"So, uh, this is a bit different from what we'd normally do," Petey Piranha explained as he and some others were hanging around with a bunch of Pikmin in the Pikmin populated Distant Planet, letting the vibrant colored Pikmin climb all over his mutant body.

Toadette farted a big bassy tuba poot as she blushed in embarrassment, fanning the air with her right hand as she noticed her flatulence was strong enough to accidentally kill some of the Pikmin surrounding her, feeling her pink dress blow up from her fart gas. "Golly... I really can't help but fart. You'd think these plant things would appreciate it!"

"Not everything is going to match up with what you study." Dry Bowser responded as he picked up a note, looking closely at it as he read it. "Captain Olimar is in Super Smash Brothers Brawl as I write. Even though I haven't actually played either of the two Pikmin games on the awesome Nintendo Gamecube (face it, fans, Gamecube will always be better than PlayStation 2 and X-Box combined), I have been interested in seeing how the games would appeal to me! Maybe when I actually have money, I'll go and be able to buy the two. Anyway, enough of me, I'm chattering away. Enjoy this first-person perspective from Mario!" He rolled his eyes. "Riveting."

"Well let's not stand onto ceremony here." Birdo explained as she was letting the Pikmin help out clean up her bright red bow, folding her arms together. "Perhaps there was a reason we were brought here to this rather distant planet filled with these Pikmin..."

None of the characters were able to guess why, as they ran away with the Pikmin from the giant red colored Bulborb, who munched on the various Pikmin as it was looking for a good snack. It was then on that the real story began, for a certain red capped Italian human plumber...

Hello, ladies and gentlemen. It's a-me, Mario, again with another story from my-a point of view. Anyway, here's something you wouldn't believe - a new guy just moved in to Nintendo City, and he also happens to be a new character that will join us in Super Smash Brothers Brawl. He's short, cute, and has his little Pikmin to help him... that's-a right! He's-a Captain Olimar!

So when I went up to him and started talking, these strange little fellows appeared out of nowhere in the grass. I freaked out! But then again, they were Pikmin, after he described to me what they exactly were. I let out a sigh of relief and attempted to shake one of their hands, but they all surrounded me and pegged me with spores. I mean, what the heck? They were red, blue, yellow, purple, and...erm... oh crap, I forgot the last color. Bleh, doesn't matter. Anyway, after getting the spores off of me, me and Captain Olimar went to a McDonald's to have a bite.

As we sat down, I noticed that the Pikmin were attacking the customers. I blinked, and stared at Captain Olimar, who only told me not to worry about it. I let out a sigh and shrugged as I stared up at the ceiling, waiting for the food to be ready. It was then that the cashier called us up to get our food. I then reached into my right overalls pocket and took out my wallet, but I had no money in it! What is wrong with me!?

Olimar patted me on the shoulder, and he used a credit card from his home planet, Hocotate. Please don't bother asking how I learned where he came from. Anyway, after chewing down on my Big Mac, I got up and headed to the men's restroom to wash up. As I washed my hands, a horde of yellow Pikmin surrounded me and started electrocuting me. How rude was that? I tried to get them off of me, but I ended up doing worse, accidentally breaking one of the water faucets and used it to whack the Pikmin away. As I ran out of the men's restroom with the Pikmin chasing me, I called out to Captain Olimar. He only shrugged, and watched as thousands of different-colored Pikmin ganged up on me and started pummeling me around, with everyone else passing by on the sidewalks watching.

Mamma mia...I don't want to have an experience like that again. That's why I told Captain Olimar to either get rid of the Pikmin, or we can't be around each other. He decided to chose the former, so I'm happy with that. At least now I can finally be able to get some peace around here...

Wait, what was that? I heard something in the kitchen break. I'll just go and see who it is... oh dear lord, no! It's the Pikmin again! AHHH! SAVE ME, BOWSER!