. Just that I have a horribly screwed up subconscious.

*Michelle's POV*

I laughed at Harry's entry in his dream journal. I grabbed my quill and jotted a note at the bottom of his page. Hidden meaning: You have a deep loathing of the color pink, a fear of bunnies, and that too many sweets and too much television has rotted your brain.

Harry's dream journal was the last one I had to grade. The dreams were mostly the same old stuff. Neville being chased down the hall by Snape and his grandmother's vulture hat, Lavender finding a chest full of makeup, Ron saying over and over that he sleeps too deep to have dreams. I wrote in his journal to stop taking Dreamless Sleep potions. I put the journals on each of its respective owner's seats and waited for the 5th years to enter the classroom. I couldn't help thinking about my dream last night. It was the exact same thing as my meeting with Sirius the other night, except this dream had a better ending. This ending had him apologizing and forgiving me about everything. I hadn't had an encounter with him since our midnight stroll. "Hello Professor." Seamus greeted as he came up through the trap door. The rest of the class climbed up and quickly read my comments in there books. Harry snickered and showed his to Ron, as Ron muttered under his breath, 'How did she know?' about his. "Alright class, if you could put your notebooks away, we'll get started with today's lesson. We'll be doing the age old ritual of Casting Runes. Runes are a sacred Norse tradition. It was used for all aspects of life, such as protection, binding spells, and working rituals. Most runes are made of wood, or painted stones or clay tablets. If you turn to page 35 of your books, there is a chart depicting what each rune means. "To cast your runes, you have to seat silently, concentrating on the question you want answered. While thinking about the question, you shuffle the stones around, as they are in the bag. Then you can decide whether you want to just spill them out of the bag, or pick them out one by one and laying them in spreads. "The spread we will be using is the three-rune spread. You pick out three runes and place them in a row. The first rune is the situation, the second is the action required and the third is the outcome." As I was listing off the instructions I passed the rune bags around to the tables. "If the rune is upside down, it may be negative, just depending on the meaning of the stone. Your chart will help you there." I set the last bag in front of Harry, and smiled. "Get to work on your futures."

I looked up from cleaning up the materials to Sirius side stepping some of the students, letting them pass him to the trap door. "Ah, James. What brings you to my humble abode?" He watched the last student go down the ladder before he spoke. "I use to know that one's parents. Very unfortunate to what happened to them." He said sadly before turning in my direction. "Did you ever meet them?" "No, never had the chance to." "They were very nice people, and extremely intelligent. They were both Head's in their 7th year, two years before I graduated. Neville would be much better if he wasn't so nervous and had more confidence in himself." I gulped. Now I felt very guilty of the thoughts I had of him in school. Poor Neville. I cleared my throat, trying to swallow the lump in it. "So what brought you here?" "I want you to look in the crystal ball for my future." I sat down in front of my ball, while he occupied the seat across from it. "Can you see certain things? Like channeling your energy on one thing in particular?" "And what would this one thing be?" "A girl by the name Michelle Thomas." I stared into the ball for awhile, trying to think of something to say. "Does she have brown hair? And blue eyes?" "Yes." "20's? And about medium height and weight?" "Yes." "I see her, but she is not with you. She's with a big black dog." "What are they doing?" "She's reading a book, while his head is on her lap. She's smiling and petting the dog with her free hand." "That's in the past. Just a distant memory." "I told you my specialty was seeing the past." Sirius pushed his chair back, and paced the area behind it. "Is there anything else that you would like me to see?" "No, no, that's alright. I better get going." He walked over to the trap door. "Please, don't look into her past again." I watched sadly as he climbed down. "But I can't stop thinking about it." I whispered in the vast loneliness.