Hey! I'm back, babyyy! Another Death Note fanfiction for Light and L, hope you guys like the first chapter :D

His dark, raccoon eyes surveyed the screen. He reached beside him to the tiny spoon that sat in his warm, sugar-intoxicated tea, resulting in a slight stretch and soft chime of their chain brushing upwards. His eyes were an endless pit of charcoal clouds, glossy like a pool of darkness; his skin was fair and clear as his expression was constantly stoic. He was incredibly thin, which was a surprise considering he lived on a completely sugar-based diet consisting of chocolates, cracker-cookies and basically any baked good. He usually ate cheese cakes, though, vanilla or strawberry, always topped with said fruit. Though, Raito didn't consider it a fruit when he saw it atop the cakes. After all of the sugar-coating and artificial ingredients granting it longevity he could hardly consider it a food. He dismissed the nauseating thought to continue his empty stare. He was just looking at the detective. He was staring at the computer screen as if he were so enthralled in the seemingly eternal documents typed before him. He examined the awful posture of the man; his back was bent over, his knees hugged to his chest while his naked toes curled around the edge of his rolling chair. Raito thought of many insults towards the detective as he stared at him, but remembered just how amazing of a fighter he was. It confused him to no end how the sleuth managed to keep his body so strong in the conditions he kept it. Raito wondered if instead of trying to find out the detective's name, if perhaps he should just wait until he becomes diabetic and slowly brings his own life to an end.

"You're staring again, Light-kun."

Raito glared and turned towards his computer screen again. He hated that man, he hated that man! How did he end up chained to this despicable man? He was Kira! He was supposed to be out and about, saving people from danger and evils. But no, he was here, linked to this pitiful, crouched, spidery man. He sighed, trying his very best to keep his temper down. He heard L's unwavering, monotone voice sound out again, "Is there something troubling you, Light-kun?"

"Besides the fact that I've been deprived of sleep and proper food for a week, I'm still suspected of being Kira and I'm handcuffed to you, I'm dandy." Raito retorted sarcastically

L replied coolly, "I will have you know, Light-kun, that the food I eat is just as good as your 'proper food', whatever that may mean. You're being suspected of being Kira is only more reason for you to lessen your complaints and heighten your compliances in the case, and I have hope you know that I am seventy-two percent alike to you in the sense that I dislike this situation just as much as you do. If I could let you go now, I would love to, but I cannot. Not until I am one hundred percent sure that you are not Kira."

Raito snorted, his temper rising, "I doubt you pity me. You want me to be Kira."

L did not look to Raito as he told him simply, "Light-kun, if I did believe in a grand lord, I would pray. My prayers would be for you, Light-kun. I do not want you to be Kira. That doesn't stop the fact, however, if you so do turn out to be Kira. Do not question my hopes for you."

Raito flustered softly as he decided not to extend the conversation. He could only hope that this wretched prison, tying them together would be taken off him soon.